Your Weekly Astrology Overview: October 28 – November 3, 2019

Greetings, Earthlings,

Ah, last week we moved into mysterious Scorpio season! And this week we have some doozies to report. We have a lot going on, and it’s all centered around Scorpio.

The week starts with a New Moon in Scorpio on Monday, inspiring you to follow your intuition to plant the seeds of new beginnings, and follow that crazy but lovable heart of yours. Love is out there, and even if it is an intense passion for your work product, the New Moon in Scorpio can help you to find that next chapter.

This is also a very karmic New Moon. So keep this in mind when you are working out those New Moon wishes.

Review: New Moon in Scorpio: Karma Payback Time – What Goes Around Comes Around

As the week continues, we have both Mercury and Venus making some changes. On Thursday, Mercury in Scorpio turns retrograde on Halloween, and this is going to slow things down a bit for a few weeks. Take some time to spend the first half of the week getting caught up on any major correspondence, communications, or travel plans before Mercury slows this down. If you have any legal matters to tend to, now is the time to get that done. Remember that for the first half of this week we are in the New Moon zone, so you are going to be on the cusp of some new beginnings as you also wrap things up.

Moving into the week, we have Venus entering Sagittarius on Friday, and this is going to put a little fire in your step when it comes to love and money matters. Venus is the planet that attracts both love and financial opportunities for you, and in Sagittarius, she is going to be using her adventurous spirit to do so. This transit will be in play for most of November. You’ll be thinking big, and maybe feeling a little lucky here as Sagittarius is a notoriously lucky zodiac sign.

Don’t fret. If you need to know how to use this fun transit in your day-by-day, we’ve got the Daily Horoscopes to work it out for you. It’s all wrapping up a busy and lovely week from the stars.

Happy Halloween! Make those New Moon wishes count this week! Namaste, friends.

Planetary Locations During October 28 – November 3, 2019:

Sun: Libra (September 23, 2019 – October 23, 2019); Scorpio (October 23, 2019 – November 22, 2019)

Mercury: Scorpio (October 3 – October 31, 2019); Retrograde in Scorpio (October 31, 2019 – November 20, 2019)

Venus: Scorpio (October 9 – November 1, 2019); Sagittarius (November 1, 2019 – November 26, 2019)

Mars: Libra (October 4 – November 18, 2019)

Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019)

Saturn: Capricorn (September 17, 2019 – March 22, 2020)

Uranus: Taurus (March 6 – August 19, 2021); Retrograde: August 19, 2019 – January 10, 2020

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024)

Daily Snapshots for October 28 – November 3, 2019:

Monday, October 28

Sun: Scorpio – Follow your emotional intuition to find clues to your next win.

Moon: New Moon in Scorpio –Time for your rebirth and personal transformation!

Tuesday, October 29

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Sagittarius – See the Big Picture in all things today.

Wednesday, October 30

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Sagittarius


  • Mercury in Scorpio conjunct Venus in Scorpio: Here we have communicator Mercury forming a sweet conjunction with lover Venus, and both planets are in Scorpio. This is a favorable transit that is going to help you attract some wonderful things. Mercury in Scorpio is weaving some magic with lover Venus in Scorpio, and this favorable transit may send you some delicious news about love, or something that tickles your emotional centers. You may also be the party that is extending the lines of communication. This happens one day before Mercury goes retrograde, and so if you have a big message to get out in love or life, today is a great day to do it. Your words are going to be received exactly as you wish.

Thursday, October 31

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Sagittarius


  • Mercury retrograde in Scorpio: This is the time of year when life both slows down and picks up at the same time. We are no longer in the lazy and hazy days of Summer and gearing up for the season of Winter. But at the same time, no matter what hemisphere we are in, the holidays and a new year are just weeks away, and it’s time to start picking up the pace for that in our schedules and lives. Then along comes Mercury retrograde. This is the communication planet moving a little slower; so slow that it is almost moving backwards. Mercury is in Scorpio now, and so Mercury in retrograde in a Water sign is going to have you feeling like you are treading water with weights on. Life is super slow now. All things that Mercury rules like paperwork, short journeys, travel, transportation, and all gadgets that rule communication are going to be impacted. So in this technological day and age, a lot of our lives are going to slow down. Try and get as much as you can get done regarding legal or travel plans before November 1, and you won’t worry so much about this retrograde. It won’t hurt to have your car tuned up either. Some wrinkles that can be caused by slower Mercury can be prevented. Use our Free 3 Card Tarot Reading for help making decisions during Mercury retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde Self-Care Help: Discover the Power of Chakra Healing

Friday, November 1

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Capricorn – Take the lead on a thing that you want to last.

Saturday, November 2

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Capricorn

Sunday, November 3

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Aquarius – Follow the feelings and the Einsteinian ideas you are having today.

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