You Pulled the Lovers Tarot Card – Now What?

​The Lovers Tarot card is a card that people love to see in relationship readings because it usually denotes the meeting of a soul mate or life partner; at the very least, someone with whom you share a deep bond and connection on a romantic level. Indeed, it is considered a love Tarot card.

The Lovers has such a strong impact on a Tarot reading because it is part of the Major Arcana.

Major Arcana cards are considered in Tarot circles to have a huge impact on the sitter’s life, whereas with the Minor Arcana, there is a smaller impact, or the sitter has more “say” in what goes on.

The Minor Arcana equivalent to the Lovers card would be the 2 of Cups, which also suggests a connection and bond between two people, but which does not have as powerful an impact as the Lovers.

With all of that in mind, let’s dissect the Lovers Tarot card and see what it means.

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What Does the Lovers Card Mean?

The Lovers card has two Tarot card primary meanings when it appears in a reading:

  1. A soul mate or twin flame connection between two people.
  2. An important choice has to be made.

The Lovers Tarot card can also represent a connection with another in a non-romantic setting.

For example, you might see a puppy that you fall in love with at first sight (and which falls in love with you too!) That would be an example of a Lovers connection.

The Lovers card also correlates to the number 6 in numerology. This is the number associated with family, love, and home life. People born under the number 6 will always have something considered attractive about them to others, even if they are not conventionally beautiful. There is often a magnetism about them that others can’t put their finger on.

The Lovers card is likewise tied to the Devil card in the Major Arcana. In many Tarot decks, we see the original blissful couple from the Lovers now chained to the shackles of the devil in the Devil card.

Simply put, this is what happens when love goes wrong!

The Devil card is the 15th card of the Tarot, and when you break down the number 15, it turns into the number 6, linking it to the Lovers. The Devil represents a love that is obsessive, possessive, and destructive.

Below are some Lovers’ Tarot definitions in different spreads.

What Does the Lovers Mean in Love & Relationships?

Everyone likes to see the Lovers Tarot card in a love and relationship Tarot spread. It suggests a powerful and even soul mate connection between two people.

If the Lovers appears in the position of feelings, it indicates that the person feels they have met their other half, their soul mate, and the person who completes them.

But remember, the Lovers is also about choice. While the person’s soul acknowledges the other as the missing half of themselves, the decision as to whether they will embark upon this union is another story altogether.

They may choose to reject the connection due to social stigma, for example. This Tarot card may come up when there is a significant age difference between two people, but society may judge the union. Therefore it would influence the decision made by the individual as to whether they will pursue.

It’s at times like this we realize whether love truly does conquer all!

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What Does the Lovers Mean in a Career Reading?

In a career reading, the Lovers card is usually about “yes” or “no.”

You may be torn between a job you love that pays little or a job you don’t like that pays much more. The Lovers in a career reading is often a choice between head and heart.

It can also indicate that you simply “love” the career you are in or moving into.

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What About the Lovers as an Obstacle?

The Lovers comes up when the individual must decide whether they will choose to follow their heart or not.

Much of life, in general, is about doing the same thing. Do you eat that delicious bar of chocolate even if it is bad for you and reject the celery stalks, which are much healthier but not as tasty (though, of course, some may disagree!)?

Do you stand up for the person at work being bullied even though it may put your own job on the line, or do you stay quiet to keep your job safe? Do you go for the person you don’t love to please your family, or do you choose the person you love and risk upsetting everyone?

The Lovers is rarely smooth-sailing. But then again, that’s the beauty of love itself – the complexity and magnitude of feelings that represent the essence of life itself.

What About the Lovers in Reverse?

The Lovers reversed usually indicates disharmony in relationships or terrible conflict within when making a decision.

At this point, the Lovers becomes far from pleasurable and turns into a nightmare.

In the zodiac, the Lovers zodiac sign is Gemini. A reversed Lovers is what happens when Gemini is at its worst – bad decision-making, anxiety, and lack of direction are the quintessential qualities of a reversed Lovers card, just as they are with Gemini when they are not at their best.

As with all reversals, there is always a silver lining.

A reversed Lovers card means there is a blockage somewhere. This card does not show up in a Tarot reading simply to distress you; it has appeared to alert you to what must change in your life so that the Lovers can turn upright once more.

How to Make the Lovers Card Work for You

Below are some ways you can make the Lovers Tarot card work for you:

  • Meditate on it: The more you study the Lovers card, the clearer things will become to you. Meditating on the card and ensuring your mind is free of negative thoughts can help you understand what the card is trying to tell you.
  • Study the imagery: Different Tarot decks have different imagery, and paying attention to the pictures is important in readings as knowing the meanings themselves. Intuitive readers often go by images. The more you study the imagery, the more information will come to you.
  • Affirmations: Affirmations can help you harness the Lovers’ energy in your life. Affirmations such as, Help me make the right decision or Show me what my heart wants are good affirmations to use.

Use the Lovers Tarot Card to Your Advantage

2021 approaches, and after the challenging 2020 we have had, we are likely to find even more decisions facing us in the coming year.

The choices that lay before us will be determined by our needs, wants, desires, values, and priorities. Perhaps now more than ever, we need the Lovers’ guidance to help us through these difficult times.

What does the Lovers Tarot card mean for you? How can it help you in the days that follow? Hopefully, this article has given you a good idea of what the Lovers card is all about. Now make it work for you!


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