Your March 2022 Energy Forecast

​Expect to find yourself traveling massive energetic waves this month. Although this leveling up may feel unsettling, your March energy forecast calls for you to awaken to your power, take personal leadership to the next level, and trust the magic unfolding in every area of your life.

March’s number “3” vibrations symbolize harmony, imagination, wisdom, and understanding. However, it signifies past, present, and future colliding to shift our focus to bring together and reconcile any conflicts in our lives.

This month is exciting, yet it may sometimes feel slightly freighting moving through uncharted territories. Nevertheless, ascension energies are intense, reconnecting you to truth and purpose.

A revealing of clairvoyance awakens as you learn to balance and manage psychic gifts properly. In turn, you find yourself cultivating a new relationship with your intuition and applying a stronger conviction in your life’s purpose.

As a collective, we are still adjusting to the shifts triggered by the North and South Node entering the Taurus and Scorpio axis, along with navigating through a collective U.S. Pluto return. So, the first lesson you’ll learn this month is that the more you can trust and release, the better you can flow with the world’s unpredictable changes and external chaos.

Mercury is up to its tricks this month, and things may seem to slow down while in Pisces, and the hype amplifies while in Aries.

Conjunctions brought on by the Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune open our psychic abilities to new levels. At the same time, Mars and Venus embark on a new cycle of commitment and empowerment through Capricorn into Pisces.

This month’s New and Full Moon are a portal to self-discovery and a reminder that we are where we need to be.

Plus, take things lightly as you work through managing subtle frequencies when we shift from Pisces season to Aries season, launching the start of Spring Equinox and a brand-new astrological year.

You’ll be required to dig deeper than you’ve ever dug before as you rebirth and transform.

Now, let’s explore what the major transits for this month have in store for you.

March 2nd: New Moon in Pisces

A Time for Illumination of the Soul

Many insights and revelations come forward this week as we continue to move ahead in our purest reflection of the New Moon in Pisces.

The New Moon is a time to set intentions and plant seeds for the upcoming cycle, the dark void of manifestation that helps us tap into the higher expression of our shadow side and hidden powers. In the mystical and dreamy sign of Pisces, this Lunation is about allowing the highest awakenings and intentions from the deep reflection of your Soul to shine out into the world.

Pisces represents the cosmic ocean of infinite possibilities and the fusion of the Soul and form. It is the sign that helps us understand how to achieve spiritual and emotional intelligence and better use our psychic abilities in physical form.

With the Moon in a friendly sextile to Uranus and a harmonious trine to Sirius, this energy suggests great awakenings and inspirations from the higher mind.

This Moon cycle is excellent for:

  • Arts
  • Music
  • Spiritual self-care
  • Plenty of good rest
  • Counseling and healing sessions
  • Meditation
  • Exploring your imagination to unleash your creative side

You may experience extreme psychic sensitivity, so immerse yourself in psychic protection and grounding exercises.

Trust the opportunities and possibilities occurring at this time. Open to the wisdom of higher realms. Dreams can and will awaken. Expect to feel inspired to be led by the magic of your life.

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March 3rd: Mars, Venus, & Pluto Trigger Rebirthing Empowerment

Mars and Venus form a new cycle of emotional and physical empowerment with Pluto, igniting sparks in our lives.

In the Cardinal sign of Capricorn, this conjunction represents developing a newfound commitment to strengthen the relationship with self and others.

When Mars conjuncts Pluto, there is a desire to transform the masculine expression of force, power, and sexuality. Pluto seeks to uproot and eliminate outdated psychological patterns and self-destructive behaviors. But for these patterns to dissolve and transform, they must come to conscious awareness, resulting in a negative expression if you do not consciously work on how you express or project your masculine energy.

At the same time, when Venus conjuncts Pluto, there is a desire to transform the feminine expression of beauty, creativity, love, relationships, sexual power, and values.

As a result, you will likely experience minor inner tension as Mars and Venus connect with Pluto to rebirth two critical aspects of the psyche. This shift will dramatically affect external relationships, societal values, and how we relate to one another.

They will maintain their conjunction for about two months, moving from Capricorn into Aquarius. This aspect will generate intense energy, and it is vital to keep your emotions in check while remaining levelheaded during intimate or personal matters.

Becoming more argumentative or demanding is sure to display the shadow side of this conjunction.

March 6th: Mars & Venus Enter Aquarius

The Blueprint for Higher Commitment

Traveling in proximity, Mars and Venus both enter the innovating and quirky sign of Aquarius. After their conjunction in Capricorn that sought to initiate commitment and stability in relationships, they take it up a notch in Aquarius, indicating a strong desire for change at a deeper level.

Mars in Aquarius represents acknowledging underlying anger, fear, and insecurities that are not the expression of your authentic self. Whereas Venus in Aquarius symbolizes the need for originality and uniqueness in your relationships and value system. Together, these two polarities activate a higher expression for the feminine and masculine archetypes. Expect to deal with the differences in values between the individual and society.

Use this time to apply your originality to creative energies toward a higher purpose and continue to grow your inner relationship. Connect with your body through dance and movement—try something adventurous and new.

Pour into yourself and reawaken inner love. Don’t let self-doubt and suspicion keep you from exploring the world and making new commitments; this also activates their second conjunction at 0 degrees, representing the birth of a unique expression between men and women at a worldly level.

Mercury enters the cosmic ocean of Pisces, upgrading our capacity to operate from faith and trust instead of fear and doubt. When you are willing to open your heart to silence the mind, a magical unfolding of sacred wisdom unfolds.

March 9th: Mercury Enters Pisces

You’ll Hear Whispers of the Soul

Mercury is known as the winged messenger between the gods and humanity. When in Pisces, it may seem like things slow down, but that is because the subtle frequencies are attuning us to the frequency of love. With love, we can dissolve the dysfunctions within our inner operating system and override the frequency of fear that holds us back.

Whenever we slip into fear or buy into doubt, we send a message to the universe that will instantly manifest evidence of those things.

Mercury in Pisces wants us to learn how to trust, even in times of chaos, change, and uncertainty.

When you are at peace with yourself, you can see a higher perspective and attract more abundance in your life. Therefore, it is crucial to check the thoughts you are feeding into and give up those self-limiting beliefs.

You’ll find yourself better equipped to reach your fullest potential when you realize how much thoughts create the quality of your life; thoughts trigger emotions, and the vibrational frequency of those emotions feeds back into the original idea.

So avoid trying to escape problems or seek substances to numb the mind and help you forget life’s stressors. Instead, shift your environment and engage with more empowering thoughts.

You are not your anxiety— you do not have to live in fear!

March 10th: First Quarter Moon in Gemini

The First Quarter Moon phase occurs about a week after the New Moon when the Moon is at a 90-degree angle ahead of the Sun. Half of the Moon is illuminated during this time, while the other half hides in the darkness.

This Moon phase represents a period of growth and momentum. A time when the energy continues to increase in intensity, providing you the necessary force to foster the intentions you’ve set during the New Moon.

In the Mutable Air sign of Gemini, this energy indicates the need to take it easy and not force yourself to make tough decisions. But, on the other hand, the unpredictable energy of Gemini can pull you in a million directions, causing extreme nervousness and stress.

When the Moon is in Gemini, you may also experience bodily aches, headaches, and sleep discomfort. However, the mind is active and curious. You may become easily bored, so take time when immersing yourself in something new.

March 13th: Sun Conjunct Neptune

Expect Discerning Energies

This month became more magical when the Sun and Neptune conjunct at 22 degrees in enchanting Pisces. Here, the Sun symbolizes the masculine force, and Neptune is the dissolution of lower qualities of the male and feminine energies, thus revealing the Soul’s light. This transit increases intuition, psychic sensitivity, and empathy.

In comparison, it is essential to take it slowly under this energy. Neptune’s connection with the Sun can quickly manifest into a negative expression of confusion, fear, and uncertainty.

However, the Sun and Jupiter formed exact conjunction about a week prior. This Means Jupiter is close by, helping you learn how to trust and keep the faith during expansive shifts in your life. Veil after veil dissolves as you come closer to your inner truth.

Don’t give in to the limitations of the mind; hold faith and trust in the magic of the mystical realms.

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March 18th: Full Moon in Virgo

A Time for Trusting Your Gut Instincts

The Full Moon offers a time to take stock of your goals and release inner turmoil to realize your dreams and create magic in your life. It occurs typically mid-month when the Sun is opposite the Moon from 180-225 degrees, symbolizing the union of opposites.

In the practical Earth sign of Virgo, this Full Moon is an activation point that calibrates consciousness to precision, purity, and persistence.

Since Full Moons are often a time for illumination and closure, another term for this Full Moon is the “Worm Moon.” A time when the worms come up from the darkness of the Earth, inviting the birds to signal the start of spring.

You can expect to find yourself tidying up loose ends and organizing areas of your life. But, unfortunately, Full Moons are fertile grounds for emotional outbursts and stress. Since Virgo affects the digestive system, it is essential to check in with your emotions and take it easy— you might want to avoid heavy foods.

The Moon will form a tight opposition to Jupiter and Neptune while harmoniously trine to Pluto and the North Node.

Everything you’ve experienced this year, and even years before, contributes to Soul growth. Follow your gut instincts as they will lead you to the path of fulfilling your dreams.

Happy Full Moon!
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March 20th: Sun Enters Aries & The Spring Equinox

The New Season Initiates Chance

The temperature rises when the Sun enters the trailblazing sign of Aries, marking the start of Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. This transition of the seasons represents a fresh new start and a brand-new beginning, the journey of the Sun increasing in light, in force, and dynamic power.

Spring Equinox is when the Sun crosses the equator line heading north. Then, in the Fiery sign of Aries, the Cardinal spark of original energy instigates new life. This is a dynamic activation of new consciousness streaming toward the mental body.

When the Sun is in Aries, it is essential to discipline your thoughts toward a loving frequency by using our power to strengthen the mind to think from the heart. Aries’s independent and straightforward energy fuels current goals and setting up new projects.

Rather than focusing on the long-term, focus on the here and now.

This season carries the possibility to take you toward colossal success. With Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, along with Venus and Mars joining in April, you’ll want to take it slow and focus on tapping into the power of your intuition for balance and mastery.

Since Aries is the first astrological sign and the first Fire sign, it represents a new year—you will be able to meet this new season with great enthusiasm and energy.

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March 27th: Mercury Enters Aries

Expect Discipling Thoughts

Mercury swiftly moves into Aries, the dynamic spark of fire that ignites creative potential and brings our attention to disciplining the mind to choose loving thoughts consciously.

Any recent confusion and congestion while Mercury was in Pisces will subside. The shadow side of this energy is facing the insecurities that often lead to aggression or recklessness.

On the other hand, if you can turn your thoughts and words into actions, that provides self-confidence. You can shift your thoughts and live a purposeful life by engaging in conscious effort.

March 28th: Venus, Saturn, & the Nodes

A Time for Committing to Your Purpose

When Venus cojoins Saturn, you will find yourself inspired to build structures, new commitments, and relationships that reflect your inner values and worth. However, since the Moon is in Pisces, you may find yourself battling that you hold back the true expression of your feelings and intuitive side.

Venus clashes with the North and South Node a few days later, closing out the month emotionally. Here, you’ll come face to face with the distractions of attachments and unhealthy relationships.

Nevertheless, when you overcome attachments to people, things, and even places, you elevate your purpose to greater heights and reveal values that align with the Soul’s original plan.

Energy Tips for March

This month, reflection, renewal, and rebirth are offered- activating creativity, clairvoyance, and imagination. Pisces season into Aries enhances intuition, psychic abilities, and the power of thought.

This month’s oracle card is “Magick and Ritual,” crafting sacred practice; brought to you by the Isis Oracle Deck.

To have more influence in the external world, one must craft a sacred practice. To grow in abundance and power, we must take time from our hectic lives and bask in self-love.

Just like a garden, a fresh field of flowers on a warm spring day, your body, mind, and Soul need regular self-care. This month has presented us with a newfound sense and understanding of our clairvoyant abilities that sought to remind us—above everything else, trust your gut!

Dreaming is not the only essential part of the creative process; your dreams must match your action and practice. You are a vessel for service, and as new opportunities take root in your life, daily rituals will prove to be extremely rewarding. Magick practiced with clear and pure intent can yield higher manifestation.

Coming into a new practice will strengthen various areas of your life, and you will reap the benefits when you allow yourself to fall in love with your routine and discipline yourself to show up for inner growth and development. Expand your parameters beyond your wildest imagination. It is time to see what you are truly capable of.

March will guide you through your spiritual journey and awakening, teaching you how to embody your evolution and sovereignty.
Maybe you find yourself connecting more with your body this month or expressing your voice and creativity. 

Either way, trust that you can manage any toxicity in your life and free yourself from the past.

This Month is Perfect for:

  • Crafting a daily sacred practice
  • Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra exercises
  • Develop your clairvoyance and tune in to your healing gifts
  • Transmute harmful energies through crystals, breath-work, body movement, sound, and meditation to help keep your mind on your goal.

With Love, March

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