These 5 Zodiac Signs Will Be Most Affected by the Capricorn Stellium

Capricorn season 2022 has more than the usual planetary presence. The skies are gearing up for a whole lot of action, and so are we!

All of the cosmos decided to flock together in the tenacious Earth sign of Capricorn. Right now, a whopping five planets are forming a Capricorn stellium.

Some astrology 101 for you: a Stellium is when three or more planets cluster together in one zodiac sign. This astrological positioning is believed to impact everyone’s energy. Not only can a stellium occur in your birth chart, but when the planets make the move into one sign, we can sense this impact in our everyday lives.

Are you an ambitious sea-goat? Or not? Either way, this stellium is sure to amplify Capricornian traits within all of us.

What Planets Are Moving Into Capricorn?

Before we get into it, let’s talk about what planets we will see in the sign of Cap this month.

First, we have the Sun on its annual tour of Capricorn. (Ending soon, though, with the beginning of Aquarius season on January 19th, 2022!)

Next, Mars cruises into Capricorn on January 24th. He’s in the mood to unleash a deluge of “time-to-slay” energy upon us. It’s time to make plans and take action to succeed!

In addition, Messenger Mercury, who went retrograde in the sign of Aquarius on January 14th, is a little late to the retrograde party with Venus and Pluto. Yet, he’s sure to make his presence felt when Mercury Retrograde moves into Capricorn from January 25th onwards.

This is an excellent time to think about old goals you have abandoned that could benefit from a second chance or revisions!

Finally, Venus moves direct in Capricorn on January 29th. And this is a big one! Previous roadblocks in love may clear. You can move forward with practical and tangible steps in love, romance, and your interpersonal connections.

Who will be most affected by this Capricorn stellium? Read along to learn more about what this Cap stack has in store for you.

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The Top 5 Signs Most Affected by Capricorn Stellium

1. Gemini

January Theme: The caterpillar to butterfly crawl!

Dear Gems, January could be quite the cosmic ordeal for you! Watch out for some massive 8th house energy this month. January planetary transits could set the tone for your entire 2022.

Five planets are forming a Capricorn stellium in your 8th House of Death, Rebirth, and Transformation. Did you go, “Yikes?” We wouldn’t blame you if you did!

You’re the multiple-personality sign of the zodiac. One twin is the social, chatty messenger (your face to the world); the other twin is all-about metaphysics and hidden transformation.

Check-in with your sneaky twin, Gemini! Maybe the other you is in a Jekyll and Hyde mood? A 180-degree metamorphosis might have been on your twin’s new year wish list?

All-in-all, we’re certain that your Airy Mutable nature can navigate the unpredictable energy of transformation and retrogrades.

Bottom line—you do you, Gemini!

2. Leo

January Theme: Work & Workout!

Schedule some work and workout slots this month, Leo! The Capricorn stellium is putting a spotlight on all 6th house matters for you.

The 6th house in astrology represents health, healing, and daily fitness routines. It also stands for debts, disease, workplace enemies, and obstacles that hinder your progress.

So, if you’ve been disciplined with your work and health habits, this month should be a breeze.

But, if not?

Maybe you indulged over the holidays in those oh-so-yummy calories—we’ve all been there, haven’t we? And maybe you skipped a workout, too? If so, retrograde action in Capricorn (your 6th house) is sure to bring you a few “hide-under-the-bed” days.

Not trying to scare your royal breed, but health is the ultimate wealth, isn’t it?

Raise your hand if you will use the Capricorn stellium to give out a loud and healthy roar by the end of this month.

3. Sagittarius

January Theme: I am abundant!

January 2022 is about facing your financial destiny for all you centaurs. The 5-planetary Capricorn stellium is lighting up your 2nd House of Wealth, Financial Worth, and Money Management.

Jupiter—your planetary ruler—is known to bring luck, abundance, and opportunity. But it’s equally known for spirituality and higher learning.

This versatile nature of Jupiter can sometimes make these wild archers swing to extremes of the financial pendulum.

This month is a good time to assess if you’re being far too cerebral to the point of missing out on financial/material action.

We’ve rounded up three questions that the stellium energy will bring forth for you this season. Remember: abundance is a state of mind.

  1. Lately, have you been super caught up in higher realms?
  2. Are you receiving your worth of money for the work you do?
  3. What limiting money beliefs are hindering your share of cha-ching?

Here’s your call to action, Sagittarius—it’s time for you to start believing and living with abundance!

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4. Capricorn

January Theme: Wise hustle is the new 9 to 5!

It shouldn’t be a surprise that you made the list, Capricorn. There’s a monumental level of planetary action this month, and it’s all happening in your corporate-hustle-loving sign!

Caps, before you zoom into overachieving boss-babe mode, you’ll want to pause and read up on this Capricorn stellium.

Three planets—Venus, Mercury, and Pluto—are spinning back for you. Meanwhile, the Sun and Mars are stopping by your determined sign this month. These planets in Cap territory could have you feeling out of your element this first quarter of 2022.

Retrograde action combined with Martian energy heralds a time for you to add wisdom to your hustle.

The “churn-till-you-burn” vibe is so passe, Caps! A purposeful career that allows self-care of the mind, body, and soul is the new 9 to 5!

It’s time to consider how your career goals are impacting your:

  • Relationships?
  • Vitality?
  • Personal growth?

This stellium will help you pave the path to a purposeful, wise hustle. The Universe is nudging you for all-around success without burnout.

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5. Aquarius

January Theme: Down the “me-time” rabbit hole

It’s me-time month, Aquarius! The 5-planet grand stellium is impacting your 12th House of Isolation and Subconscious Mind. Consider this to be an exercise in introspection for water-bearers.

Me-time is like Disneyland for your solitude-seeking sign.

Psst: we won’t tell anyone! But we think you might have a secret “I-hate-humans” t-shirt in your closet! So this 12th house isolation energy shouldn’t feel too intense for you!

But in case you feel its heaviness, hang in there for just two more weeks! The madness and mystery of the 12th house are almost over!

Airy Aquarius season is just around the corner. All that introspection is sure to help you take inspired action in your solar-return month.

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Level-Up Using the Capricorn Stellium Energy

Get ready to level up!

This January stellium is asking all of us to own our power and bring wisdom to our hustle. Cap weather, if used wisely, will help us effortlessly manifest our 2022 goals.

Write to us and share how this Capricorn stellium is affecting your sign!

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