Stellium in Virgo 5-Card Tarot Spread

It’s an exciting time this week as we have a stellium in Virgo – that is, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all move into this hard-working and industrious sign, making the qualities associated with Virgo especially potent.

So how does this affect us? We all work towards something and we all have goals we wish to strive for, right? Well, when planets within the universe move into this earth sign, we have the opportunity to harness energy that helps us focus and work towards our goals; and when there’s a stellium involved, this energy is amplified even more!

How Does Each Planet in this Virgo Stellium Affect Us?

Let’s take a look at the way the members of this approaching stellium affect us:

Mercury: Mercury is the planet of intellect and mental focus. It feels very at home in Virgo, the sign of hard work and diligence. When Mercury enters Virgo, we become extra alert, mentally shrewd and make great progress in our daily responsibilities.

Venus: Venus is the planet of love and luxury. When Venus enters Virgo, it encourages a practical, responsible approach to money and love. This is great news for those who have been seeking stability with their finances, enabling them to set a workable, beneficial plan in place. In issues of the heart, we are provided with the opportunity to work harder at our relationships. We are able to analyze what works for us and what doesn’t while maintaining good standards in our relationships. On the negative, we may be more prone to nit-picking at our partners’ flaws or being overly-fussy in regard to potential partners.

Mars: Mars is about energy, passion and action. When Mars enters Virgo, it’s a great opportunity to tackle tasks that we have been putting off. Because Virgo rules the 6th house of health, it’s a wonderful time to join a gym or embark on a new exercise regime.

Sun: When the Sun goes into Virgo, it makes us more industrious and vigilant; it brings greater skills of organization and enhances our abilities to be more responsible. Think of the Virgo people you know and you’ll see what I mean! The Sun in this sign also urges perfectionism, though, so there may also be a tendency to be too hard on oneself, resulting in moments of anxiety.

How Can We Use Tarot Cards to Prepare for the Virgo Stellium?

Astrology and Tarot are very much intertwined and when we know about the significant astrological events that occur throughout the year, we can use Tarot to help them work for us even more! Knowledge is power. Read on to find out about a Tarot card reading that can give you greater insight into how this particular stellium can work for you.

A 5 Card Tarot Spread for the Virgo Stellium

First, pull out your pack of Tarot cards. You can read with reversals or without them, up to you! Shuffle, asking the question, “How will the Virgo stellium impact me?” Then, lay out your cards in the following order:

  • Card 1: How the Sun in Virgo impacts me
  • Card 2: How Mercury in Virgo impacts me
  • Card 3: How Venus in Virgo impacts me
  • Card 4: How Mars in Virgo impacts me
  • Card 5: What will emerge from a combination of these energies?

Here’s an example reading below, along with its interpretation of the different Tarot card meanings in this context.

Card 1: The Sun

What a great card to pull for how the Sun in Virgo impacts you! The Sun is about success paying off as a result of hard work. With the Tarot Sun representing the Sun in Virgo itself, this is a telltale sign that a lot of bright, positive energy surrounds you and whatever you work hard for will pay off.

Card 2: 4 of Cups

The appearance of the 4 of Cups representing Mercury in Virgo indicates that you may have been struggling with boredom and lack of energy lately. Mercury pops the bubble of boredom and instead brings mental agility and great intellectual energy when in Virgo. Therefore, this foretells a period of relief and excitement where you may be brimming with fresh new ideas and the energy to act.

Card 3: 10 of Wands

Have you been neglecting your relationships at the expense of work lately? The 10 of Wands representing Venus in Virgo may indicate this as it seems you have taken on too much and it is exhausting your relationships with others. Or it could mean that your relationship is weighing you down and you do not feel you can bear it much longer. Either way, a problem is indicated; Venus in Virgo provides the opportunity for you to analyze what the problem is and how to resolve it.

Card 4: 8 of Pentacles

This is a great card for Mars in Virgo because it indicates that all those tasks you didn’t want to face are about to be tackled with zeal and energy! You have the chance to work hard with new enthusiasm – this can relate to work, yourself or other areas of your life that you have not wanted to address.

Card 5: The World

Great success is indicated with The World representing the stellium itself! All the hard work you put into this period is going to pay off – a combination of these energies indicates it’s a good time to get your working hat on and that whatever work you put into your life and yourself at this time is going to manifest great reward for you.


Don’t forget to head over to our Instagram to check out a video of this stellium in Virgo Tarot spread! Try it for yourself, snap a picture, and tag us, we’d love to feature your reading on our stories!

This stellium is going to provide opportunities for all of us to get ourselves into gear and reach for the sky. Combining the Tarot with the Virgo stellium can bring you even greater productivity, so why not try a spread out for yourself? This can help bring greater insight, along with checking out your daily Tarot online.

Don’t miss the chances that come with this stellium – reach out, grasp it, and make it yours!

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