Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for November 27th – December 3rd, 2023

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We can’t start every week off with as big of a bang as a Full Moon… but this week, we can!

This Full Moon in Gemini will take place on the 27th, offering us a prime opportunity to sort through our plans, thoughts, and ideas. 

This usually very cerebral, intellectual, and curious zodiac sign coming into the home turf of the Moon (where we house our emotions and hearts) means that we’ll have to be willing to merge both worlds.

Now is not just the time for thoughts and not just the time for feelings, but embracing both parts of ourselves fully.

With that in mind, it’s time to see what insight the Tarot has to offer so that we can make the most of this powerful time.

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for November 27 – December 3, 2023


The Chariot

Aries, something about this Full Moon energy seems to be resonating well with your spirit.

The Chariot offers a bright, success-oriented energy that pushes you to accept your strengths and seize the rewards that you know you deserve (even if sometimes that knowing is more unconscious than conscious).

This is a powerful week to solidify plans or even execute a few if that’s possible for you right now.

With this card, fortune favors those who are willing to embrace a go-getter mentality and confidently step into the powerful roles that the Universe is seemingly very willing to offer right now.


5 of Wands

While conflict and chaos isn’t the most exciting thing to see on the table, Taurus is capable of managing just fine.

The 5 of Wands points to disagreements and conflict erupting in the world around you, whether it’s at large, in your social circles, or both. It may be tempting to shut out the noise and retreat into your shell, but this time, it may be quite difficult to truly avoid.

Your other tendency may be to problem-solve or want to resolve the issues at hand, but this card doesn’t go down easy.

Patience, rest, and utilizing skills of observation are your keys to success this week.


The Hierophant (Reversed)

Gemini is struggling to fit the mold that everyone wants them to fit into.

The Hierophant is usually a card of traditional order, capable of merging the spiritual with the physical, organizing esoteric and intangible concepts into something that we can easily understand and hold onto.

The reversal of this card indicates that you may not be vibing with the “traditional” ways of intuiting information that you’re used to, and some Geminis may altogether question their position to others and their communities.

Know that this contemplation, even if it stems from discomfort and discord, is ultimately a good, productive energy to take under your belt right now.


6 of Cups

Cancer, there may be value in roaming down memory lane.

The 6 of Cups forecasts this week as raining down nostalgia and old memories from the past. Expect your dreams to contain old lessons, themes, and even people from times of before.

This isn’t because you’re meant to get stuck in the past or call up these old friends and familiar faces necessarily — there may just be a lesson or two worth remembering.

Sometimes, our unconscious has a way of delivering messages to us through something we already know.


Ace of Cups (Reversed)

Leo may be frustrated with the way love is (or isn’t) finding them right now.

The Ace of Cups reversed places an uncomfortable block on your ability to make new connections, and you may find that connecting with your heart space altogether feels strange and difficult.

This kind of blockage doesn’t always exist because we’ve done something wrong but will need extra attention and care to be processed properly.

In what ways have you possibly been self-sabotaging or holding yourself back from opening up your heart? It’s time for self-reflection and some quality “me time.”


8 of Cups

Virgo is getting a move on with their life, one way or another.

Usually, for Virgos, we would stereotypically expect this to mean that you’re working hard on something and making progress in your personal plans.

But right now, the 8 of Cups indicates that it’s less about what you’re adding to your life… and more about subtracting. This week is about moving on from memories, people, and ideas that are no longer serving you.

Cutting that emotional and spiritual cord that has been tying you back to the past is sometimes the most productive thing you can do anyway.


Knight of Swords

Libra is finally making strong headway in the direction that they’d like.

The Knight of Swords is a powerful, expressive energy that you seem to be embodying properly this week. You’re taking charge of your own life and speaking up when it feels right.

Overall, this week has the potential to go by faster than you realize.

When you see the opportunity to do or say something that you would like to, don’t be afraid to seize that right then and there.


6 of Wands (Reversed)

Scorpio isn’t getting their flowers lately, and it’s not easy feeling this unappreciated.

The 6 of Wands reversed shows that the kind of success you may be secretly wanting — some appreciation, recognition, and acknowledgment of the work you’ve been doing — is seemingly very distant right now.

Others may not be seeing you the way that you would want them to, and despite Scorpio’s seemingly confident exterior, this can definitely get you down!

For now, you may have to be the one to congratulate yourself and show yourself some self-love and congratulations. Don’t pretend it isn’t getting to you — just create the space and love that you need for yourself proactively.


The Devil (Reversed)

Sagittarius, you’re letting go of the baggage and burdens that have been restraining you.

With The Devil, a lot of those burdens are sometimes self-imposed — blockages surrounding self-worth, negative habits that feed insecurities, and so forth.

But the reversal of this card notes that you’re ready to start anew now.

It’s time to face these issues head-on (and dig to their source, too) in order to access a fresh slate. The work ahead may not be easy, but it will be worthwhile.


4 of Swords

Capricorn will need to rest, whether they like it or not.

The 4 of Swords is not always a welcomed period of intensive mental and physical rest, but it’s always a necessary one.

If you notice obstacles and roadblocks in your way when it comes to work and social life, know that the Universe is trying to slow you down — not trip you up.

This is a time for patience and rejuvenation, allowing yourself to be comfortable with being idle.


Queen of Pentacles

Aquarius is embracing the Queen of Pentacles‘ productive, abundant attitude this week.

This is a lovely omen for Aquarians who are hoping to accomplish plenty in work, career, and organizing the home. This energy is slow-paced and detail-oriented but never too distant from the bigger picture at hand.

Trust your skills and senses this week as you cultivate the spaces and routines that fulfill you. This card notes that you’re very capable of doing so right now!


2 of Cups

Pisces has a beautiful omen for love and relationships on the table this week.

The 2 of Cups is a lovely sign for Pisceans, who are looking to deepen their connections with others, whether romantic, platonic, or something else. It’s time to open up your heart and focus on wholeheartedly understanding the people around you, being receptive to vulnerability and authentic emotional exchanges.

How will you open up your heart this week?

Your Guide to the Full Moon in Gemini

The insights of the Tarot speak to us directly, offering advice, guidance, and a heads-up for our week ahead. We can meditate on the words of the age-old craft and usually get what we need out of it, whether immediately or throughout the week.

However, not everyone may be as immediately well-versed in what to do for a specific Full Moon (or even what to do for a Full Moon in general). That is why, as we close out, we would like to send you off with some resources that can help you with just that:

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