How to Energize Your Career with Crystals

We all dream of being successful, making money doing what we are passionate about and excelling at it. You have probably tried many things to advance your career, but did you know there’s one simple and effective way to manifest rejuvenating energies in your field of work?

Enter the power of crystals!

Sometimes our energy becomes a little stale, and needs a bit of assistance to freshen itself up. These small stones provide a wonderful way to revamp your aura in the workplace, drawing positivity and advancement that might otherwise be overlooked.

You’re probably wondering how a tiny gemstone can help you manifest the career of your dreams. Crystals are objects of the earth designed to assist us in areas of life we may be struggling with or to enhance our natural well-being.

There are common career issues we all experience: feelings of inadequacy, a lack of fulfillment, yearning for more, stress … the list goes on. Crystals can indeed help us with all of these.

It’s just about knowing how to work with them and harnessing their unique powers.

Can Crystals Unblock Your Career Path?

Crystals carry helpful, powerful properties that can assist in healing physical ailments, and emotional wounds and draw in influential energy that can help us along our journeys.

There are many ways to use the power of crystals to benefit your career – or nearly any part of your life – such as:

  • Carrying them with you.
  • Meditation with the stones.
  • Placing them in your home or on your desk in the office.
  • Wearing them on various parts of your body, especially the wrist and neck.

Your options are really only limited by your imagination.

Some people even make crystal-infused waters to quench their thirst while penetrating their cells with powerful, healing benefits. Let’s take a look at how you can use crystals for invigorating and refreshing your career, propelling you forward toward success you never thought possible.

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8 Career Issues You Can Tackle with Crystal Healing

The issues listed below are common problems people experience at work which hinder their progression towards success. Read on, and if any resonate with you, check out the crystals that can help!*

*Disclaimer: None of the crystals listed here should be used as a substitute for medical treatment. If you are dealing with any of these issues on a more persistent level, it is important to consult a health professional.

1. You Feel Drained At Work

Feeling tired and drained at work can be down to a multitude of reasons:

  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Feeling fed up
  • Work overload

There may even be underlying health issues (in which case, you should likely check with your doctor!) But whether this is a mental of physical fatigue, something is clearly not working for you in the workplace, and this is where a crystal can come in handy.

Use Quartz

Use Quartz to help bring you back energy and motivation. Quartz is a powerful crystal for balancing your energy and attracting life force into your body. It helps with tiredness, feelings of boredom and lethargy, and it increases your energy levels.

To experience it at its most effective, wear Quartz on your body or keep a piece of it on your desk so its energy can penetrate your aura.

2. Staring at Your Screen Makes You Tried

Screen-specific problems can be down to electromagnetic fields. The radiation emitting from modern technological appliances can have a negative effect on us, especially people who are sensitive to electrical stress. If you feel especially tired when in front of a screen, you may be struggling with EMF.

Use Fluorite

Fluorite is one of the most powerful crystals to help deal with this. I keep a piece with me at all times. Fluorite stabilizes and cleans our aura, acting as a deterrent to harmful energy rays. It is a purifying crystal which helps keep our immediate environment cleansed.

Fluorite is most effective when worn around the neck or having several pieces surrounding your laptop or computer.

3. You Get Passed Over for a Promotion

If you’d been eagerly anticipating a promotion or pay rise and then find out it isn’t going to happen, this can be incredibly demoralizing. So much so that you may think of packing it in altogether. On the other hand, doing so may simply not be possible, especially in this uncertain climate.

This is bound to generate a wealth of negative emotions, one of the main ones being inadequacy. It’s important to tackle this right away.

Use Tiger’s Eye

This is where Tiger’s Eye comes in handy. Tiger’s Eye is one of the best crystals for boosting your motivation and believing in yourself. It is a stone of strength and courage – and if you’ve just experienced a setback, this crystal can help remind you of how brilliant you are!

Like the Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac which always bounces back from hardship, the Tiger’s Eye crystal is the boost you need when you’ve experienced a fall. Wear it as a bracelet or as a pendant, or keep a piece with you in your pocket to remind you that setbacks are part of life, and even better things are on the way for you.

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4. You Have a Difficult Boss

Going into the workplace means we mix with all types of different characters and sometimes you might get unlucky and end up with a difficult boss that appears to criticize everything you do, or has a foul temper, or doesn’t respect you and your colleagues. There could be a whole host of different reasons that might make you uncomfortable or unhappy.

It is not easy to deal with and it is also very unfair.

The worker and the boss both bring something equally important to the table. A colony of ants could never run without the workers! A queen of bees would never have a kingdom without the bees!

Use Emerald

If you’re dealing with a difficult boss, you’re likely stuck in a very tricky position and one thing that could help you: Emerald.

Emerald is a crystal of great patience and empathy. If your boss is mean, then it’s almost guaranteed that they are unhappy in some way. While it does not excuse bad behavior, understanding them at a deeper level can strengthen your own tolerance levels. This can also help to cleanse you from the inside so that you are not consumed by negative emotions, and so that you are protected from their negative energy.

Emerald can help you harness this empathy within. It is good to combine emerald with Black Obsidian, which helps to protect you from negative auras.

Wear both on your body or carry pieces of them in your pocket. Don’t carry them in the same pocket though; keep them separate. This ensures both of them are able to project their energy freely and be more efficient in the process.

5. There is Bullying Happening

This horrible and unacceptable issue should not even exist within the workplace, but unfortunately it does. There are some people who never leave behind the playground mentality of being the mean kid and see fit to drag it into the workplace.

The best way to deal with this is to expose them to HR, but this is not always the easiest, nor most possible option. But, while you are working on how to solve this situation, there is a crystal that can help make it more bearable.

Use Kunzite

Kunzite is a terrific stone for battling anxiety or stress. It is a high-vibration stone and when we are exposed to negative situations, Kunzite can help us to stay positive and uplifted within ourselves. It acts as a shield against negative energy and supports loving communication.

This crystal should be combined with Tiger’s Eye, which will give you the strength and courage to stand up for yourself.

Wear Kunzite around the neck to experience it at its most effective. Keeping several pieces on your desk is also effective and helps you stay clear, focused, and calm.

Whether you are dealing with a bullying boss or malicious colleagues, just remember that workplace bullying is wrong and not something you should have to tolerate.

There are most crystals that can help with uncomfortable situations: Tense Situation? These Crystals Can Help.

6. You Are Frequently Bored

If you feel bored at work then something is missing – often, this is a sign that you have deviated from your soul’s path at some point or another. Or, something that once excited you no longer brings you the joy it once did, and it may be time to move on.

It can be difficult to navigate this issue because there are so many factors involved. What you need is a crystal that can bring you extra clarity so that you know which direction is the right one to move in.

Use Amethyst

Amethyst is the best crystal for you if you’re experiencing boredom. This multi-tasking crystal helps you to reconnect with your inner self, boosts your sense of motivation, reminds you of your true purpose, and brings a sense of understanding and calm to you.

Carry a piece in your pocket, or use as a healing wand during moments of quiet. If you are able to get an Amethyst cluster on your desk, this is very effective. The more Amethyst, the better!

7. You Feel Very Stressed Out

One of the most common and debilitating workplace issues that hinders your progress is stress. Stress keeps you stuck in a bubble that is difficult to break free from. Luckily, crystals can help in this area, too!

Use Celestite

Celestite is one of the best crystals to help with stress. Associated with the Third Eye chakra, it brings inner peace, wisdom, and understanding. No matter what situation you find yourself in, Celestite enables you to stay calm, grounded and focused. It is a terrific weapon against stress and can block stressful vibes from consuming you.

Celestite is best worn on the body, around the wrist or neck. Celestite clusters on your desk are also very effective. Keep one in the car too if you can!

8. You Got Laid Off

In these uncertain times, this is happening more frequently than ever, and much mental stress and unhappiness is the result. Being laid off is devastating on a number of levels, and many worries come up.

Worries about being able to for the roof over your head, or how you can support your loved ones, or how you will even function take their toll.

Use Preseli Bluestone

It can be hard to see beyond the stress of this situation, but the Preseli Bluestone can be very helpful when dealing with challenging times.

The Preseli Bluestone is an extremely powerful crystal that cuts to the core of everything and enables you to see beyond what is most obvious. It stimulates courage and strengthens your willpower at the solar-plexus level. It enables you to see the why behind everything that happens and helps you to see a better path for you in the future.

This is a crystal of strong psychic magnitude. Being laid off is devastating on an earthly level, but the Preseli Bluestone helps you to see beyond the earthly plane and into the spiritual one, easing your pain and discomfort.

This crystal is best used during meditation. A small crystal will do. Take 5-10 minutes out of your day to sit and meditate with this crystal (though you may find yourself meditating for longer as Preseli Bluestone really does take you to a new world!).

How Will You Use Crystals?

With helpful crystals like these, along with the right attitude, you can sky-rocket your career and feel better and more successful than ever. Many of the issues listed above are in the negative spectrum and it is often the negative hurdles that prevent us becoming the best of ourselves.

But, that’s exactly what they are – hurdles. Not stone walls that we cannot penetrate, but hurdles we must jump over if we are to reach our destination. Nor should we have to reach our destination alone without any help or guidance.

The crystals listed above are there to guide and help you. The more you harness their power, the easier your journey becomes. You deserve to be happy in your career and live out your full potential. Let the crystals help you do just that!*

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*Disclaimer: None of the crystals listed here should be used as a substitute for medical treatment. If you are dealing with any of these issues on a more persistent level, it is important to consult a health professional.

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