Your Scorpio Season Horoscopes: Welcome to the Dark Side

Fellow Earthlings, welcome to Scorpio season! Get ready for your Scorpio season horoscopes.

The Sun entered Scorpio on October 21st, and we are now officially in Scorpio season. If you’re wondering, when is Scorpio season exactly, the Scorpio season dates are October 21st to November 20th.

When it comes to what Scorpio season means, Scorpio season is when we’re more intense, passionate, and want to get below the surface. We know that there is more than meets the eye, and we can keep digging until we find it.

This is a season for transformation, and this transformation can last. What we start now this can be worked on for the next month, up to the next year.

This Scorpio season does come with two challenges: Mercury and Mars retrogrades.

While Mercury retrograde is in the same sign, Scorpio, Mars actually used to rule Scorpio (before Pluto came along), so there’s an abundance of retrograde energy this season.

This can be used to evaluate and assess, which is great use of the passionate, researching energy of Scorpio.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Traits

Scorpio is a Water sign, and the Water signs are linked to emotion. With Scorpio, that emotion is intense and passionate. This sign is very all-or-nothing, and takes everything to heart, not letting things go.

Scorpio is also a Fixed sign, which is why it doesn’t let things go. Fixed signs are fixed in nature, and this is part of what allows Scorpio to dig below the surface and get to the core of anything.

The natural ruling planet for Scorpio is Pluto (formerly Mars), which gives Scorpio its great strength of will and determination. This is the sign of the phoenix rising from the ashes, and there isn’t much that can hold Scorpio back from whatever it sets its mind to. Scorpio is quite the powerful sign.

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Positive Scorpio Traits

  • Investigative
  • Problem-solving
  • Magical
  • Loyal
  • Determined
  • Sensual
  • Regenerative

Negative Scorpio Traits

  • Obsessive
  • Possessive
  • Fanatical
  • Brooding
  • Dark

With the basics of Scorpio out of the way, now we can get to the horoscopes for Scorpio season for your zodiac sign!

Your Scorpio Season Horoscopes

Read closely and discover your depth.


Scorpio season gives you an opportunity to find what has been eluding you, Aries. This is especially the case if it’s been a mystery for a while! Take some time to figure out a different approach, and then start looking in a new way.

Passions run high, and that can be true for you personally, so having something to focus the passionate energy on can be highly beneficial for you in many ways.


The people in your life can get a lot of attention from you during Scorpio season, Taurus. There may be issues that need to be addressed, and they may not even be your own, but someone else’s that you’re helping with. This can be frustrating, but likely what is needed.

Try to balance this out with some time to focus on yourself. Self-care is a good thing, and you can feel better equipped to handle whatever you have to manage.

Take some time for yourself this Scorpio season: The Best Self-Care for Each Chakra


There may be plenty to do this Scorpio season, Gemini. Part of you may be overwhelmed by it all, but you just need to slow down for a second and get organized. Make a list, make a schedule, create some structure, and you’ll be better able to move on it.

Taking on too much may be tempting, but it only serves to stress you out more, and that’s not something you need right now. Take little breaks when you can.


Scorpio season can bring out your heart, Cancer. You can focus on reconnecting with your heart, with your loved ones, and with the things you love most in the world. A heart-centric life is a happy life, after all.

Creative energy may be strong as well, and you can be more passionate about creative projects and ventures. Choose wisely and let your emotions flow into what you can create.


Focus on your emotions this Scorpio season, Leo. Your emotions may be much stronger right now, and it may be a little much at times. If that’s the case, you’re likely not giving yourself the emotional support that you need, so work on that first.

Once you feel supported, this makes it easier for you to sort through what you’re feeling and use your emotions to motivate you or guide you.


Make use of your ideas and mental energy this Scorpio season, Virgo. You may have plenty on your mind, and you’ll need to use that mental energy up if you want to avoid getting anxious and stressed out. Fill up your schedule, and keep busy.

Old ideas and plans may come back, and you can give them another try, make tweaks, or understand what went wrong and how to do better going forward.


With your season coming to an end, Scorpio season is a time for you to slow down, Libra. Take a beat and look around you. What do you see?

If there’s anything chaotic, tackle that and work on bringing stability. If you’re feeling aimless or restless, work on grounding yourself so you can have better focus. If you lack clarity, be present and let information flow in its own time.


It’s time for your season, Scorpio! Traditionally, this is your time to start anew and work on something that can be a project for the next year of your life, but with the retrograde energy, that changes things a little bit.

Take a second chance with something you’d like to do over again, and see how it shapes up this time. If you want to start something truly new, make sure you gather all of the information you need first and have a solid plan, but are also open to adjusting on the fly as needed.

Harness the energy of the Tarot this Scorpio season: Sun in Scorpio 3-Card Tarot Spread


Scorpio season may be a time for you to take a step back and not deal with too much in the spotlight, Sagittarius. You may work better on your own, behind closed doors, and not want any pressure put on you. Think quiet and soothing environments.

Your intuition can be crazy strong right now, so think about ways you can strengthen your connection to it so it lasts long after this season is over.


Changes may be on your mind this Scorpio season, Capricorn. Think about changes you’ve tried to make before and would like to try again, or changes that require you to be more determined and to dig around for information first.

You may question your future right now, but this is just a temporary lapse in confidence. Trust in your abilities and wait until this energy passes before you do anything drastic.


This is a time for progress with what you’ve done right, Aquarius. Long-time goals can see some payoffs, though it may come in ways you hadn’t thought of, or after you’ve made some adjustments. Hit your stride and keep going.

Part of you may feel a bit restricted now thanks to some extra responsibilities, so make sure you’re giving yourself enough room to breathe without completely abandoning them.


Scorpio season can bring a desire to get some space, Pisces. You may feel like pursuing a new experience in some way, and can be frustrated when you don’t have as much space as you want to do whatever you want. Don’t give in to impulse and push everything out of your life.

Take time to expand your mind, and take in new information, dream new dreams, and let your mind give you the room to roam you need.

Make Use of Passion this Scorpio Season!

Intense, passionate energy is likely to be big, and this can be put to productive, beneficial use. Focus on something that requires you to have some strength and determination to see it through all the way.

Powered by a sense of purpose, you can keep going through it all and take control to make things happen. Good luck!

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