Numerology & the Number 4: What April Means

Happy April!

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you’re probably enjoying the fresh scent of spring. As we watch the blossom babies poking their noses out of Mother Earth, we are also bouncing around to and fro finishing up some winter activities.

A season has ended, and we are entering recital season, stag and doe season, Easter season, bridal shower season, Summer planning season, and ugh… spring cleaning. There’s a lot of mulching happening, and home contractors are very, very happy campers right now. That’s the power of 4 “four” you.

With the Sun full swing in the Cardinal sign of the Fire signs, Aries, we are also feeling the spark of leadership. We are taking charge of change in this fourth month of the year.

But what else do we need to know? Let’s talk about that today. Numerology energy through the power of the number 4 is abundant right now. Let’s have a look.

What Does the Number 4 Really Mean?

In numerology and astrology, the number 4 is all about foundations. In astrology, the 4th house is the house of roots and foundations. This is your house of family, legacy, your roots. The people that mean the most to you. And so you are feeling a lot of their energy right now—you are helping them to establish their legacy.

Every time you attend a recital, stag and doe, wedding, birthday, graduation, sports tournament, housewarmings… you are helping them lay roots to their legacy. And if you are there, you are a part of that legacy. That becomes your legacy too!

This same energy is what the number 4 in numerology is all about.

The number 4 is all about the people you surround yourself with, and even the building you choose to do it in as well. Service and gratitude, organization and devotion, where are you worthy?

You begin to think about these things now as the multitude of life celebrations comes upon us.

At the same time, in numerology, the number 4 resonates with higher powers and organized structures such as the law, integrity, justice, honesty, and having a sense of authority in our lives. 

We are in charge.

What Tarot Card Corresponds with the Number 4?

The number 4 corresponds with the Emperor card in the Tarot. This is the card that symbolizes a father figure or a man in authority. That could be anyone from your Dad, to the law, to your kid’s soccer coach. Male or female, the Emperor could be you if you are the boss right now. And you want to be.

The Emperor is also a builder of foundations, and could also be anyone from a real estate agent to a home contractor. The energy of the 4 is stabilizing.

You are building the 4 pillars of life around you, and you are in charge of where they go, and who they are. This is your legacy.

April is a busy month as we prepare to create legacies in our lives. You may have this that or the other thing to do, on top of house stuff to deal with and family issues. And you may have it all to deal with. Weddings on top of house closings on top of renovations on top of… wait, where’s the “you time?”

The number 4 and the power of the Emperor bring it all together. The 4 of Wands is symbolic of this harmonizing energy. Home is where the heart is, even if “home” is just a spiritual concept to you right now.

So how do you use the number of 4 in your life this fourth month of the year? Let’s have a look.

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Your Numerology Checklist for April

If things seem a little all up in the air right now, this month’s energy will be very soothing. March was a 3 month and all about collaborating, joining forces, and looking for ways to make sure your ship comes in.

April’s 4 energy is all about laying those foundations once they do, or while you prepare for those blessings to arrive. Hearing about those themes is great. But how do you actually DO it?

With this four-point checklist!

1. Be bold.

The Emperor is all about taking control of a situation. And not in a negative way. In a way that brings order to a situation. Like the mom on a road trip with 3 kids in the back seat and one is trying to glue gum in the hair of another while the third is crying uncontrollably. “I don’t care who started it, I’m finishing it!” And that’s it. 

Be bold. Take control of situations with kindness and pure intent. 

Don’t take sides. Just end it. Or start it. And you’ve got the wheel, friend.

2. Expect the unexpected.

The number 4 in numerology also resonates with the planet Uranus and is also the number of Fate. 

If you see 4’s in your Tarot a lot, know the Universe might be sending you something you can’t control. But while you may not be able to control all events in your life, you can control how you react to them. 

Continue to be neutral, and like the 4 of Wands housewarming card in the Tarot, you will be celebrating those wonderful moments of life.

3. Be a planner, here’s how.

The number 4 is about foundations and building them, organization and structure, and that field of dreams just isn’t going to crop up overnight. Plan it. 

Every day you need to make a list of what you want to get done today. Do it in three sections, making room for the time needed for your life on that list. The list of things you are definitely going to do and need to do. 

The list of things you want to do but aren’t sure if you’ll have time. And the list of things that would be super exciting to have crossed off today, but might be a little bit of a pipedream. Start with the easy list and just get it done one by one, making room for life’s little distractions along the way.

Your son just texted you about his latest heartbreak. The doorbell rings and it’s a delivery you have to deal with before food goes bad. A phone call suggests it will only take a minute but lasts from your coffee until lunch hour. No matter who that call is from, if the Universe wants you to deal with it, deal with it. 

Don’t apologize. Make your lists, make room for life, and just cross things off one by one. What you don’t get done today, put it on the same list tomorrow. 

Soon, you’ll be successful and productive and won’t need that list anymore, baby! Just be steady with it, and within two weeks, it will be your new habit and your lists will be your new best friend.

4. Family first, even your work family.

The number 4 is all about home, the family, your roots, your legacy, and what matters most to you. It’s time to put all of that first as your first priority. Yes, of course, you need to work and pay the bills. But what happens at home is your priority first. 

Get this mindset in play this month and you will be very productive, without even realizing it. 

You may find for example that attending that family picnic is much more heartwarming than any five-star romantic event you could attend. Or, you may bring a family theme into the work atmosphere and find the energy level just magically changes for the better.

Serve the people that matter the most to you right now, with the sense that they are your family, your legacy. When you do that, you are more productive, you’ll see. Because you’ll enjoy serving them because they matter to you and are part of the four pillars that support your inner harmony. And you do the same for theirs. 

Find that symbiotic balance and you see a successful formula shaping. This one is more about mindset than doing. 

Loyalty is everything right now. It establishes a tone for a blossoming spring and a very fun summer ahead.

Use April to Plan Ahead

See it, plan it, do it. Be the boss of everything. These are the themes of the number 4 and for the month for April.

The 4 in numerology is all about the family, the people and homes that mean the most to you. Those could be spiritual homes or your actual home. Be organized and structured, kind but with authority, and be loyal to those that shape the 4 pillars of your life. If you are their roots, they are yours as well.

At the same time, instead of letting them weigh you down as burdens, make room in your schedule for life’s little distractions.

Life is life. But when you expect the unexpected that way, life’s surprises are wonderful. And April the 4th month promises harmony, balance, and structure with the people that matter the most to you if you do it right. What plans are on your agenda for April?

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