A Full Moon in Sagittarius is Coming – Here’s What to Do

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Here comes the Full Moon in Sagittarius! It occurs on May 23rd, 2024.

Full Moons occur when the transit (moving) Sun and Moon exactly oppose one another in the zodiac. Full Moons are associated with emotional energy and are linked to endings and culminations.

Sagittarius, on the other hand, is the most optimistic, adventurous sign, the happy-go-lucky sign, and the sign that doesn’t like anything too serious. Hence, a Full Moon in Sagittarius tends to be a lot less heavy than normal Full Moons.

Crystals for the Full Moon in Sagittarius

Using crystals can be great during Full Moons to help control the emotional energy we’re sure to feel.

Make sure to cleanse your crystal(s) before using so you’re not bringing in any extra energy (there’s already enough!).

There are some crystals that are helpful to use with the Full Moon in general, like:

Specifically for the Full Moon in Sagittarius, some crystals you can use are:

You can keep your crystal ritual simple and just hold it in your non-dominant hand while under the Moon, gently breathing and feeling the energy flow to and from the crystal into you. Allow your intuition to open up and see what comes to you.

If you want to do a little more for your Full Moon in Sagittarius ritual, you can write out your intentions first, then meditate with your crystal. Keep the crystal with your intentions overnight.

Thank the Moon and the crystal when you’re done!

4 Full Moon in Sagittarius Rituals

If you’re looking for other rituals to use with the Full Moon in Sagittarius, here are four you can choose from depending on what you’d like to accomplish:

1. Meditate for Openness

A meditation ritual can be super helpful for opening you up in a variety of ways, including with how you express yourself, with your intuition, and with life overall.

What you need:

  • Nothing, unless you want a meditation track to listen to while meditating (recommended you choose one that features the outdoors)

Sit in a comfortable, quiet place. Focus on your breathing, slowly inhaling and exhaling.

Listen to the track you want to use, or imagine you’re outdoors somewhere that you find beautiful and spacious, like on top of a mountain overlooking the horizon, or at a waterfall listening to the water, or on a river watching the streams of water go by.

Feel the sense of openness in this space. Let this fill you. You are as open as nature.

Stay in this for as long as you’re comfortable, feel it is needed, or have time for it. Feel free to come back to do this for as long as you need.

2. Candles for Communicating Desires

A candle ritual is always easy to do and can be quick to accomplish. This one can help you focus on communicating more clearly what you want and need.

What you need:

  • A blue or purple candle
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Paper and something to write with
  • Fireproof dish or container

Cleanse your space however you’d like (you can burn incense, palo santo, or sage; play some music or sing; bang a bowl or twigs. Or even simply just clap your hands around the space).

Write a list of your desires on the piece of paper.

Light the candle, and sit with it for a few minutes, staring into the flame and imagining its strong energy.

Light the paper with the flame from the candle and let it burn completely in the fireproof dish or container. Bury the ashes or flush them down the drain.

You can either let the candle burn out on its own (try to get a small candle if you do that, so it’s not left unattended burning) or snuff it out (wet your fingers and pinch the wick, or use a candle snuffer).

3. A Bath for Healing

A bath ritual can be excellent for clearing out your energy and promoting healing, especially under a Full Moon.

What you need:

  • Bath or shower
  • Anything you want to decorate the space with (candles, crystals, flowers, etc.) or set the mood (music, essential oils, etc.)
  • Anything for the water itself (bubble bath, herbs, salts, Florida water, Moon water, etc.)

Decorate your space and set the mood as you’d like. Fill your tub with water and add whatever you want to it.

Take your bath, and imagine all of the challenges within you being taken into the water and the water providing you with restorative energy in its place.

If you want to shower instead, fill a container, cup, or bowl with water and whatever you want to add to it. Take a shower, and at the end, pour the water on your body.

4. Get Moving for Awakening

There are ritual dances from all around the world, but you can just improvise here and dance as you feel like it. The goal is to awaken your energy via movement since Sagittarius rules your hips and thighs.

What you need:

  • Music (whatever kind gets you moving!)

Tip: You might want to stretch before getting started.

Play the music, and let yourself dance. If it looks and seems totally wonky, who cares, no one can see you. This is just to let loose and let the energy come alive within you.

If you’re absolutely anti-dancing, going for a walk can accomplish the same thing.

Enjoy the Sagittarius Energy!

This can be an excellent time to enjoy yourself, to have new experiences, and to share your wisdom with others.

Focus on the good, and let yourself take time away from the serious.

Life doesn’t have to be so practical all of the time. Be a little Sagittarius and have some fun!

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