Libra Sex Horoscope: Yesterday

Libra Zodiac Sign

Jun 17, 2024 - I would like to tell you there is an exceptionally sexy day awaiting you, Libra, but I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint in that regard as the stars are pointing elsewhere for your personal planetary program. Mercury has spent the last couple of weeks on tour through Gemini and your boundless 9th House of foreign cultures and exotic experiences, turning your attention to all the possibilities floating out and about in the great wide yonder.

Today, however, the mood shifts dramatically as the communicator planet wings his way into Cancer and your professionally ambitious 10th House of career goals and long-term achievements. As you might imagine this cycle isn’t really about sex, but it will boost your public profile in one way or another so take the opportunity to get in a few new app-worthy photos you can use to impress potential right-swipers. Get to it!

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