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Dec 01, 2022 - Things might feel rather foggy right now with the intuitive Moon moving through Pisces and your sleepy 12th House of the subconscious. It can be unusually difficult to get a hold on your feelings during this transit as la Luna’s powers of deduction aren’t exactly at your beck and call.

Today, however, it seems the Universe might call you out to come and play, rousing you from your slumber, when Venus, currently roving through Sagittarius and your adventurous 9th House of foreign cultures and boundless horizons, reaches out and forms a tense square to the Moon in your dream realm.

This transit reminds you there is life out there beyond your own backyard, so instead of calling it an early night why not call up a special someone and see if they’re down for a chat? I know you can’t quite go out as usual, but a heart to heart will be in the cards. I’m sure the answer will be yes, so don’t be shy.

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