Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for August 8 – 14, 2022

With a Full Moon popping up on the scene this week, there’s more than just Leo season to prepare for now!

This week’s Full Moon will be in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius, sitting pretty (and opposing) the Leo Sun dominating the sky right now. It’ll take place on August 11th, so you have a bit of time (but not the whole week) to get your ducks in a row for Full Moon plans.

How will this Aquarius Full Moon (and week in general) shake up your week? Let’s find out in our weekly Tarotscope!

Tarot Predictions This Week, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


6 of Swords (Reversed)

You may be resisting change, Aries, but it’s still finding you.

The 6 of Swords loudly hints that it’s time to leave something behind. Reversed, however, you may not be ready to let go.

The key with this card is that you don’t usually know where you’d be heading off to should you leave the present and past behind. However, you have to trust-fall into the unknown anyway.

Think of these moments of trust in the Universe (and in yourself) are worthwhile hero opportunities that are perfectly fit for an Aries.

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Knight of Pentacles (Reversed)

Taurus, you may be taking things a bit too slow.

Although you are known for your steadiness and patience (which is all very much admired), this week, you’re urged not to take it too far.

The Knight of Pentacles, like you, moves slowly and practically. Reversed, it may be hinting, however, that this week isn’t about being slow and steady. Be careful of leaning into procrastination or indecision in particular.


9 of Cups

Your hard work is finally paying off, Gemini.

This week is a great one for putting your dreams into motion, as the abundant 9 of Cups (aka: “the wish card”) is on the table for the sign of the Twins.

Especially with the Full Moon kicking off this week, now is a good time to manifest your desired reality and really focus on what your biggest, wildest dreams are.

The key? Make sure they’re authentic to your heart and not just a fleeting whim.



Cancer, you are undergoing a major personal transformation this week.

Although Full Moons tend to hit us all differently and can provide every sign with meaningful changes, it seems that this week tends to be more potent in that regard for you, the sensitive crab.

Death is not gloom and doom (although it may seem that way on the surface). Rather, it’s a card of profound change and illumination, especially of the personal sort — think: stepping into a new version of yourself and embracing a more authentic identity.


7 of Wands (Reversed)

Struggling to keep your head above water, Leo?

Although it’s your season, this Full Moon, in particular, may be causing waves throughout your week. The 7 of Wands is a card of struggling against the odds and trying to secure victory in some tumultuous terrain.

Reversed, you may be letting some of that go, but it’s likely that many of you will still experience some rocky waves throughout the week.

Just remember that these experiences have rewards and lessons that will likely pan out later.

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Queen of Pentacles

You’re back in your element, Virgo.

With the Queen of Pentacles on the table (an earthy, practical, and abundant energy — just like you!), you may find that this Full Moon blesses you with your typically productive flow (much needed after some time of feeling stuck or defeated).

This energy is ideal for making plans, especially as the Full Moon will be a potent time for manifesting those desires of yours.

You’ll know what to do with this surge of energy when it arrives, of course, as Virgo placements always tend to have that way of “just knowing what to do” at the right time!


The Moon

The energy for Libra’s week is mysterious, eclectic, and just a little bit strange.

Such is the energy of The Moon — mysterious and powerful for sure, but also a bit cloudy, fogging up some of our usual sensibilities so that we can focus on the intuitive impulses instead.

Undoubtedly, Libra placements are “thinkers” rooted in the intellectual element of Air. So when this Moon energy rolls around, you might temporarily be thrown off guard.

However, now that you know what’s on the way, you can prepare by readying yourself to go with the intuitive flow (and not overthinking it).


The Chariot (Reversed)

Scorpio is having a hard time getting the long-term dreams to pan out right now.

The Chariot is a beacon of ambition and drive, which we all know the devoted Scorpio tends to have. When you want something, you’ll take your time to pursue it slowly but surely (and sometimes in mysterious ways behind closed doors).

Reversed, you may be finding that this week brings you nothing but blocks and obstacles in this regard. As such, it’s important not to let yourself stew in the disappointment but let this be a time of rest and sitting back for a moment.

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9 of Wands

One word for Sagittarius this week: caution.

The wild archer is not so much charging through the next adventure, but instead standing on the edge of a battlefield, waiting to take the next move. The 9 of Wands brings cautious, patient, and contemplative energy to the table.

Don’t underestimate how much energy this actually takes; watching and waiting, being observant of your surroundings — it’s hard work too.

So rest frequently, and remember that just because the work isn’t as flashy this week doesn’t mean it’s not an adventure in its own right!


9 of Swords

Capricorn is working through a difficult mental headspace this week.

With the 9 of Swords, your primary obstacle this week is the mind. The wise goat is prone to thinking through their next plans of action, but you may find that your head is more akin to a minefield right now.

As such, it’s not going to be easy to just “logic your way through.” Sometimes the anxieties that we have are not exactly “logical,” so you’ll have to hold space for this discomfort nonetheless.

In essence, be kind to yourself, Capricorn. You are only human, and it’s normal to have some anxieties about the future.

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The Fool (Reversed)

Aquarius is ready to take a big leap… or so they think.

The Fool reversed hints that you may be biting off more than you can chew, however. Although it’s important to try new things and step outside of your comfort zone, you also don’t need to rush into everything too quickly.

In other words, it’s important that this week you don’t just chase something shiny and new just because it sparkles.


10 of Cups

Although it’s been rough thus far, Pisces finally catches a break this week.

The 10 of Cups points to emotional fulfillment and contentment — this isn’t exactly an overnight “jackpot” moment, but more like a feeling of peace and recognition for the beauty cultivated so far.

Now is a time to celebrate your accomplishments and remind yourself what all of your hard work has been for (friends, family, big dreams, and soul aspirations?).

And remember to share the love with others while you’re at it, Pisces!

Full Moon + Tarotscope = Maxed Out Intuition!

Whether it’s the Tarot or the light of the Full Moon, the Universe has mysterious ways of letting us see what’s most important.

Its signs, symbols, and potent energies have ways of interacting with the depths of our intuition, which is why we may feel so drawn to these mysterious tools and events in the first place.

When we choose to listen to all of these synchronicities, we receive the most well-rounded view of what’s truly happening around us.

So don’t just take in your weekly Tarotscope — see how it resonates with you throughout the week of the Full Moon as well, and watch the guidance apply to different areas of your life as things unfold.

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