Your Sign’s May 2022 Tarotscopes

Our no-retrograde status has now disappeared. As we enter May, there’s more astrological business to keep track of.

Slow and steady Taurus season dominates the majority of our month, with bubbly and enthusiastic Gemini season picking up later (cheers to that, especially if you’re looking to break out of the standard routineness of grounded Taurus season).

Plus, with Mercury in Gemini going retrograde on the 10th, there’s quite an abundance of interesting Airy energy stirring the astrological pot.

Chaotic? It doesn’t have to be!

Let’s check in with Tarot to see how your zodiac sign, in particular, may be affected, with one card each from the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana to hand over your monthly Tarotscope!

Your Sign’s May 2022 Tarotscope


The High Priestess (Reversed) & 7 of Pentacles

Planning and contemplating is the name of the game for Aries this May.

The 7 of Pentacles shows you in a bit of a planning stage overall, especially with regards to work, finances, and your own abundance and stability. You may not exactly be getting things in order quite yet in a literal way, but you’re trying to get your ducks in a row first.

The High Priestess reversed turns the more intuitive and deep side of yourself within and asks that you use the less “practical” gifts that you possess when you work within this energy this May as well.

In any case, seeing spontaneous Aries get into a planning stage is always a welcome sight.

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The Hierophant & The King of Cups (Reversed)

In need of a bit of a reality check, Taurus?

Ready or not, The Hierophant will be ringing it in. This is probably because the King of Cups reversed indicates that you may have been spending too much time with your head in the clouds. Maybe Taurus season itself has you very much in your feelings throughout the month.

But whatever it is, The Hierophant will now be asking that you redirect your focus to the real-world stuff. Knowing how you truly feel is important, but where will you invest that energy? Where will it lead you?

These are the questions you’re being called to answer this month.


The Emperor (Reversed) & The 8 of Wands (Reversed)

Slow down, Gemini. The energy is off the charts for you this month.

The Emperor reversed and the 8 of Wands reversed gives you Fire sign energy in excess. You want structure and to feel in control of your life, but on the other hand, you want everything to happen now.

This passion and drive for the things that you care about in your life, as well as your zest for life and independence, are beautiful things that likely are emphasized even more by the May Gemini transits popping off throughout the sky.

However, you just need to be careful you don’t take it all too far.


The Lovers & 2 of Pentacles

Cancerians are having fun, even if a bit busy, in May 2022.

There’s something fun in the air with The Lovers abound. This card casts lighthearted, affectionate energy over your month, as well as grants you more opportunities for connection. However, more opportunities may also mean more tough choices.

After all, the 2 of Pentacles calls balance into question. You may have more on your plate to schedule and little time to get it all done.

Time management seems to be the name of the game for Cancer this month!

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The Sun & 8 of Swords (Reversed)

Leos are shaking off any restrictive or uncomfortable energy this month.

The Sun shines through with a positive and enthusiastic glow. You’re coming into your own optimism and radiance and letting yourself enjoy the little things in life. This will have to be a conscious choice and not just something you randomly step into overnight.

The 8 of Swords reversed clarifies that your intentions are all about cutting out that which does not serve you. You’re not here for carrying around any excess baggage anymore.

And cheers to that, Leo! With that attitude, you’re on track for a great, sunny May.


The Hermit (Reversed) & 7 of Wands

Some battles are difficult to win, Virgo, but you know that you can pull through.

The 7 of Wands isn’t the easiest energy, although it’s not so unfamiliar to Virgo (who tends to pull most of the weight, especially in group settings, anyway). You’ll be getting a lot done this month, but it’s likely to be taxing obstacles and energetically draining on the whole.

Plus, The Hermit reversed hints that you may struggle with finding alone time this month, tempted to overwork yourself and do the most for everyone.

Just remember: investing in yourself now may mean investing in a better future for everyone in the long run, Virgo.

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The Moon (Reversed) & Queen of Pentacles (Reversed)

Finding it hard to ground yourself down, Libra?

The Moon reversed shows that you may be feeling lost in life’s current this month, confused by a strange, elusive energy that blurs the lines between dreams and reality.

Coupled with the Queen of Pentacles reversed, it certainly may not feel like you’re the zodiac sign of the scales this month — or perhaps you are, but they’re more out of balance than usual! In any case, it’s clear you’ll need to find a way to get back down to earth.

As frustrating as this wave of energy may be, sometimes riding it out with an open mind can be the right move.


Strength (Reversed) & Queen of Cups (Reversed)

Everything you need is already within you, Scorpio. This month is all about that.

Strength reversed shows the Scorpion pulling from all internal reserves this May. The Queen of Cups reversed clarifies additionally that this is especially drawing from your creative, emotional, and intuitive learned lessons and using what you know to your advantage.

This means taking a lot of quality “me time” to assess everything you come into contact with in true Scorpio fashion and allowing yourself the time needed to ask yourself what your intuition truly believes is right.

Rest assured that with those assets on your side, you’ll have some crystal clear judgement in the month ahead to assist with anything you need.


The Devil (Reversed) & 9 of Pentacles

You’ve been making progress, Sagittarius. And the cards acknowledge what you’ve been through so far in order to get here!

The Devil reversed popped up for you last month, telling us that April would be about “spring cleaning” in a holistic way — spiritual, emotional, and mental baggage would be out the door.

Here, coupled with the card of abundance and indulgence in the form of the 9 of Pentacles, the cards are saying that there’s something to celebrate because of that. However much space you cleared out last month is how much you’re capable of accepting in this month.

Enjoy, Sagittarius! It’s well-deserved.


Wheel of Fortune (Reversed) & 5 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Ever feel like luck just isn’t on your side, Capricorn?

With the Wheel of Fortune reversed, you may certainly feel that this is the case this month. It may feel like things are randomly falling apart for no reason, or that the strangest of obstacles are getting in your way to success.

However, the 5 of Pentacles reversed urges you to know that sometimes those losses are actually dodged bullets. Plus, some problems that arise this month will easily be solved by asking for help from those around you, even if that’s not really your typical thing.

This month, the wise goat must accept that sometimes things aren’t exactly in your control, and are best left in the hands of others.


The Magician & Ace of Swords

No one can stop you now, Aquarius! You’re on a roll this month.

More particularly, The Magician points to steadfast and bold energy that propels you well towards creative acts, projects, and entrepreneurial pursuits. This is a good month to start something new or actually pull the trigger on that idea you’ve had lying around for a while.

The Ace of Swords adds that you might see particular success in the realm of communication. Opportunities might especially arise when your pursuits have to do with getting fresh ideas out into the open.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, speak your mind, and put pen to paper.


The Empress (Reversed) & 6 of Cups

With things not panning out in the here and now, Pisces seem to have their head in the clouds.

This May, The Empress reversed points to a lack in abundance, security, and feeling a bit down in the dumps overall when it comes to your creative capabilities. As a result, the 6 of Cups indicates you may be daydreaming more frequently and somewhat trying to avoid reality.

While there may be something to gain by revisiting the past, know that you should still eventually figure out a way to work through what’s sitting in front of you too, Pisces.

Your imagination can be your greatest asset, but sometimes it’s also what prevents you from living more presently.

Making Sense of the May Madness

Ready to jump into May with this new info now under your belt?

As the astrological shifts of May 2022 take over (plus, embracing Eclipse season and all the chaos that can bring), you may feel somewhat like the rug is being pulled out from under you this month.

But with a Tarotscope under your belt (or maybe a free 3-card Tarot reading, or your daily horoscope — whatever floats your boat), the cards and stars ultimately have your back. You can return to them at any time for an additional dose of guidance.

They’re just here to help you make sense of the madness!

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