Do You Have Empty Houses in Your Birth Chart? Here’s What it Means….

Are you new to astrology? Maybe your curiosity made you dig your head into understanding how to read your birth chart?

And slowly but surely, perhaps the following astrology jargon will start to make sense:

Psst: We’re super excited for you and are cheering you on! Congrats on the progress you’ve made!

But then, you run into empty houses in your birth chart! And start to panic? Quite often, a classic case of FOMO sets in for many newbie astrology junkies.

“Oh No! My 2nd house is empty, am I doomed? Will I never make enough money?

“I’ve an empty 7th house! Maybe I won’t have luck with marriage!”

Hold it right there! It’s not all doom and gloom! Don’t panic over empty houses in your natal chart.

Today we’re here to clear the confusion on this topic. Scroll down to learn more about empty houses.

Empty Houses in Astrology – What Are They?

To make things simpler, what exactly is an empty house? Let’s re-iterate.

Each quadrant of your birth chart has astrological houses 1-12. These are populated by planets at certain degrees.

There are13 planets (including Chiron and lunar nodes) form the crux of a full astrological evaluation. Interestingly, these 13 planets are NOT distributed uniformly across zodiac signs, meaning each zodiac sign by default does not necessarily have a planet.

This unique medley of planets and astrological houses is precisely why each of us has a unique personality. No two birth charts are ever 100% identical!

Think of your birth chart to be your exclusive cosmic fingerprint.

  • What happens if a house has no planet in it?
  • Does an empty house mean a deficiency in that area of your life?

Not sure if you have empty houses in your chart? Use our free birth chart calculator now!

What Does An Empty House Mean?

The lack of a planet in a house (empty house) simply means that you do not have to pertain to the aspect of life governed by the empty house.

  • Struggle
  • Learn karmic lessons (or)
  • Pay karma

Empty 1st house

The 1st house is all about the self, your physical body, and vitality. An empty 1st house can actually be a good thing. It shows that health and vitality are your strong points.

It can also show that you are sure of yourself and have a positive personality and mindset.

Empty 2nd house

Empty 2nd house worries a lot of people and for good reason. The 2nd house is all about your cha-ching. Anytime there’s money talk, it’s natural to seek security. Your capacity to earn income and amass wealth is seen through the 2nd house.

Additionally, we can access information about your value system – what do you value most – materially and spiritually?

Is an empty 2nd house, an indicator of scarcity? Absolutely not!

In fact, contrary to popular belief, this shows that wealth comes to you without much struggle.

Empty 3rd house

An empty 3rd house can show an easy relationship with your neighbors, siblings, extended family/cousins. Interestingly, other 3rd house related areas of your life (social media, communication, writing, courage, hands-on skills, etc) are relatively effortless for you.

Empty 4th house

An empty 4th house isn’t a bad thing – it shows that all-things home, dwelling, relationship with mother flow easily for you.

Additionally, there’s a good chance that you have a nurturing nature. What’s more, your happiness could be closely tied to your inherent ability to nurture others.

Empty 5th house

Is your 5th house empty? This needlessly worries people. It’s a misconception that an empty 5th house means a person fares poorly in romance, children, and creative hobbies.

Devoid of any other planetary aspect, an empty 5th house shows that you could be having a natural artistic and creative flair in life. And maybe you even like to live life king size – Can’t be a bad thing right!?

Empty 6th house

Empty 6th house? Boy oh boy! You lucked out! No karma with work, colleagues, enemies at work, and health habits. It also means there’s a good chance that dangerous diseases of the medical world may not be part of your life struggle!

Empty 7th house

Yes! A happy marriage can be a reality with an empty 7th house! Bet that’s what you wanted to hear? An empty 7th house may actually point out that you’ve come into this lifetime with very little or no relationship baggage from past lives!

Did we hear you say “Yippie” yet? Hop onto the +1 train already!

Empty 8th house

The 8th house is where we dig into the dark trenches of our psyche and alchemize ourselves to high vibe-ing beings.

Can you imagine if you have a malefic planet here like Pluto, Saturn, or the lunar nodes? It screams of transformation through turmoil! Brace yourself for some pretty heavy karma to be paid in this lifetime.

Do you have an empty 8th house? Pop some champagne and do a happy dance because the heavens have made it easier for you in this lifetime. Not much of drudging through invisible crevices of your subconscious.

Empty 9th house

An empty 9th house can show that higher learning, philosophical thinking, writing, publishing, travel, and adventure could be your all-time fav things to do! Good for you!

Empty 10th house

Okay! Before you freak out, your career will NOT be negatively impacted by having an empty 10th house unless it also happens to be aspected by malefic planets.

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Empty 11th house

An empty 11th house can show that monetary gains, network circles, technology, social media are all areas that could feel like a breeze for you!

Want to know extra deets about an empty 11th house? There’s a good chance that you secretly obsess about aliens, space travel, metaphysical mysteries, star seeds, Pleiadians, and/or occult healing techniques! Sshh! We won’t tell anyone your best-kept secret!

Empty 12th house

Did you know? 12th house much like the 8th is all about diving deep into the depths of the subconscious. It also shows losses, expenditure, enemies, isolation, addictions, past life karmas, divinity, and Universal consciousness.

An empty 12th indicates there isn’t much debt from past lives. You might not incur heavy expenditure or financial loss and spirituality could be your strength.

Exceptions to Empty House Analysis

There is nothing to worry about if you have stand-alone empty houses. However, planetary aspects like oppositions and squares, or if the house ruler is conjunct with a malefic planet most certainly can negatively influence the outcome of an empty house.

Empty Houses – Not the End of the World!

Are you beginning to see how having empty relationship houses (1,5,7,8) does not mean you are destined for bad (or) no relationships or marriage?

Similarly, all you ambitious, career-oriented go-getters of the zodiac, empty work/wealth houses (1,2,6,10,11) do not make you a procrastinator! And no—you will not be poor purely on the basis of an empty 2nd house.

In conclusion, empty houses or not – say no to panic! And remember that you are the creator of your own life!

Did this article help you finally get over the initial FOMO of empty houses? Write to us about any empty houses in your birth chart and how you interpreted them. And don’t forget to share this article with fellow astrology junkies.

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