Your March 2023 Energy Forecast

Welcome to (almost) March, lovelies! Yes, it’s hard to believe that March is approaching already. Time seems to be flying by, and it’s exciting to see the arrival and beginning of a brand-new month.

This time of the year is often associated with the arrival of spring, a time of growth and renewal. The weather starts to warm up; flowers bloom, bringing a sense of energy and excitement into the air.

March is known as the third month. However, the collective numerology of March 2023 carries the “number one” vibrations of new beginnings and positive changes, fresh starts, and spiritual awakenings.

The energy of 1 also holds the electrifying vibrations of:

  • Abundance and creativity
  • High energy and new cycles
  • Seeking and exploring to define self
  • Ambition, motivation, and self-expression

What to Expect Astrologically in March 2023

The month ahead brings us incredible energy that will alter the current paradigms and shift our reality. In addition, ascension energies speed up as we prepare to embrace some significant astrological shifts this month.

There are still no major planets in retrograde, bringing us bold, fast, and innovative energies. However, we can expect cosmic adventures will lead us to a dynamic breakthrough and spiritual awakening.

With much change in the air, March is eventful, starting with the Full Moon and Saturn’s entrance into Pisces. The potency of Saturn’s shift into a new sign during the Full Moon is ripe for exploring the deeper realities of life and grounding into your sacred knowledge.

The journey of the Soul reaches new heights mid-month, when Aries season begins, marking the start of a brand-new astrological year, spring equinox, and a dynamic New Moon. Whew!

Pluto and Mars change signs a few days later, marking an ever-evolving movement that helps lead us into a new age. As the month progresses, you are encouraged to adopt more awareness and confidence to embrace your authentic self.

The more you tend to your inner world and Soul, the more energy you will release from your physical body, so you can radiate your inner light and feel support in every step of your life journey.

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March 1: Venus Conjuncts Jupiter

Learning to Embrace Social Expansion

On March 1st, Venus and Jupiter form a new cycle in Aries, creating an environment of love, joy, and abundance. When these two planets come together in the energetic sign of Aries, there is a unique opportunity for the collective to integrate their material and spiritual desires and cultivate a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.

The fiery energy of this conjunction can lead to positive developments in relationships, expansion, and growth. Venus is a personal planet, and Jupiter is a social planet, initiating dynamic change in love, relationships, and spirituality. In addition, this conjunction is a calibration and heart expansion, connecting one to higher spiritual ideals. Expect this transit to impact social consciousness, leading to a greater interest in spirituality and understanding the mysteries of the Universe.

There is a strong potential for individuals to take on new leadership roles within their communities, leveraging their unique talents and gifts to impact those around them. This could manifest in the form of volunteer work, activism, or other endeavors that allow individuals to put their energy into creating positive change. Overall, this alignment is likely to bring a heightened sense of connection to others and a greater appreciation for the power of community in shaping our lives and the world around us.

March 2: Mercury Enters Pisces

Subtle Messages From Your Intuition

After meeting Saturn in Aquarius, Mercury, the cosmic messenger, swims into Pisces on March 2nd, seeking to uncover divine universal wisdom from within. We are about to experience an incredible transformation, an awakening of self through our cells, as the messenger aims to upgrade our inner operating system to higher harmonics. Mercury in Pisces can be slippery; patience is necessary to see through the foggy shifts.

This is a time for introspection, silence, and trust as we navigate the space between the areas of undefined potential. In addition, Mercury in Pisces offers a unique combination of intuition, creativity, and communicative skills. While this placement can bring about some challenges, it also allows us to tap into our inner wisdom, connect with others on a deeper level, and explore our creative side in new and exciting ways. There may be a struggle to distinguish between your thoughts and the thoughts of others, along with distractions that make it difficult to focus.

This is the perfect influence to deepen your connection to arts, poetry, and music and find new ways to express your emotions and thoughts uniquely and imaginatively.

March 7: Full Moon in Virgo & Saturn Enters Pisces

A Commitment to Higher Spiritual Values

On March 7th, 6:41 AM CT, we embrace the Full Moon, which occurs at 16’°40′ of Virgo. Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are opposite, forming a 180°angle.

A Full Moon is a powerful time for magic and manifestation. The Moon’s energy is said to enhance one’s intentions and magnify the power of manifestation, with its bright, full light believed to be a symbol of clarity and illumination. Furthermore, it is associated with release and letting go; also a period of harvest, which makes it great for harnessing its energy for abundance, luck, love, and prosperity.

The Full Moon in Virgo clashes with Mars while opposing Mercury and Neptune. These influences indicate a time of heightened tension, confusion, and illusion, forcing the collective to confront unrealistic expectations or beliefs and see things as they are. However, by using this energy to reflect on your thoughts, words, and actions, you can work towards finding a harmonious balance and a clearer understanding of your life path.

Shortly after, Saturn shifts out of Aquarius for good and into Pisces till February 2026. The Full Moon in Virgo and Saturn entering Pisces on the same day is a celestial event that can bring about essential shifts in energy and consciousness. While the Full Moon in Virgo is a time for grounding, organization, and focus on self-improvement. Saturn entering Pisces desires a harmonious balance between life’s practical and imaginative sides. Saturn helps to bring structure to Pisces’ more fluid and spiritual nature. There’s a heightened focus on spirituality, self-reflection, and a greater sensitivity to the world around you. The cosmos encourages you to fully let go of limiting beliefs and negative patterns and to embrace a more compassionate and intuitive approach to life.

Today signifies a dynamic calibration that requires the dissolving of illusions and spiritual discipline. So, confront any fears and insecurities blocking your spiritual progress and take practical steps to manifest your goals.

March 15: Sun-Neptune conjunction

A Time to Connect With Something Higher Than Yourself

On March 15th, 6:39 PM, CT, the Sun and Neptune form a new Pisces cycle to expand our current horizons and help us access a greater sense of purpose.

This is a significant alignment that has the potential to bring about powerful transformation in relationships, partnerships, creativity, and metaphysics also impacting arts, religion, and philosophy. With the Sun and Neptune joining forces, you can expect a higher heart shift, leading to more fulfilling and harmonious connections. This could manifest new spiritual movements and an increased interest in esoteric teachings and metaphysics. Expect unique opportunities to deepen your connection to the larger cosmic forces at play, tap into your inner wisdom, and cultivate a heightened sense of cosmic consciousness.

In addition, this energy can also result in confusion or disillusionment and may require a great deal of self-reflection to navigate. So, focus on tending to your inner world, fostering creativity, practicing self-care, and seeking balance in all relationships.

March 16: Venus Enters Taurus

Building New Levels of Stability & Security Within Relationships

Prepare to unravel, unpack, and unwind through a new journey of heart awakening when Venus returns home in Taurus on March 16th.

Venus in Taurus is a time when Taurus’ stable and sensual magnetic vibration influences the energies of love, beauty, and values. During this transit, the collective energies may shift focus toward creating stability, comfort, and security, and there may be an emphasis on indulging in the pleasures of life. As a result, Venus brings a sense of contentment, satisfaction, and a desire to treat ourselves and others with kindness and generosity.

However, it’s essential to be mindful and not to become too attached to material possessions or overly possessive in relationships. This can lead to a blockage in the Heart chakra, causing feelings of fear, anger, and mistrust.

To fully awaken and balance the Heart chakra during this time, you are encouraged to cultivate self-love, practice empathy and compassion, and focus on forming strong, healthy connections with others.

Overall, Venus entering Taurus highlights the importance of cultivating self-love and self-worth and enjoying life’s beauty and sensual pleasures. In addition, it is a beautiful time to connect with the Earth, its resources, and its inhabitants on a Soul level.

March 19: Mercury Enters Aries

The Creative Spark of Manifestation

Sparks are active, and magic comes online when Mercury enters Aries on March 19th. As we align with what truly matters most, Mercury in Aries inspires new possibilities and the freedom to choose our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.

The collective energies during this time may focus on taking the initiative and speaking confidently. This can lead to impulsive decisions; however, it can also bring creative energy and innovative thinking. Expect cosmic influences to be characterized by assertiveness, boldness, and a willingness to take risks to pursue your goals.

March 20: Aries Season & Spring Equinox

A Season of Starting Fresh

On March 20th, 4:20 PM CT, Aries season 2023 begins, marking the start of a brand-new astrological year and Spring Equinox. These energies represent a time of rebirth, renewal, and a new chapter of our journey.

Sun’s journey through Pisces was a spiritual cleansing that brought us back to the cosmic womb of creation, inviting a deep release. Now, the Sun reminds us of the importance of actively nurturing and devolving the creative impulses within.

Aries symbolizes the spark of manifestation, cycles, and emerging possibilities. The first of fire signs, Aries marks the beginning of the cycle around the great wheel of life. And when the Sun is in Aries, we will all feel a dynamic activation of energies that encourage refinement and mastery of the mind.

This energy shift can impact the collective by inspiring a desire for growth and new opportunities. We may feel driven to start new projects, pursue passions, and take on challenges. In addition, Aries season will bring us an element of courage and assertiveness, encouraging us to take charge of our lives and make positive changes. Overall, the Sun entering Aries gifts a sense of excitement, optimism, and motivation.

Happy Birthday, Aries!

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March 21: New Moon in Aries

A Time to Set Intentions For The Seasons Ahead

On March 21st, 12:24 PM CT, the New Moon arrives at 0°48′, in the bold sign of Aries. This is a very potent New Moon, as it occurs the day after the astrological new year and Aries season.

New Moons happen when the Sun and Moon come close in the same sign, symbolizing a time of manifestation and renewal. A New Moon often represents a moment to turn inwards, reflect on current energies, and set new intentions in fresh soil.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is associated with courage, determination, and a pioneering spirit. It is the spark of creative mental discipline. This Fire sign is all about action and starting new projects and initiatives, bringing unmatched enthusiasm that provides the confidence and determination needed to overcome obstacles and make things happen.

The New Moon supports us in taking courageous leaps of faith while finding or exploring constructive and creative ways to work through impulses and feelings. In addition, the New Moon emphasizes the ability to see ourselves clearly and in action. We can harness the power to transcend our current scenarios by seeing ourselves through a higher vision or thought vibration.

Overall, this is a time to awaken and realize you can write a new story.

Additional New Moon themes:

  • Increased energy and sexuality
  • Inspires confidence and loyalty
  • New commitments, contracts, or alliances
  • A Time for ritual and preparation for new cycles
  • The ability to eliminate all doubt and discern what is right

Focus on seeing the cause and effect of your actions. Unveil the hidden blind spots and unconscious programming. Take ownership of your thoughts that run the show and suspend old paradigms.

March 23: Pluto Enters Aquarius

A Collective Rebirth

On March 23rd, 3:24 AM CT, Pluto, the planet of change and transformation, enters Aquarius and activates a significant shift in astrological energies. It’s the first time since 2008 that Pluto has changed signs, which marks the beginning of a 20-month transition out of Capricorn and finally entering for good in November of 2024.

In astrology, Pluto relates to death, rebirth, transformation, and life’s more profound mysteries. The higher octave of Mars, Pluto, symbolizes Soul’s drive for power and mastery over self. Pluto is also associated with projection and regeneration; its influence is said to bring about a time of intense purging and renewal. Pluto is the force that tears down old structures and rebuilds them in a more evolved form- this can manifest in individual and collective realms, leading to personal growth and societal change.

When in Aquarius, Pluto forces the collective to confront its shadow aspects of relationships, technology, sex, etc., and transform outdated systems and structures. There may be a focus on breaking free from old ways of thinking and embracing new and innovative solutions to societal problems.

This can involve a rejection of the status quo and push for progress and equality. On a personal level, this transit can emphasize finding your place within the collective and using your unique talents and abilities to contribute to society positively. There may be a need to let go of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve your highest good and embrace a new way of thinking. Pluto will transit Aquarius until June 2023, giving us a taste of what to expect in the future. It’s an intense time of transformation, so focus on breaking free from old habits and patterns and embracing new and innovative solutions for a better future for all.

March 25: Mars Enters Cancer

Learning Emotional Maturity

After an eventful and very long transit through Gemini, Mars enters Cancer on March 25th for a much-needed cool-off and cleanse. Although Mars is said to be in its fall, this influence creates more heartfelt energy.

Mars entering Cancer is a time when the assertive and aggressive energy of Mars is influenced by the emotional and nurturing power of Cancer, emphasizing home life, family bonds, partnerships, and sex, which may result in increased nurturing and compassion in personal relationships, as well as a heightened sensitivity to the needs of others.

On the other hand, this placement may also bring up feelings of insecurity, a tendency towards passive aggression, and difficulty healthily expressing emotions. To overcome these negative aspects of Mars in Cancer, it’s vital to balance assertiveness with emotional intelligence and to work on controlling and channeling anger in healthy ways. This may involve practicing self-care and self-expression, learning to set healthy boundaries, and engaging in activities that help regulate emotions.

Use these Energy Tips for March 2023

This month’s oracle card is “The Dark Mysteries,” enter the chamber of the dark goddess, brought to you by the Isis oracle deck.

This oracle serves as a cosmic message that you are traveling through life-changing experiences, and it is ok to release the fears within that have been secretly holding you back. Aries initiates, and this is your spiritual initiation, to work on your shadow and bring your whole self to light. Don’t be afraid to go into dark places and face complicated feelings.

The energy is ripe for new beginnings; time to embrace the fresh start ahead. You are leveling up in self-mastery, where you are initiated through the darkness, struggles, and shadow and into the light of love. In addition, this also indicates overcoming a period of difficulty and chaos.

So, celebrate yourself and activate your higher self. You don’t want to miss out on the empowering energy of this season.

How to Make Productive Use of March’s Energies

  1. Connect with your inner self: Take time for introspection and reflection. This can help you understand and process your emotions and thoughts.
  2. Practice self-compassion and self-care: Be kind and understanding to yourself. Accept your flaws and mistakes and focus on growth and self-improvement. Also, treat yourself to a spa day, take a bubble bath, or do something that makes you happy and relaxed.
  3. Nourish your body: Eat well, stay hydrated, and get enough rest. Proper nourishment and rest can help you feel refreshed and energized.
  4. Move your body: Exercise and physical activity can help pent-up release energy and promote well-being.
  5. Get creative: Engage in creative activities such as painting, drawing, or writing. This can help you tap into your imagination and positively express your feelings.
  6. Connect with nature: Spend time outdoors, walking in the park, or visiting natural spaces. Connecting with nature can help you tap into Earth’s natural energy and promote balance.

In summary, March is the birth of a new season that brings energies of abundance, growth, healing, and success. It’s time to awaken your soul gifts and understand how you may limit yourself while pursuing your dreams.

Acknowledging your fears and doubts is a game-changer!

This month, focus on pausing before speaking and responding. Find an opportunity from the fast-paced energy to slow down, interrupt your routine and elevate your consciousness. This creates space for something new to emerge instead of repeating repetitive patterns. So, stop, breathe, and be open to receiving March’s blessings.

With love!

Make sure to check in with the March 2023 astrology calendar to track daily astrological transits throughout the month!

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