How to Boost Your Mood, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Have you ever had one of those days where it felt like you were all over the map emotionally, physically, or spiritually? The kind of day where no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t find that silver lining?

We’ve all been there before.

Let’s have a look at how to boost your mood based on your unique zodiac sign.

How to Boost Your Mood, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


As a natural-born leader and a Fire sign, Aries is full of spark, magic, and passion. Aries may have a bad day that leads to their tempers flaring up if things aren’t going their way.

The best thing to boost your mood when this happens is to remove yourself from the situation. Did you just have a fight with a co-worker or a partner? Take yourself outside for a refreshing walk, or go somewhere by yourself for lunch.

Another way to lift your spirits is by switching up your routine when your day goes off track. It becomes harder to dwell on the negative when you’re tackling a new project or trying out a new fitness class. These are just a few things you can pour your Aries energy into!


Taurus is an Earth sign and is loyal to the core. This can make Taurus quite stubborn, which can lead to a not-so-great day if they can’t see eye-to-eye with someone.

When you are down in the dumps, Taurus, do something that captivates one of your senses. Feel something pretty, touch something pretty, or taste something pretty.

Stop in at a department store and buy a new perfume scent. Listen to the calming sounds of the ocean, even if it is just a recording. Buy yourself a new outfit and go out on the town to show it off. When Taurus feels attractive, Taurus feels great.

Feed your senses this way, and you will give yourself, or a Taurus in your life, an instant pick me up.


Gemini is an Air sign and is ruled by Mercury. This makes Gemini the “Chatty Cathy” of the zodiac.

If you need an instant mood boost, find your favorite person or people and get connected.

Send out some texts, or just call up your favorite pal to see what they have been up to lately. You are a social sign, and nothing will put you in a better mood than talking to the people you care about.


As a Water sign, you are the nurturer in the zodiac, Cancer. You feel good when others are comfortable and taken care of. You usually feel down when you aren’t receiving enough nurturing yourself, though.

If this is the case, it might be time to boost your mood with some much-needed self-care.

This could be anything from a long hot bubble bath to a night on the town with your favorite person. You may want to try a new recipe or restaurant, preferably a restaurant where you can be served for a change. Put the apron down, call a babysitter if needed, and treat yourself.


You just want to have fun, Leo. Ruled by the Sun, something big has to happen for this sign to be in a bad mood, like someone testing their loyalty.

Improve your mood by giving yourself a boost of self-confidence.

Engage in an activity that makes you feel like a superstar, like karaoke or public speaking. When you feel admired, you feel good. Connect with others that make you feel good at the same time, and this becomes a winning combination!


Virgo is the Mutable Earth sign that is picky, health conscious and likes things in order. You are usually pretty flexible and can cope with a lot; you don’t often need a mood boost. When you do, some serious downtime is in order.

It’s time to retreat, relax, and engage in a digital detox, Virgo.

We’re talking unplug from your phone and work e-mails. You may also want to splurge on some retail therapy. You usually have a practical approach to money, so spending a little money on yourself can feel good. Go all out, and really pamper yourself.


Libra is the harmonious relationship-oriented sign, and also the Cardinal Air sign. Libra is easy to please, being ruled by Venus. You love your organization, so why not focus on that when your day isn’t going well?

Libra likes to make their home beautiful. So, do something around the house to make it look beautiful! Color code your closet, re-organize your pantry, or clean out your basement. This will almost instantly boost your mood.


All it takes to pick you up, Scorpio, is a good mystery or a good secret! You can do this in a number of ways, by getting into deep, meaningful conversation with someone you love the most or by engaging in some detective work.

As the Fixed Water sign, still waters run deep with you, and you love to explore what is beneath the surface. Anything that stimulates the desire to solve a problem or a puzzle will be a great distraction for you.

If you need an escape from the world, a nice bottle of wine and a marathon of 48 Hours Mysteries or Making a Murderer is your perfect evening set up to help you unwind.


You are the philosopher and the traveler of the zodiac, and as the Mutable Fire sign, you always seem to have a lot going on Sagittarius. You are creative and passionate, but when you are in the dumps, your inner sparkle really fizzles out.

You can pick that mood up again with a short bout of escapism

Daydreaming and fantasizing about a future trip or mapping out a career plan will be super helpful for you. Let your mind and your heart go wherever it can. You’ll have fun just dreaming about what could be! You may even feel the fire lit under you to pursue a few dreams, and that’s never a bad thing.


Capricorn is happiest when they have some productive work goals aligned, created, in development, or launching. As the Cardinal Earth sign, you also love to be the boss.

You aren’t able to connect with your feelings as much as others, and so when you are having a bad day or need your mood boosted, you are better off on your own. This is especially true if a person has annoyed you and put you in a bad mood.

If you aren’t feeling like yourself, go somewhere you can be alone to write out your feelings or do some yoga to get re-centered and aligned. One good thing about you is that you never stay upset for long, because you have work to do!


As a Fixed Air sign, Aquarius can come off as a bit begrudging sometimes. Some call you stubborn, and others may even find you cold. You don’t get in bad moods often, but when you do, there’s a definite chill.

You feel most productive and accomplished in life when you have given back to the world. If you need a mood boost, you simply need to focus on how you can give back.

Try volunteering for something you are passionate about. For a quick boost, simply clean out your closet and take a bin of clothes to your local shelter. This reminds you about the bigger picture in life and that what has upset you is just a small bump in the road.


As the Mutable Water sign, Pisces can frequently get blue. You are more prone to mood swings than others, and you even have a reputation for retreating into “your cave” on occasion (sometimes physically and sometimes mentally).

Try a different approach next time, Pisces. When you need a mood boost, find a creative outlet.

You can be the most creative sign of the zodiac. If you do feel down in the dumps, dance it out, paint it out, draw it out, or write it out, whatever works best for you. When you do, it will be amazing for your heart and soul.

How Will You Boost Your Mood?

We all have times when we feel grumpy and irritable, and we just don’t want to deal with the world or with people. We are all human, of course!

You have probably developed your own ways of dealing with your bad moods and making yourself feel better.

Some people like to retreat and be alone, others like to get together with loved ones and friends, and some like to simply feel relaxed and read a book. Use these tips to lift your spirits the next time life gets you down. We hope that they help put a smile on your face!

Read your daily horoscope for even more insights on how to navigate your bad days!

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