Cancer Love Horoscope: Tomorrow

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Mar 30, 2023 - The Moon is in Cancer and in your 1st house of self, it is also trining Neptune in your 9th house today. A necessary part of any healthy and successful relationship is being able to take care of yourself and your needs without needing your partner to be the one who tends to that all the time.

This planetary configuration is emphasizing the importance of having a spiritual practice, as that allows you to remain grounded and centered within your being and also experience fulfillment and connection in places outside of your romantic partnership.

So often what people are actually missing is a connection to Source, Divine, Spirit, God, whatever you call it. As a result, they end up seeking that connection through their lovers which realistically they can never satisfy and ends up creating unhealthy codependent dynamics and resentment.

Mar 30, 2023 - Today is all about money and material goods for you, so listen up because there are financial gains to be had should you act carefully. The intuitive Moon is currently moving through your 2nd House of earned income and material possessions, orienting your mind…

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Mar 30, 2023 - You’re going to be pulled across very different planes today. The intuitive Moon is currently moving through your money-minded 2nd House of income and material possessions, orienting you towards your work and building up your financial portfolio. However, the stars are coming together for…


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