Why Your Career is a Mess, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

If you are in the workforce and are trying to climb the career ladder towards success and abundance, then you’re already on the right track. You are doing something to grow and improve your life.

Although how many times do you feel like you are on the bottom rung going nowhere fast?

We’ve all been there. Today we are going to give you the edge up on your competition and show you the zodiac secrets that may be holding you back from making big moves when it comes to your career. Here are the mistakes that every zodiac sign makes when they are at work.

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Why Your Career is a Mess, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


When you aren’t being the boss yourself, Aries, your employers love your energy and “go-getter attitude.”

Sadly, that’s where it ends for you a lot of the times. Your Cardinal sign nature is what makes you such a great self-starter, but your number of finished projects and initiatives can sometimes be on the low side.

You have bragging rights about your leadership skills and your Fire sign attitude encourages your high energy lifestyle. Get into the habit of working on one thing at a time, to the end, and you will start climbing up that ladder faster than you already are.


As an Earth sign, you are one of the most loyal zodiac signs to work with, Taurus.

You prefer stable hours, a schedule, and a routine that doesn’t change much. This could lead you into some traps at work. When unforeseen events come into the day, you have a tendency to freak out a little bit.

Sometimes nobody can tell just how stressed out you are, because you still manage to get your work done, but other times, it can be quite noticeable. Learning how to be more flexible and reining in that bullish temper will help you navigate your day, and your career, much better.


You are great with technology, and you’re probably a social media whiz, Gemini.

You are also social by nature, and thrive in work that involves groups, sales, or anything where people need to be repeatedly charmed. Unfortunately, your dual-sided personality can (and does) get the best of you sometimes.

Your personal life might often carry over into your work life as well. Take the time to turn off your phone, and put away your devices when working on a big project, or planning your next quarter. You’ll be amazed how much your work improves!


You are the Cardinal sign Cancer, and the mother of all things. Your Water sign nature makes you a natural empath, and you have a tendency to pick up the emotions around you.

Unlike other Water signs, however, you also react vocally, and intensely, when you pick up these emotions.

Your Cardinal sign nature has a way of demanding the people around you step into line. That being said, there’s “demanding,” and then there’s “asking nicely.” You just need to work on your delivery, and reactive nature a bit more, Cancer!


Your creativity and your passion to make a mark on the world are what your employers and clients love most about you, Leo.

As a Fixed sign symbolized by the lion, you are also loyal to the bone. In fact, you can sometimes be so loyal to your own opinions, that your co-workers might often call you stubborn.

Unless you’re the CEO, a little more flexibility on the job will help you attain the life of luxury you crave as the king or queen of the jungle. Rein in and tame that inner lion, Leo, and you’ll be roaring from a throne in no time.


You are obsessed with a flawless attention to detail, Virgo. Even your closet and your fridge at home are arranged alphabetically. As an Earth sign, you have a strong work ethic, and you’re one of the most reliable employees of the zodiac.

The people you work for know they can count on you for anything.

You need to work on being flexible. If someone takes your favorite mug out of its spot in the staff kitchen, you will spend the day looking for it and lose productivity. You also worry a lot, so much so that it sometimes impacts your health. Take time to let go of the “little things” and dial your energy back into your daily tasks.


As the Cardinal Air sign, you are fantastic when it comes to brilliant ideas. You avoid drama, and are usually the one that initiates compromise and negotiations on the job. You’re also great with words. Sometimes, a little too much.

You are often at a higher level than others, and forget that not everyone you work with is going to meet your self-imposed standards.

When that happens, your way with words can become critical. Be more open to the concept that all employees bring unique abilities and gifts to the table.

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As the Fixed Water sign of the zodiac, you are truly skilled at psychic work, and rule the eighth house of secrets and intimacy, Scorpio. This makes you a natural detective great at research, fact finding, and also leading with your heart in the workplace.

Your biggest challenge in both work and love is overcoming this constant sensitivity which can translate into paranoia.

Sometimes you are so used to living in your own world, you see things that aren’t there. Don’t bring your fears to work, or you become your own worst enemy on the job.


You are naturally creative and flexible in the workforce due to your Mutable sign nature, Sagittarius. You do best at work that gives you a different thing every day. Being ruled by Jupiter, you also think big. Too big sometimes!

Boundaries can be difficult for you. A flexible work environment is one thing, but a work environment that allows you to do whatever you want doesn’t exist.

It can also be hard for you to fully commit to a job; you often wonder “what else is out there.” Employers don’t want to know, or see, behavior that is suggesting you aren’t sticking around for long. Find a way to balance that with a job that suits your nature.


You are the Cardinal Earth sign, making you a natural boss or authoritarian in the workforce. You like jobs with steady hours and a steady income, and are always looking for ways to elevate your status.

If anything, it’s your obsession and drive for status can be a weakness at work, Capricorn.

You have a tendency to dictate rather than ask fellow employees or colleagues for help. Your ruling planet is Saturn, so you also have a unique way of doing things the hard way. Being open to other opinions and methods will help you feel less pressure on the job, and will help you to elevate you to exactly the status that you want.


You are a high-level thinker, Aquarius. Being ruled by Uranus means you are always coming up with something brilliant and out of the box. This makes your employers look at you and marvel!

As much as you are the social sign, your ability to pick up emotional cues from those in the workplace can get you in trouble.

Emotions often elude you, as you are always in your head. It’s like you are Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. You do well in groups, but social skills can sometimes confuse you.

Learning to listen to other people’s opinions, and not being so fixed on your own agenda, will help you work better with people on the job and send you up that ladder more quickly.


You are the dreamer of the zodiac, Pisces. Being the Mutable Water sign, your emotions literally fill the vessel of any room that you are in. This means you often have a hard time focusing on what is right in front of you. Jobs with flexible hours are best for you.

You are very compassionate and find more amusement in office politics than you do drama, a skill your employers thank you for.

You do, however, need to find less amusement at work and focus on the work at hand, as it can interfere with your productivity.


Now that you know your zodiac secrets to success, you know what to stop (or start) doing at work, on the job hunt, or in your climb up the career ladder towards your own personal sense of abundance.

Remember, knowing what is holding you back is only half the battle of success.

To reach your goals, you actually have to do something about it! What are you going to change about your work habits?

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*Editors’ Note: This article was originally published in 2017, and has been updated.

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