Your Weekly Tarotscope for June 19 – 25, 2023

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Goodbye, witty and unpredictable Gemini — hello, soft and dependable Cancer!

There is a time and place for all zodiac signs to have their moment to shine, but this week is where Cancer’s moment to shine kicks in. As Cancer season takes over on the 21st, we are approaching a time of prioritizing family, friends, the heart, and our intuitions.

Not every shift in the astrological tide is significant, but a turnover of a new zodiac season is not worth brushing over. You’ll want to pay special note to how Cancer season affects you and changes things up.

But before you go off on a whirlwind of astrological research, we prefer to set the mood of the week with Tarot first.

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for June 19 – 25, 2023


Knight of Wands

Aries may actually be feeling the vibe of this astrological season changeover.

With the Knight of Wands up your sleeve, you’re feeling productive, charged up, and ready to face the world. Ambition is flowing through you freely, and a zest for life is readily available.

Perhaps the Cardinal aspects of Cancer are helping you connect with this week’s changes. You seem to be using your similarities to your advantage rather than pessimistically focusing on what may be difficult.

Kudos to you, Aries, and have a good time with this strong, vibrant energy!


7 of Swords (Reversed)

Taurus needs to remember that good things come to those who wait.

While you are usually one to hold a patient, reliable disposition, the 7 of Swords reversed points to some struggle with keeping your usual self in check.

You may feel like you have to “go it alone” and thus make shortcuts or take actions that are less savory in order to get ahead. While you haven’t committed to anything yet, the thoughts seem to be going through your mind.

Take time to breathe, think, and really connect with what’s true in your heart, Taurus.


Ace of Cups

Gemini is certainly feeling the love this week!

As the Ace of Cups graces your hand, it’s obvious that the flow of love, joy, and embracing new things is still within your grasp, even as the astrological season leaves your sign.

In fact, some Geminis may actually welcome the change, being receptive to whatever new things and surprises that Cancer season has to offer them.

With the right attitude, this week can be full of sweet conversations and happy hearts.


King of Cups (Reversed)

Cancer may actually be struggling with this week’s changes.

In fact, as the King of Cups reversed hints, you may suddenly feel overwhelmed by your emotions. The emotional flow of the season may hit you fast and hard, and suddenly you have a lot more to deal with and work through than before.

Cancers have a tendency to “be strong” for others and take on more emotional weight than is necessary.

This week, the effects of that may be piling on.


Ace of Swords

Leo has something enlightening on the table this week.

The Ace of Swords brings new ideas, opportunities, and questions to that table. You may feel ready to take on the world in a new way or maybe even open those doors of opportunity yourself.

However this powerful energy ultimately manifests for you, it’s time to trust your instincts and mind here.

What new creations, paths, or opportunities would you like to bring into the world?


8 of Wands (Reversed)

Virgo, you’re slowing down the pace whether you like it or not.

As the 8 of Wands reversed dictates roadblocks, slower momentum, or burnout altogether, you may find that it’s not as easy to pick yourself up and proceed with your usual productive pace this week.

While for some of you, this may come as a welcome surprise and rest period, for others, you may find this energy to be frustrating.

However, you’ll have to work through it regardless of how you feel about it, so that an open-minded approach will suit this week the best.


Queen of Pentacles

Libra is approaching this week with a grounded, calm approach.

Embracing the energy of the Queen of Pentacles, your attitude for this week is down-to-earth and practical.

When it comes to finances, home organization, and career, you may have a more natural touch in these areas right now. You bring mature and reliable energy to the table in your relationships with others.

Connect with this energy in whatever way you feel is best for your personal life — just don’t try to go against its grain.


5 of Swords

Scorpio may find themselves amidst some chaos this week.

The 5 of Swords isn’t exactly a welcome sight. This energy forecasts miscommunications, social discord, and people with unsavory intentions.

You may deal with some of these issues or only one or two, but whatever the case — you’ll want to make sure it’s not coming from your direction. Indeed, even you are capable of instigating some of these uncomfortable events.

Just be mindful of your words and actions, and remain empathetic and compassionate with those around you.


Page of Cups

Sagittarius is feeling creative, open-hearted, and imaginative this week.

The Page of Cups is a positive omen for creative projects and matters of the heart. You may find that relationships and intuitive and creative hobbies or pursuits are coming to the forefront right now.

These themes should be approached with an open heart and a kind of vulnerable authenticity. Don’t try to pretend to be someone you’re not.

Ultimately, the Page of Cups embraces mistakes and errors too. It’s not about getting it all perfect.


4 of Pentacles

Capricorn, this week you may want to find a balance.

In particular, the balance we speak of comes in the matter of resources — your time, your effort, and even your finances.

The 4 of Pentacles indicates that you may be feeling protective over these things right now, unsure whether or not you want to give them away to others. Basically, the line needs to be drawn between “self-protection” and “selfishness.”

The balance does exist, but you need to be able to find it before falling into extremes.


7 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Productivity seems to be lagging this week for Aquarius.

You aren’t always ready to make big moves in the direction of productivity or getting things done, and that’s okay. But with the 7 of Pentacles reversed, you aren’t engaging in a “rest period” so much as an “overthinking period.”

If you’re going to pause and reflect, make it a real pause.

Don’t put one foot in and one foot out, thinking of work but not truly resting.


The Fool (Reversed)

Pisces may want to embrace newness and fresh starts but needs to be cautious with their approach.

The Fool indicates that these new opportunities and clean slates may indeed exist, but the reversal asks for caution and pauses in connecting with these things.

For example, it’s good to keep an open mind but not readily say “yes” to everything that comes your way.

Remain receptive… but also perceptive.

Connect Your Tarotscope to Cancer Season

Whether Cancer season is your favorite time or something you feel wildly unprepared for, your Tarotscope will help you get off on the right foot.

However, if you’re still feeling lost, we have some tips and tricks to help you proceed.

After taking in your Tarotscope’s insights, you may want to:

  • journal some important notes that didn’t quite click yet
  • consider which affirmations connect with Cancer season and the vibe of your Tarotscope
  • imagine which Cancerian qualities would help you with any challenges presented in your Tarotscope

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