Everything You Need to Know About This Planet FINALLY Moving Direct

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Lucky planet Jupiter is about to end its retrograde in Water sign Pisces, turning direct on November 23rd after being retrograde for almost four months. This retrograde began in Aries and went back to Pisces on October 28th, so it’s only been retrograde in Pisces for less than a month.

What is “Retrograde” & “Direct” in Astrology?

Direct means the planet or body is no longer moving, retrograde, and a retrograde occurs when a planet or body appears to be moving backward through the zodiac from our view here on Earth. This tends to throw the energy of the planet or body off since the natural motion for most is forward.

Jupiter retrogrades for about four months every year, so it’s retrograde about one-third of every year. Since Jupiter rules expansion and opportunity, Jupiter retrograde tends to slow this down, and we don’t feel like we have as many options.

This was likely stronger when Jupiter retrograde was in Aries since Fire sign Aries is the sign that takes initiative and embarks on new beginnings. We may have been stalled during that period.

All retrogrades have karmic and subconscious energy associated with them, which can be much stronger with Jupiter retrograde. We can take time to reflect, be more introspective, understand, and work through karma.

This karmic and subconscious energy has likely been stronger with Jupiter retrograde in Pisces since Pisces is the natural ruler of spirituality, intuition, the subconscious mind, and karma. We’ve had to be much more introspective and work to clear a lot of spiritual sludge.

The day after Jupiter moved back into Pisces, Mars turned retrograde in Gemini, adding to the last month’s super karmic, spiritual, and subconscious energy. Mars is the planet of energy and drive, so Mars has also been slowing us down.

What Does Jupiter Direct 2022 Mean?

Jupiter Direct 2022: Helpful Sagittarius

Jupiter is the natural ruling planet of Sagittarius, a Fire and Mutable sign that is highly active. When Jupiter turns direct on November 23rd, there will also be a New Moon the same day in Sagittarius!

Jupiter direct means we can focus more on the opportunities we’ve missed, and we can slowly start to retake action. It may not be quite so slow this time though, thanks to that New Moon stirring us to move quickly.

Planets the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, are already in Sagittarius, so this is awesome energy for Sagittarius right around Jupiter direct. Yes, Mars will still be retrograde, but there can be a little light showing the good that awaits us.

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Jupiter Direct 2022: Watch the Fog

One difficult part of this Jupiter direct is this occurs in Pisces, and Neptune, the natural ruling planet for Pisces, is still retrograde until December 3rd and is at a hard angle to Mars retrograde (which just went exact). Difficult Neptune pretty much always means we’re in for some serious fog!

It can be difficult for us to see things clearly right now, and we’re not fully aware of all of the facts. Having a strong connection to your intuition can help, but without that, it can be an uncertain time.

There is likely something being overlooked, and it’ll be 2-3 more weeks before we start seeing it. Leave room in your plans and schedule to adjust as more facts come to light.

Jupiter Direct 2022: Jupiter Sextile Pluto

Jupiter direct will occur sextile, which is a helpful aspect, Pluto in Capricorn, and this is the only major aspect for Jupiter direct.

This can help us focus on what we’re passionate about, and we can work to be more focused. Pluto is an intense planet, and we can use some of that intensity to our advantage.

We may find ways to feel more in tune with our inner power, and we can feel more in control of ourselves. Pluto is the planet of transformation, and this can be a good period to focus on a transformation of some sort.

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A Special Note About the Anaretic Degree

There are 30 degrees in every zodiac sign, and the very last degree is called the anaretic degree. This is 29 degrees of any zodiac sign and is a point of crisis energy in transit.

Jupiter direct occurs *just* off of this (just 12 minutes!), and while it’s not exactly 29 degrees, it’s pretty close.

If you have anything in your natal chart at 29 degrees (of any zodiac sign), this can feel lit up right now by Jupiter, and that continues until Jupiter exits Pisces on December 20. Whatever that planet of body rules gets tons of energy funneled to it by Jupiter and has for the last month.

The planet or body can become more important to you, there can be extra developments or news, and you may want to take quick action. Make sure you’re doing your homework first because, remember, the fog is strong at the moment!

Jupiter Direct 2022 by Element

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) can feel like you’re better able to sort through your emotions with Jupiter direct. You may be more internally focused, which can help you dig deeper, strengthen yourself internally, and have a stronger intuition.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) may feel you have an easier time dealing with social activities, using your mind, and keeping busy with Jupiter direct. You can use your words well and start clearing your mind.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) can work to be more productive with Jupiter direct, and you may find that you have more opportunities professionally or to do something tangible. You may have felt you weren’t moving much, but that can slowly improve.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) may feel more optimistic with Jupiter direct, and you can focus on the good in your life. Motivation may have been difficult to find lately, but this can start to change.

4 Ways to Positively Use the Jupiter Direct 2022

1. Make Time for Rest

With the Neptune, Pisces, and Mars retrograde energy all awry, it’s a slightly draining time energy-wise. Give yourself plenty of time to rest and recharge so you’re not breaking down or lashing out from grumpiness.

2. Pay Attention to Your Dreams

Dreams are likely to be extremely vivid right now, so try to keep track of your dreams (even the wild and wacky ones). Try keeping a dream journal or making voice notes on your phone to keep track.

The subconscious mind likes to communicate via dreams, so give your subconscious some more attention by analyzing your dreams. Make sure to utilize the free dream dictionary!

3. Be Optimistic

Looking at the bright side is the default mode for Jupiter and Sagittarius, so this is usually easy. But, with Mars retrograde instigating lots of fights, it may not be quite so easy this time.

Watch movies and shows that make you laugh, play with your pet, spend more time with the people who make you smile, and switch your mind from being too negative to something more uplifting. A better attitude and outlook can help push you through to find opportunities that may not be so obvious.

4. Make Plans for Big Ideas

Jupiter rules the big picture, so get working on plans for a big idea. With Jupiter retrograde ending, it can become easier to see how it all fits together and what you need to work on long-term.

Since Mars is still retrograde, taking action may have to wait until the new year, but if you plan now, you can hit the ground running the second you have the chance and make significant strides quickly.

Enjoy Jupiter Direct!

No matter what, Jupiter direct can mean that you have an easier time pursuing opportunities to have new experiences, explore, and expand in new ways. This is usually a good thing.

Just keep in mind some of the challenges we’re dealing with right now, and you can do well!

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