Use Energy for Change: Mars Trine Uranus

Feeling like doing things differently right now, Earthlings? This may be thanks to Mars trine Uranus today!

This aspect puts energizing Mars and changemaker Uranus at a beneficial angle to one another, and they share their energy positively. Both planets are in Earth signs, with Mars now in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. This helps ground their energy a little bit so we can work on making changes in more practical ways.

What is Mars Trine Uranus?

To better understand the trine aspect, let’s go into each part of it.

Mars is a fiery planet, governing what gives you energy and how you use it, and what drives you to take action in the natal chart. Mars is the planet that takes initiative and goes down new paths. With transit Mars, its energy and drive gets funneled into whatever areas of life are ruled by the house in your natal chart it’s touring, and is altered depending on aspects it’s making to your natal planets.

Uranus is the planet of change. Uranus doesn’t like things to stay the same, and always wants to push you toward the new, the different, the future. In your natal chart, Uranus shows where you can experience change throughout your life and where you need things to be a little different. In transit, Uranus instigates changes in the areas of life ruled by the house in your natal chart it’s touring, and to the natal planets it’s aspecting.

Mars trine Uranus in the birth chart can show you’re someone who is comfortable with taking initiative for the changes you want in your life. You don’t have to wait for someone else to do it, or for life circumstances to make it happen. You can feel confident in your abilities to change, to do things differently, and to push outside of your comfort zone.

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Mars is traveling through the zodiac sign of Capricorn, which is all about goals, succeeding, and being practical. The energy of Mars becomes more disciplined and focused while in Capricorn. Uranus has been in zodiac sign Taurus for a couple of years now, and this sign helps to ground the changeable energy of Uranus.

With these two highly dynamic planets in Earth signs, this means you can take action (Mars) in disciplined ways (Capricorn) for practical and grounded (Taurus) changes in your life (Uranus). And with them trine, which is a positive, easy aspect, this can come more easily now than usual.

Trine Meaning in Astrology

In astrology, a trine occurs when two planets are exactly four signs apart. This puts the planets in the same element. Trines are considered beneficial aspects (along with sextiles). There’s an ease to the energy of trines, and you don’t feel quite so challenged to make things work out for you. Instead, it feels like the energy is on your side.

Signs of the same element have a common energy between them. This gives an understanding between those signs, and when planets are in signs of the same element, that understanding is seen between the two planets. They work together in harmony, without sacrificing any of their energy.

Don’t know the elements? They are:

  • Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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Key Takeaways for Mars Trine Uranus:

Liberate yourself from something stagnant.

You’ve got the energy you need from Mars and the willingness to do something new and different from Uranus, so this can be an excellent time to take some part of your life, some project or relationship that has been stagnant, and inject some new life into it. Pretty much all Mars-Uranus aspects are great for this, but with the trine, it’s a LOT easier to do. Just don’t get lazy about it!

Embrace independence.

Mars and Uranus are the most independent of the planets, by a long shot! These two don’t need to wait for someone else, and are perfectly capable of doing whatever they want whenever they want, no permission necessary. Embrace your independent self, and go for what you want on your own. Have confidence that you can do this.

Trust your first instincts.

Mars rules gut instincts, and Uranus gives flashes of insight. They’re not the same as Neptune or the Moon, who rule intuition. Mars and Uranus are more that first, initial gut feeling that you get, the first impression of any person or situation. With them at a positive angle to one another, this means that first impressions are far more likely to be the right ones. Time to take a risk!

One Final Note:

This is not the only positive aspect for change in play right now – the Sun sextiles Uranus tomorrow! The Sun is in watery, imaginative Pisces, and comes to a positive angle to Uranus, and this brings extra comfort and enjoyment with making changes. The Sun can shine a spotlight on the changes you want to make and whatever you want to do differently, and you may want to focus on changes that you feel closely tied to.

The Sun and Mars will sextile in three days as well, so energy is very high right now, along with enthusiasm and excitement. This may feel like an amazing time to go for what you want, to pursue your dreams, and to push outside of your comfort zone.

Yesterday, expansive Jupiter was sextile dreamy Neptune, so dreams can be of utmost importance at the moment. With Jupiter also in an Earth sign, Capricorn, perhaps now is the time to think about how to make those dreams real. You have the Sun, Mars, and Uranus to help give you the courage you need and to see what changes need to be made to move closer. Don’t just dream, take action!

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