Your Cancer Season Money & Wealth Forecast

Are you ready for abundance? Cancer season is just around the corner, and as the summertime unfolds in the northern hemisphere, we all want to have a little fun! But what about the funds needed for those summertime adventures?

Well, that’s what we’re here to tell you today!

The Sun enters Cancer on June 20th, marking the beginning of Cancer season – a time of nurturing, connecting to our emotions, and maybe even deeper, more intimate romance, thanks to Cancer’s dreamy ruling element, Water. This is amplified by the fact that Venus – the planet of love and romance – is also in the sign of Cancer.

Cancer says, “Go with the flow.”

Venus is a planet that deals with money and finances, and in the sign of Cancer, it wants to nurture and protect, meaning that you may find unexpected abundance and financial security flowing your way this Cancer season.

However, Jupiter – the planet of expansion, luck, and good fortune – moves retrograde on June 20th as well, the very same day that Cancer season begins. With the planet of luck moving more slowly than usual, it may feel like good fortune and opportunities grind to a halt.

Neptune also goes retrograde this month, falling behind its normal speed on June 25th.

Neptune deals with illusion, mysticism, and dreams, and when it is retrograde, it may feel like a veil has been lifted from in front of your eyes – especially if you’ve been clinging to or clouded by certain illusions that have been holding you back.

This can help you feel more confident in taking risks or making financial or career-based decisions.

If you want to follow your money and wealth energy throughout the year, make sure to read your money horoscope.

What Does All This Mean for Money & Wealth?

Your own personal experience with finances this Cancer season is more heavily affected by your birth chart and what’s happening with your unique astrological map. However, this season promises transits that will certainly help you narrow your path toward financial freedom, especially if you’re motivated and determined to make things happen for you.

With Jupiter in retrograde, it’s less likely that you’ll luck into an unexpected flow of cash, which means your Cancer season money and wealth outcomes will have a lot more to do with your own actions and the risks you’re willing to take.

Are there any steps to take that you’ve been avoiding or decisions that you haven’t been able to make regarding your career? How can you buckle down and take initiative right now?

Your Money/Wealth Forecast for the 2021 Cancer Season

Money/Wealth Forecast for Aries

This Cancer season might feel busy for you, Aries, as you may have quite a few projects on your plate. However, this is an excellent time to consider whether you feel as fulfilled by these projects as you once thought, especially with the Neptune fog dissipating.

You’ll always be most successful when you feel like you’re fulfilling your calling.

How close to that feeling are you right now?

Money/Wealth Forecast for Taurus

You may have been feeling like your financial situation is in a slump, Taurus. Still, an unexpected windfall may be just around the corner – especially with your ruling planet, Venus, in nurturing Cancer.

Venus wants to make sure you’re taken care of, so open your heart and expect abundance to flow right into your sphere.

The more you focus on wealth, the easier it flows toward you.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Gemini

Gemini season was the perfect time for you to manifest your wishes, and you may notice them beginning to trickle in now – especially those that revolve around abundance. It’s important that you continue to do the work needed to make these abundant dreams a reality; don’t give up just because you’re not yet seeing results.

Maintain your momentum and keep the faith to attract more financial security.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Cancer

It’s your time to shine, Cancer, and you have every reason to expect great things – including money – to flow your way this month, especially with wealthy Venus in your own sign.

The most important thing to remember is that a positive attitude will amplify your abundance and powers of manifestation more than any other factor. So, be sure to practice positive thinking and abide by the Law of Attraction!

Money/Wealth Forecast for Leo

You enjoy luxury, Leo, but this is the month to focus on the things you need rather than the things you want – which may include self-care and self-love. Luxurious purchases can never truly boost your confidence, and they may even leave your wallet feeling empty.

Focus on an internal sense of abundance right now, allowing the Universe to match your vibrations externally.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Virgo

You don’t need tips on how to work hard toward your goals, Virgo – in fact, the opposite is true. You’ve been toiling away at your projects, but when was the last time you stopped to take a break?

This month, try nurturing your inner child and allowing them to rest, relax, and spend some time playing. Releasing feelings of wonder and excitement will bring you even closer to those goals you wish to achieve.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Libra

Libras are all about balance, but that doesn’t mean you don’t find yourself on one side of an extreme from time to time. Have you been approaching money and wealth with more of an extremist attitude than usual?

If so, it’s time to ask yourself why.

Try exploring your inner emotions to find out where stress and tension surrounding money might be coming from – and allow that stress to melt away for a better relationship with your incoming wealth.

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Money/Wealth Forecast for Scorpio

Your focus may rest heavily upon your work life and career, but have you nurtured your home life lately?

Maintaining balance is key for allowing abundance to flow in, Scorpio, and it may be time for you to take a look at your personal life and connections – are they flowing peacefully? If you’ve been feeling disconnected from your relationships, take a deeper look and try to mend them.

This balance will clear up any energetic blockages and promote flow.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Sagittarius

Things may feel a bit stagnant with your ruling planet, Jupiter, moving retrograde, Sagittarius. But this only means that you’ll have to work a bit harder to make your own luck!

Maintaining that positive attitude of yours is a must for the flow of abundance, especially when it feels like none is moving your way.

Imagine all the money you want as already being yours to maximize your manifestation potential.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Capricorn

This month, your goal is to ensure that self-care is just as much of a priority as manifesting and saving money, Capricorn. It’s much harder to enjoy the fruits of your labor when you’re emotionally or physically exhausted.

Make sure that you’re taking care of your body and your mind’s needs to promote even more wealth, which flows when your energy is aligned.

If it feels uncomfortable to relax, that’s a sign that you need even more rest!

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Money/Wealth Forecast for Aquarius

Generosity is the name of the game this month, Aquarius, as you’re called to share your abundance with others. Surprise someone with lunch or give a few dollars to someone who needs it.

When you’re generous with your own supply, the Universe blesses you with even more – especially when you’re tapping into that humanitarian energy of your own sign.

Share your financial abundance to attract even more blessings.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Pisces

Your emotions run deep this month, Pisces, making it the perfect time to investigate your feelings toward money and wealth: Are you approaching abundance with loving, peaceful energy or one of stress and worry? Wealth resides on a high vibrational level, and it’s essential that you match those vibrations.

Lift your spirit, redefine your relationship with money, and focus on appreciation to attract more.

Go With the Flow of Wealth With Cancer Energy

As a Water sign, Cancer encourages us to flow with the high-vibrational, loving energy of abundance to attract more of it. A negative attitude is one that will bring more negativity, while trust in the Universe inspires more blessings and fortune than you may have realized.

Have you been going with the flow of abundance?

If you want to follow your money and wealth energy throughout the year, make sure to read your money horoscope.

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