Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for February 19th – 25th, 2024

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Welcome to a brand new week of magic, astrological wonder, and intuitive mysteries!

This week, we’ll face off with a Full Moon in Virgo on the 24th, grounding us in our dreams and practical ambitions.

Who are you really, and what do you want to pursue? What little habits or routines are contributing to that dream, and which commitments might need some adjustment? That’s the energy this special Moon event prompts us to ponder. 

With such important questions up for consideration, we’ve also checked in with the Tarot for your weekly Tarotscope guidance (and a bit more of a personal heads-up on what’s to come).

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for February 19 – 25, 2024


The High Priestess (Reversed)

Aries, we know it isn’t easy for you to not have all the answers.

And yet, this week is exactly what you’re coming to terms with. The High Priestess reversed complicates your relationship with your intuition, putting you at odds with what you think you know to be true about yourself, your future plans, and the world around you.

Although this is an uncomfortable energy to be facing, this necessary blockage can be rewarding to work through.

In other words… there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, so long as you’re willing to drive through.


Knight of Cups (Reversed)

Taurus may be feeling some discomfort coming from their heartspace right now.

The Knight of Cups reversed can make you feel emotionally disconnected or feel completely on overdrive (like you’re feeling everything at once).

This may be an important week for getting your ducks back in a row — intentional rest, meditation, and dedicated journal time.

You may think that this uncomfortable phase will pass on its own, but the Full Moon gives you an opportunity to reorganize your thoughts and emotions before they spiral into deeper disarray.


Ace of Wands

Gemini, are you ready to see sparks fly?

The Ace of Wands offers new opportunities, fresh starts, and innovative ideas. You may come to special epiphanies this week or find yourself initiating something spontaneous unexpectedly.

While this card can be full of fun surprises, it’s important to seize the moment but not get lost in the excitement.

Keep your head on your shoulders… and run boldly into the unknown, if possible!


Death (Reversed)

Cancer has been trying to make moves forward for a while now.

However, Death reversed puts another blockage on your desire for transformation. You recognize, internally, that something’s gotta give — you don’t want to sit stagnantly where you are anymore.

At the same time, it’s a lot easier said than done. You may be second-guessing what parts of your life are right for you, and it’s difficult to make the final call on cutting something out when you’re still uncertain.

This week, take some time for yourself to really re-evaluate and feel out what’s real within your heart.


The Sun (Reversed)

It’s looking a little dim for Leo, but the darkness isn’t coming from the outside.

The Sun reversed indicates that you’re not feeling the usual light and joy that Leos are known for. You may feel more disconnected from your sense of self and overall more hazy or foggy with what’s bringing you happiness.

This period of discontentment doesn’t have to mean that something is wrong with you or the world around you. Sometimes, we just don’t feel like ourselves.

This is one of those times for you, Leo. Be patient with yourself.


King of Pentacles (Reversed)

Virgo wants to get organized this week, but it’s harder than it seems.

With the King of Pentacles reversed you may have practical difficulties at hand. People aren’t listening to you as clearly, and it suddenly can seem like hundreds of responsibilities have stacked up all at once.

Not feeling 100% in control can be extremely disorienting, especially for Virgos, but we all have moments of disorganization and disarray. 

The key to success this week is to loosen your grip, allow some space for chaos, and remember that you can only control… what you can control.


7 of Cups

Libra, the final call is in your hands.

The 7 of Cups hints that you have major decisions to be made. For some Libras, this may concern your relationships with others. For other Libras, you may have multiple dreams and aspirations that you’re trying to juggle simultaneously.

Not everything can be taken with you. In order to properly choose something, you’ll have to let go of some other options.

Remember, Libra: making the “wrong” decision is sometimes still better than not choosing at all.


The Chariot (Reversed)

Scorpio, this week is one of evaluating your personal successes and failures.

The Chariot is usually a card of driven, devoted, clear-cut success. We find it after a lot of hard work and dedication and come out the other end knowing a lot more about ourselves.

Reversed, you may be struggling to resonate with your past successes, as well as relate your current path to what you’d like to accomplish later.

In other words, this is a time for honest self-reflection and evaluation before making any major steps forward.


Knight of Swords

Sagittarius, are you ready to seize the day?

The Knight of Swords certainly is asking you to. This is a card of clear communication, bold, decisive action, and swift movements.

This week may go by fast, so you’ll have to be willing to keep up with the pace. Remain observant, vigilant, and always ready to step up to the plate (perhaps even before you are asked).

With the right attitude, this week can be powerful for the wild archer.


The Hierophant (Reversed)

Capricorn isn’t vibing with the larger systems and institutions currently in play.

However, this isn’t always as big or dramatic as it seems.

The Hierophant reversed may indicate you’re struggling to connect with your workplace environment, a boss, a person in your life holding a position of authority, or even old ways of thinking about your spirituality and faith.

This disconnect can make it difficult to plan or coordinate with others, and you may feel an impulse to retreat into your shell and do things your own way.


3 of Swords

Aquarius, this week is one where self-forgiveness and patience are key virtues.

The 3 of Swords brings loss, pain, and heartbreak to light. This may be a fresh cut for some Aquarians — receiving disappointing news or experiencing a difficult event in the days ahead.

For others, you may still be working through an old wound (and yet it can still sting just the same).

This is a week of healing, processing, and giving yourself ample time to find the peace you need. No sudden movements or choices are required here, Aquarius.


6 of Pentacles

Pisces, this week’s themes for you are… kindness, resources, and generosity.

The 6 of Pentacles asks you to be on the giving end this week rather than the receiver. In other words, you may have resources (time, effort, financial support) that others could really use right now.

You may think that you don’t have anything to offer, but you’d be surprised what others may value right now.

Keep an open heart and see where there are opportunities to make a difference this week.

How to Connect With the Full Moon in Virgo

You may now feel more ready to dive into this week’s energy, armed with guidance and insight from the Tarot.

But it never hurts to have more than one card (no pun intended) up your sleeve! Here are a couple of our favorite essentials for getting ahead of the curve with this week’s energy:

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