THIS Powerful Conjunct is About to Shake Things Up

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Lucky planet Jupiter and healer Chiron will meet up on March 12th, 2023, forming a conjunction in Aries. The last time these two conjuncted in Aries was March 1976 – almost 47 years ago!

It’s been a little while since they conjuncted in any zodiac sign. The last time was in 2009, which occurred throughout the year in Aquarius, so it’s been about 14 years since they met.

This conjunction carries a lot of potentials, so focusing on its energy right now is a good idea. Don’t miss it!

About Jupiter in Astrology

In astrology, Jupiter is the planet of expansion. This expansion is in many ways, so it governs higher learning (expanding the mind), travel (expanding your physical world), and beliefs (philosophical expansion). 

Jupiter is one of the social planets (along with Saturn) and spends about one year in each zodiac sign, taking about 12 years to go through the entire zodiac. Jupiter is considered the lucky, happy planet and generally wants only good.

Jupiter rules opportunities, and we can find more opportunities are presented to us to have new experiences that will teach us something, open new doors, and bring more adventure and happiness into our lives. Jupiter hates the serious and wants to enjoy life.

Jupiter connects with the 9th house in astrology, the house of higher learning, travel, and beliefs. This house comes before the ambitious, success-oriented 10th house, so the 9th house is where we pursue what’s possible and prepare for success with the 10th house.

Jupiter in Aries puts Jupiter in a Fire sign, where it feels pretty comfortable, and we’ve been ready for action this year. 

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About Chiron in Astrology

Chiron is called an asteroid in astrology but is technically a comet (at least that’s its current designation, it’s changed and may again). Chiron is known as the “Wounded Healer,” so it governs our wounds and healing.

In your natal chart, Chiron can show areas where you can experience great wounding, perhaps your most significant wounds, and how they can impact you. This puts Chiron in a severe position.

Chiron in your birth chart also shows how you can heal from these wounds and heal in general in your life. This is mental, emotional, and spiritual, but it also can be in physical ways since Chiron can link to health.

The healing you experience with Chiron can be challenging, as it’s healing that may come with scars. These don’t have to be scars that get reopened and hurt you permanently but can instead be a reminder of where you’ve been and how you’ve had to work on yourself.

For this reason, Chiron possesses the excellent potential for personal growth and maturity, and there is a quiet power within Chiron that can be accessed once you’ve learned your wound and healing lessons.

When transit (moving) Chiron conjuncts your natal Chiron, this can be a great time in your life that stabilizes you, increases your security, and helps you feel at ease. This comes midlife, often after the challenging midlife transits, offering you an opportunity to emerge solid and secure.

Transit Chiron can impact our ability to understand our wounds and heal, and Chiron has been in Aries for a few years. Chiron in Aries has focused on our identity, and we have to heal identity wounds and learn to be proud of our literal and figurative faces.

The Potential of the Jupiter-Chiron Conjunction in Aries

The Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in Aries means we have great potential to heal our ego and identity wounds. We may be giving this a lot of thought, and we may be experiencing something that is triggering old injuries that need to be addressed.

It can be all too easy to sweep this under the rug again, but with Aries, it’s better to take action and take the initiative with your healing. Jupiter in Aries urges you to be a little bold, and be willing to take a good hard look at where this wound comes from, why it hasn’t healed yet, how this could benefit you if it did, and what steps you can take right now to get the healing process started or make more progress on your healing journey.

Ordinarily, Chiron would be more, take some time to reflect and listen to the quiet, but Aries is very to-the-point and doesn’t want to wait. If you can do a little bit of reflection, this can help before you get moving so fast.

Jupiter gives us a boost as we do this, and even if what we’re dealing with at the moment seems challenging, Jupiter helps out by giving us a way out. Remember that Jupiter is a happy planet, allowing us to make things better, quicker, and more efficiently.

Aries is the first zodiac sign, so this can be an excellent opportunity to take that first step toward healing and growth. What’s stopping you?

Don’t Forget the Last Jupiter-Chiron Conjunction!

I mentioned that the last time we had a Jupiter-Chiron conjunction was in 2009, and this occurred three times in Aquarius (May 23 at 26 degrees, July 22nd at 24 degrees, and December 7 at 21 degrees). That was exceptionally dynamic since Neptune was also conjunct in Aquarius.

Interestingly, Pluto is moving into Aquarius 11 days after the Jupiter-Chiron conjunction this year, helping to bring this energy back again.

This can mean some of what we were focusing on back then, we may be focusing on now, and the ego and identity wounds that may be dominant now may have started in 2009 or were impacted in some way at the time.

Since Neptune was involved then, this may have made healing a bit of an illusion, so we thought we healed, but we didn’t; it was just Neptune fogging up our perception. Or, we may have had difficulty grasping what we wanted to heal and never really got a firm hold of it.

The current conjunction in Aries is much more solid, and Aries allows us to take the reins, and Pluto is a more realistic planet helping to ground us. Plus, we get some help from Venus, who is currently in Aries, and we may get literal help from other people in our lives with the challenges.

On top of that, we’re also in between two Aries New Moons, so we’re solidly on board with this Aries energy right now and willing to take action. We can see what we need to do and then do it.

The current conjunction occurs at 14 degrees Aries, so to get a more personal view, find the two houses in your birth chart where 21-26 degrees Aquarius and 14 degrees Aries fall. The areas of life ruled by these two houses are likely linked at the moment and directly tie into whatever you’re working on healing.

The Jupiter-Chiron Conjunction in Aries for the Signs


Healing for you can be pretty important right now since this is in your sign, Aries, and you likely need to work on making sure you have a solid sense of who you are, who you present yourself to be, and what you’re embarking on.

If you’ve rejected who you are, this can be a time to confront that. What parts of yourself are you uncomfortable with? Is this something you can improve?

You can take the initiative to work to have a more solid hold of yourself and make sure you’re doing this healthily. Taking the initiative can empower you, and you can understand yourself better.


Healing can come quietly for you right now, Taurus, and while you can take the initiative with it, you may do so on your own, not wanting anyone to pay close attention. You may feel extra pressure if anyone does, which gets in the way of healing.

Wounds relating to the past, your early life or past lives, and emotional, spiritual, or karmic baggage impacting your ego and identity can be where you’re circling. You can take action again quietly, and your intuition can help.

You can also be protected as you go through this healing process right now, which can help you feel more secure.


Healing may come quickly right now, Gemini, and you can go about it in new, different ways. Even if this is different for you, you can feel in control and confident that your actions are working.

Wounds relating to your dreams, your future, what you hope for, and how you relate to friends, groups, causes, or your individuality impacting your ego and identity can be your focus. You can find new ways to approach this, and it can lead to feeling closer to where you want to be.

You may get help in unexpected ways and from random people, and this can give you hope.


Healing can come more practical for you, Cancer, and you can methodically take the reins. You can do homework if you haven’t yet, which can help you follow a plan of action.

Wounds relating to your goals, ambitions, and direction in life can be of focus, and you can take a deliberate approach to this. You likely want to be sure of your path, especially if you’ve been lost lately.

This can also help you manage your responsibilities better and not feel so overwhelmed by them.


Healing can come in a big way for you, Leo, and you can be more willing to be bold and brave. You may want to use an optimistic attitude, and looking at the bright side can help.

Wounds relating to your ability to be open to adventure, to expand your life in new ways, to have new experiences, or that are related to your beliefs can be your focus, and you can feel more decisive with your actions.

As you open up more, you can become more confident in who you are and find the power in that.


Healing can come in the form of transformation for you right now, Virgo, and this may be serious and intense for you, but you can take control of it if you’re willing to face it. You may need to dig deeper to get to the heart of it and make sure it’ll stick.

Wounds relating to deeply held issues and traumas that impact your ego and identity can be of focus now, and they can be difficult but end up empowering you a great deal once you’ve made progress.

As you transform, you can become much stronger and more willful.


Healing can come in harmonious, balanced ways for you, Libra, and you may want to keep things as peaceful as possible as you work on wounds. This may mean working with others or making compromises.

Wounds relating to others and your connections that impact your ego and identity can be your focus, and you may need to deal with old issues that have also affected how you connect with others now. This can help you improve and strengthen existing connections and open up to new ones.

You may encounter many people who are healers during this time, and their wisdom can help you.

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Healing can come straightforwardly for you, Scorpio, and you can take small steps and work one step at a time. You can find it easier to approach healing if you take it small and work your way up.

Wounds relating to work and your work ethic, daily life and the mundane, and your health and well-being that have impacted your ego and identity can be of focus, and you can take the initiative to make progress. This may not be big, but it can impact you regularly for the better.

This can be a fantastic period if you work in the healing field, medicine, spirituality, or in some way that helps others.


Healing can come in a creative way for you, Sagittarius, and you can take the initiative to heal creatively and in ways that you enjoy. You can be less serious about it and want to have fun on this journey.

Wounds relating to love and creativity that impact your ego and identity can be your focus, and you can take a light approach. Tackling this can help open up your heart to others, and you may become more affectionate and generous.

You can also be much more creative overall as you heal and find inspiration everywhere you look.


Healing can come from the ground up for you, Capricorn, and you may want to get to the core to tackle the matter. This can help you make sure you’re getting to the roots, to where it all started, and heal, so you don’t have to worry about it again later.

Wounds relating to your home, family, and emotions impacting your ego and identity can be of focus, and the wounds likely trigger deep emotions for you. This may tempt you to run away, but you likely need to make your way through and get to the good.

You may feel that those you think of as family or who are most supportive of you can be helpful with your healing at this time, and healing can be easier in comfortable, familiar places.


Healing can come thanks to or of your mind, Aquarius, and you can get into your head to focus on healing and growth. Your ideas, plans, and knowledge can be of benefit to your healing, and you can gather the information you need or talk things out.

Wounds relating to your mind, your mental abilities, and your methods of communication and effective expression that impact your ego and identity can be your focus. As you heal, you can become more confident in your mind and communications.

Healing may be quick as well, and you can act fast once you find something that you think will help.


Healing can come slowly but surely, Pisces, and you can take your time and have patience. Even though you can take the initiative, you likely don’t feel rushed and want to ensure this is the right call.

Wounds relating to your self-esteem, self-worth, values, confidence, resources, or money that impact your ego and identity can be of focus. You can determine what to work on and dedicate yourself to it.

Healing can help you feel more secure and stable, and you may find that new opportunities open up to you to have more abundance.

Embrace the Healing Energy

Jupiter and Chiron won’t meet up again until July 2036 (in Gemini), so you’ll want to make the most of this conjunction now with the help of Jupiter.

Be bold, take initiative, and see what healing leads to you in your life.

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