THIS Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is About to Change Things Up

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The first Lunar eclipse of 2023 is coming in just a few days, and it’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio! This is the last eclipse in Scorpio until 2031, so we’re moving forward after we’re done wrapping things up.

It comes with many planetary events and pairs with a monster Solar eclipse in Aries, so energy is very high right now for activity and developments.

No resting on your laurels!

What is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse?

A Full Moon occurs when the transit (moving) Sun and Moon are opposite one another in the zodiac. We have roughly one Full Moon every four weeks or about one each month, and 12-13 each year.

Full Moons are times of endings, culminations, and results. We “reap what we’ve sown,” so the actions we’ve taken and choices we’ve made can play out. This may be with something we started 6 – 12 months ago.

A Full Moon is a Lunar eclipse when the Full Moon is close to the Lunar Nodes, which are the points in the Moon’s orbit where the Moon crosses the ecliptic. We usually have two Lunar eclipses each year (though sometimes there are 3-4), and 2023 has two.

Lunar eclipses are similar to Full Moons but much stronger. We can see major developments and major results and reach major conclusions. Emotions can run quite high as a result, and we’re deep in our feelings.

We can start seeing the full measure of what began years ago. We can reach great heights with Lunar eclipses, but we can also experience major lows that require a total readjustment.

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About Scorpio in Astrology

Scorpio is an intense zodiac sign, connecting with power, passion, and intensity. It’s a Water sign, which connects it to emotions, and a Fixed sign so that it can get stuck in those emotions.

Its natural ruling planet is Pluto, the planet of transformation, power, and control. All of this makes Scorpio a deeply emotional sign and won’t accept any superficiality.

Scorpio wants to get below the surface and wants everything to have meaning and purpose. Scorpio can sometimes fall apart thanks to the intensity but can also rise again, so it’s associated with the phoenix. 

The 2023 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is intense

A Scorpio Lunar eclipse has plenty of intense energy. This is the last eclipse in Scorpio for eight years, which can intensify the emotional energy even more since we’re closing up shop, wrapping things up, and finishing things off that have been in the making for some time.

The eclipse also comes as the natural ruling planet for Scorpio, which is Pluto, turned retrograde a few days before on May 1st. Retrograde motion means Pluto appears to move backward and can be a time of looking backward.

This is double the case since we also have Mercury retrograde, and will be until May 14th. We want to ensure that as we’re finishing things up, we’re not missing anything that needs to be done.

Dot the i’s, cross those t’s, and double and triple-check. Otherwise, it may not actually be done with, and there can be some remaining energy to deal with later.

Retrogrades are also karmic in nature, and this can also be true of Scorpio Lunar Eclipses, so it’s extra true now. We may now see developments related to karmic issues, baggage, patterns, habits, and relationships.

With this energy being so emotional, so intense, and so karmic, we likely need to make sure we’re also tending to our emotional needs and getting small breaks. It can be easy to let the intense energy take us over, and this can lead to burnout.

Channel passionate energy productively but also leave room for rest. This can help recharge and prepare for what’s next.

The previous Solar eclipse in Aries on April 20th triggered some major energy for new beginnings and new journeys, so what we finish now can leave room for the new that is beating down our doors.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio for the Zodiac Signs


There may be something you need to get to the heart of with the Scorpio Lunar eclipse Aries, and it may be something that stirs a lot of emotion for you. Still, you can uncover a lot that helps you with all of the big new projects and pursuits you have going on at the moment.

You can be ready to let this go, get it finished, and move forward, and there is so much available to you now that you’re excited about. This chapter ends, but another is beginning.


Your relationships and connections may get more attention with the Scorpio Lunar eclipse, Taurus. You can settle issues once and for all, finally, take the next step in a partnership that is solid and healthy, or make the decision to walk away from one that isn’t.

This might be something that is long in the making, you’ve been considering for some time, and you can be ready for the next step, whatever it may be for you. You’ve learned a lot about connecting with others over the last few years, and you can take that with you as you move toward new ventures.


This can be when many projects get finished with the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, Gemini. You can feel productivity amplify, and the tricks and methods you’ve picked up over the last few years can be useful now.

Any projects that have been lingering for some time can be finished for good, and you can work to release anything that has been stressing you out in a healthy way. This can leave room for changes to come.


The Scorpio Lunar eclipse can be a great reminder to connect to your heart, Cancer, and you can spend some time with those you love and doing the things you love most in healthy ways. You can feel more inspired and may want to get a little extra time to enjoy yourself away from work.

A creative project may come to a close, and you can be ready to put this behind you, move on to your next big goals, and solidify your path.


Emotions can be extra strong with the Scorpio Lunar eclipse, Leo, and you can focus on any emotional needs that have been neglected lately. Being more in tune with your emotions has likely been a focus over the last few years, and you can understand what you need for emotional security and stability now.

You may clear out something that has been impacting you emotionally, which can help you move toward new projects and ideas that excite you.


You can be extra invested in your ideas and plans with the Scorpio Lunar eclipse, Virgo, and you may see developments with one or more that you’ve been pursuing lately. This can lead to more options and more opportunities, and you can follow a variety of your leads.

As you see the results, this can help you feel more confident and secure, and you can use this to your advantage moving forward.


Stability and security can be vital to you with the Scorpio Lunar eclipse, Libra. You can focus on improving upon what you’ve already been doing for the last few years. You may finalize something or see the results from something that helps you feel more confident and secure.

This can be very helpful as you give more attention to your connections to others and yourself and start pursuing more of what you want in life.


The Lunar eclipse is in your sign, Scorpio, and there can be some major culminations, results, and developments in your life. These may link to something that you started in the last 1-2 years, and you can ebb and flow with the developments, so you may need to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

You may pull back as you move forward, prioritizing smaller projects or options that allow you more time to recharge after all this intense energy.

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Energy may seem low with the Scorpio Lunar eclipse, Sagittarius, indicating you need more time to rest and recharge. This may have been the case for the last 1-2 years, and you’ve hopefully taken the time to clear out and reconcile with issues from the past so you can feel ready for your future.

Something important may be released now, and this can be something you’ve been working on for some time and are ready to be done with.


There can be developments with your dreams for the future with the Scorpio Lunar eclipse, Capricorn, and you can be willing to make changes and go with it. This can open you up to new goals, a new direction, and a path that leads to great success.

You may want to have more independence as you make your way through, and this can help keep you from lashing out and staying focused.


You may hit a new height with the Scorpio Lunar eclipse, Aquarius, and this may be something you’ve been trying to achieve for some time. It can inspire you to keep going, and you can feel confident in your abilities to manage developments.

This can help you open up to greater opportunities for new experiences and more options moving forward, and you can feel the foundation for your life is solid enough for you to build on.


A learning experience may benefit you with the Scorpio Lunar eclipse, Pisces, and you can feel more open to opening up your options. This can keep you focused on the big picture, and you can be optimistic about the way things play out.

There can be serious matters ahead for you to address, and maintaining a hold on the big picture can help keep you from getting lost in them. You can apply what you’ve learned through experience to improve your resources and security.

Take Care of Yourself With the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio!

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio can be intense, and it’s coming with other big astrology at the moment, which can feel like a lot. The eclipse offers the opportunity to clear out and finish up, though, which helps with the major energy at the moment.

Pay attention to developments and results now and how they tie into what was started 1-2 years ago. Think about ways to use what you’ve learned in that time to your advantage and move forward with more skill and ability than before.

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