Use the Power of Pisces & the 12th House to Handle Life’s Transitions

Pisces is the last of the zodiac signs. As the Sun makes its way into Pisces on February 18th, 2022, we also recognize that this sign coincides with the 12th house of the zodiac—the house of endings!

In fact, Pisces rules the 12th house and it’s a Mutable sign, and thus a sign of flexibility and change.

When Pisces season is over, Aries season begins, as does spring. Pisces season is truly full of changes. And change is very stressful, even for the most flexible zodiac signs. Even good change can cause tension.

So, as we work through Pisces season, use the checklist below to understand the energy you might be feeling this season and make the most of it.

What is Pisces Season?

Pisces season is a season of change, but it’s not just that. Every zodiac sign gets its time in the Sun. And when the Sun is in a sign, all the planets celebrate, too.

Right now, we have the Sun in Pisces until March 20th, 2022. For the month of March, Pisces energy is rampant.

We are closing a lot of chapters as we end a zodiac cycle and launch a new one with the Spring Equinox on March 20th, 2022. It’s time for our annual spiritual Spring cleaning.

This means saying goodbye to a lot of things, decluttering our lives, and really taking a long hard look at what isn’t working.

While we often think of spring cleaning as purely physical, it can also be emotional. Friendships or relationships could take a trajectory. If it feels good and you feel liberated when it happens, you did the right thing.

It could be spiritual, too. Something doesn’t feel right and you want to close the door on it. So close it. Spring is coming. It’s time to plant some new seeds.

Pisces season is about following your heart and making the necessary changes. Winter is over. Dormancy has played its role. Now it’s time to prepare the spiritual Earth for the new seeds of blessings and miracles we are hoping for.

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What is the Relationship Between Pisces & the 12th House?

Any transition brings some stress. Even good changes can shake you up. Sometimes the best changes bring the most stress. But if you are smiling while you are planning them, or you feel free while you are thinking about them, then you know you are doing the right thing.

This kind of change is the kind of change we are experiencing in Pisces season. Let’s break this down.

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Pisces Themes

The themes of Pisces are very connected with Water signs, so don’t be surprised if you are very emotional right now. Be okay with it. When you come from a place of love, miracles happen. Even small ones.

Pisces is the Mutable sign of the Water signs and is considered one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac. Mutable means that Pisces is changeable, flexible, adaptable.

Water signs are very emotional. They are empathic and they have psychic abilities that may be stronger than other zodiac signs. You can sense what others are feeling and thinking when you tap into this place of love.

12th House Themes

The 12th house is the astrological house that is all about transition, karma, secrets, endings, death and mortality, and spirituality.

You may be obsessed with death and mortality, which is not necessarily morbid if you embrace the fearlessness that comes with leading with love. It could look like something as simple as a fascination with unique burying grounds or studying up on religious ceremonial burial rituals.

This is where we get the 12th house themes from. It’s time for a transition. We are heading into Winter and this morbid feeling of “blaaaaaah” that many of us experience needs to end.

Generally, around this time, we start thinking of “new” things. A new spring coat. New pillows for the sofa with some bright colors. Maybe a new pet. Maybe a new hobby or club to join. Maybe a new friend? It is a time when we say goodbye to old patterns of Winter and begin restructuring schedules, lives, and loves.

In the 12th house, karma is everything, so staying on top of this is important. Again, lead with love. Lead with pure intentions.

Don’t finish one cycle just because you’re mad at someone. Finish it because it serves your Highest Self, and do so with love.

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Use Your Intuition to Guide You

When you think about what you are saying goodbye to, really pay attention to your body and your feelings. This is how you learn how to use your intuition. Is your body tense and upset? Are you feeling icky feelings? If so, maybe put a pause on this change.

Does the thought of this ending feel liberating? Good? Even if it’s one that could make someone unhappy?

If you are feeling liberated, that is your intuition, the Universe, and possibly even your spirit guide, giving you a big hug and a green light to go ahead with this change.

Life changes. Sometimes we wake up and nothing is the same. And that’s okay. Find the place of liberation in this change and you become the fearless one.

That’s what the 12th house superpower is all about.

So, let’s break down what we need to actually do to harness and use this power fearlessly.

Your 12th House Checklist:

12th house energy is wonderful because not only do we get the lovely and romantic energy of Pisces, but we also have the Divine spiritual power of the very karmic 12th house.

It can feel overwhelming at times, and when it does, you need to lean on your angel. The power of the 12th house is all about working through that with pure karmic intent and winning anyway.

And remember, just because you are overwhelmed doesn’t mean you are afraid. It’s okay to lean during this time. In fact, you win when you do.

Here’s your checklist to make sure you are able to do just that during Pisces and 12th house magic!

1. Ask for Signs

The 12th house season is one that is very powerful. You may be the kind of person that notices signs from the Universe every day. A feather here. A rainbow there. A song in your head.

If you need to make a big decision, ask the angels for a sign. “Please send me a sign if this is the right thing to do.” You’ll know it when you see it.

2. Just Ask

Angels are all around right now, and the 12th house is one that is protected by the 12th house guardian angel. You have an additional layer of angelic protection when your karma is in the right shape.

Ask for help and support. This is, at times, the same thing as asking for signs.

But here, you can ask your guides and angels to do things. You might consider asking them to:

  • Protect this home with your white light of unconditional love and security.
  • Take care of your sick people
  • Direct a job your way
  • Solve a money problem
  • Bring you overall peace.

Just ask. If your karma is in place, you will feel good just asking. There’s no wrong way to do it. If you are new at it, try “hey guides, are you listening? I need some support here. Please make this job problem go away, or show me the path I need to take to make it right. Thanks.”

You be you. This activates the Law of Attraction and you will feel good just asking for the support, and even better when you ask for it.

3. Feel Good

Flow is very important when it comes to changes in life—even the small ones. There is no life item too small or too big to notice flow—you might feel it when you do something as small as decluttering the closet.

Flow is simply that feeling when you feel good.

Be mindful of when you notice this happen throughout the day. When it does, grasp onto that thing and follow it through. Feel good like you know that you should now, and enjoy life.

When you learn to notice this flow and start feeling good, you can tackle changes more easily.

4. Karma Matters

Pisces is the sign of random acts of kindness. That is something you may want to get into right now if you haven’t already right now.

Consider doing some of these activities to earn good karma.

  • Buy the coffee for the guy behind you at Starbucks.
  • Call someone you haven’t heard from in a while just for the sake of passing along some love.
  • Make amends with those you need to.
  • Declutter.
  • Do all of your activities with the purest intent.

Karma matters—what goes around really does come back around.

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Use the Piscean Energy to Your Advantage

The 12th house can be used to create abundance and success—it’s all about embracing life’s changes. But we have Pisces energy in the mix and this makes for some emotional energy.

Some zodiac signs will have bigger problems with this than others. Follow these emotions no matter what, and no matter what zodiac sign you are.

Winter is over. Embracing this time for change and tapping into the flow of the Universe and the Law of Attraction is the way to make it happen.

Karma is coming. Using the 12th house superpower is the way to ensure that boomerang lands happily in your direction!

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