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Sep 28, 2023 - You can aim as high as you please, knowing you’ve got all the necessary energy to make it happen. The intuitive Moon is soaring out of dreamy Pisces and moving into Aries and your ambitious 10th House of career goals and professional success. This sector of your chart is all about looking as far afield as you possibly can, then running after that horizon until you reach it.

Fortunately, thanks to a push from alchemical Pluto and gentle Neptune, it looks as though you’ve got all the energy necessary to use this transit to the best of your advantage. That being said, if you really do want to just check out from the rat race, go ahead and kick your feet up; no one is telling you what to do right now, what with you guiding the chariot.

Sep 28, 2023 - Do your romantic relationships provide your life with a sense of meaning? Do you feel spiritually fulfilled through them? The Moon is in Pisces and in your 9th house and is inviting you to reflect on these questions. Relationships are so much stronger when…

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Sep 28, 2023 - The Moon is in Pisces today and in your 9th house. Do you feel spiritually fulfilled at what you do? Does it connect you to something bigger than you? Does it provide your life with meaning? These are all relevant questions to reflect on…

Sep 28, 2023 - Under this lunar energy, you are encouraged to acknowledge where your finances are causing you difficulties on an emotional level. You cannot find the answers you seek externally. This is about going within. Are negative thought patterns standing in your way of reaching your…

Sep 28, 2023 - During this transit, you may feel a desire to focus on your emotional well-being and inner world, Cancer. Make time for activities that allow you to process your feelings, such as journaling or attending a therapy session. Your Heart chakra benefits from working with…

Sep 28, 2023 - Today isn’t really about pleasure for you, Cancer, so if you were hoping for otherwise, well, unfortunately you’re going to be disappointed. The intuitive Moon spends the day roving through Aries and your ambitious 10th House of professional goals and achievements, which isn’t at…

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