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Apr 22, 2024 - Aesthetic Venus recently entered your 4th House of home and foundations, encouraging you to take your eye for design and apply it to your homestead. For the duration of this transit you’ve got cosmic clearance to open your wallet and throw your resources at Pinterest-worthy accent chairs and shag carpets. Today, however, might not be the best moment to indulge your inner Martha Stewart.

The Moon is moving through your 10th House of professional ambitions, and she’ll send out a harsh reality check to Venus. Chances are anything you buy will end up missing the mark or, heaven forbid, clashing with just about everything. You could also find your impeccable taste gets criticized by someone and it hits you more deeply than you want to admit; save yourself the pain and keep the purse strings drawn tight; it’ll be worth the wait.

Apr 22, 2024 - The Moon is in Libra and in your 10th house. How can you allow your romantic relationship to be an example for others of what an ideal relationship looks like? When I say an ideal relationship, I mean one that is built on honesty,…

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Apr 22, 2024 - Today is a good day to ask yourself "am I where I want to be in my career?" The Moon is in Libra and in your 10th house. If you feel like you're not, why is that the case? Now what's even more important…

Apr 22, 2024 - Capricorn, be mindful of seeking validation through financial success today. Avoid measuring your self-worth based on material possessions or financial achievements. Focus on cultivating inner fulfillment and contentment.

Apr 22, 2024 - The desire to explore your emotions is strong today and today is about acknowledging how your emotional state is affecting your health, Capricorn. Take time to unwind and enjoy healthy prepared meals. Sometimes you feel so on the go that picking up some unhealthy…

Apr 22, 2024 - You’ve got a lot of feelings, and that’s OK. With Venus recently moved into your 4th House of home and family you’re probably feeling a little less sensual than usual; less lingerie, more PJs, you know what I mean? This transit encourages nesting and…

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