Your Weekly Numerology Forecast for July 18 – 24, 2022

Welcome back, star-gazers!

Are you ready for your weekly numerology forecast? Read on to find out what is in store for you and what to watch out for in the stars this week!

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The Sun Enters Leo this Week!

This week’s big news is that both the Sun and Mercury are moving into bold and vibrant Leo.

Along with being high-energy, this bold Fire sign is also:

  • Noble
  • Confident
  • Big-hearted
  • Conscientious

At their best, this sign is a generous and compassionate leader, respected for their warm and giving nature and courage to stand up for what is right.

At their worst, their ego gets the better of them, and they can become self-absorbed, arrogant, and lean towards “me me me” energy.

As the Sun enters Leo, we are given the opportunity to express our brightest and boldest selves. In other words, it’s time to let your light shine!

And with Mercury moving into Leo, too, we are able to communicate our hopes and dreams more effectively, harness the power of our creativity, and spice up our relationships, creating more excitement and adventure!

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Your Life Path Number Can Guide You

So let’s see what your Life Path number has in store for you this week and how you can harness the energy of vibrant Leo to reach your full potential!

And if you don’t know yours, use our free Life Path number calculator now!

Life Path Number 1

This week, your leadership qualities are being tested, and you have the potential to show everyone what you’re truly made of. The only thing standing in your way as a number 1 is self-doubt. So now is the time to put your trust in yourself, harness your self-belief and go for it.

In other words, it’s your time to shine! Let the world see what you can do.

If you are involved in campaigns or movements, this week provides a golden opportunity to get your message across.

Life Path Number 2

For a number 2, this week is about taking time for self-care and nurturing as you may have been burning yourself out lately.

As someone who has a passion and drive to help others, this Leo energy is encouraging you to focus on helping yourself right now. Once you are at your best and brightest, and fully regenerated, you will be able to accomplish everything you have in mind.

But first, some well-needed rest is necessary.

Life Path Number 3

This is a great week to spice up your love life or get moving with your creative projects.

As a number 3, this energy is giving you a boost of motivation. You may find yourself able to speak with greater articulacy and convince people to join you in your endeavors. You may also meet someone special around this time who could be instrumental in helping you get where you need to be.

Your inner purpose is to bring people together for the greater good, and this energy provides ample opportunity for that!

Life Path Number 4

You may be struggling with a decision around this time, one which forces you to choose between head and heart. This can be especially challenging if you’ve already had a set plan of what to do. But things are changing for you with this Leo energy and if you get some new, creative thoughts springing to mind, be sure to listen to them!

As a number 4, you can fall prey to being too rigid with the rules. Leo energy encourages you to be bold and think outside the box.

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Life Path Number 5

As a free-thinking number 5, some kind of restriction may leave you feeling demotivated. But this is positive and lucky energy for you that can bring great reward if you trust in yourself and your own instincts. Life lessons are rewarded by acts of bravery on your part, and Leo’s energy brings with it courage and determination.

Whatever challenges you face, be sure to face your fears and trust in the power of your own instincts.

Life Path Number 6

As a number 6, your energy revolves around nurturing and protecting. You may feel very strongly about someone or something this week but try not to react in haste. This week is about weighing the pros and cons and having a set plan in place. Fiery energy in the air brings you the courage to move forward with your plans.

Trusting in yourself is the most important thing so ask yourself how much self-belief you have.

Life Path Number 7

As a number 7, you may come across some startling revelations this week, and it’s time to prepare yourself as big changes are coming for you.

This week, harness the bold Leo energy to make your voice heard and get the truth out there. You may struggle with decision-making at times, but this energy gives you the courage to make the decision that will be the best one in the end.

Life Path Number 8

There’s quite a lot of competitive energy in the air for you this week, and insecurities may surface. All that matters is that you trust in yourself and your aspirations. 

You are someone who will work tirelessly to achieve your aims. Never doubt yourself, as this is the one thing that could stand in your way, especially as a number 8

Your potential is soaring, and acknowledgment is forthcoming!

Life Path Number 9

Your spirit is calling you to make some tough choices this week, but your instincts inspire you toward self-confidence and self-belief, particularly as a number 9. If it feels right, then it is right. 

With vibrant and creative energy in the air, you have the chance to set yourself on a new and adventurous path.

This is a transformative year for you in general, and the changes you experience are spiritually nourishing and uplifting. Self-belief is key, so don’t doubt yourself!

Set Your Sights High & Trust in Yourself

Self-belief is key this week!

Your Life Path number encourages you to bring out the very essence of your soul and harness the courageous energy in the air for the greater good.

Leo is a sign that can experience a struggle with self-identity and being what everyone expects them to be. Ultimately, Leo will find itself through a series of experiences and challenges that eventually allows its light to shine at its brightest.

This week, find the light within and let it burn bright—change is inevitable, but light can continue to shine no matter what if we let it.

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