Social Butterflies Will Soar with Mercury in Libra

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Sociable Mercury is about to re-enter Libra on October 10th, and this kicks off a 19-day period where we’re super engaged and ready to connect! 

This is likely sooooooo needed now that Mercury retrograde is over. That dreadful retrograde started in Libra on September 9th, and it’s been nothing but misunderstandings and frustrations ever since.

We’ve had a lot of stress, and some of that was due to people getting under our skin. Okay, maybe more than some!

With Mercury retrograde over, we can get some relief, which can fully be in effect on October 16th, with Mercury in Libra. This is helpful to get back on track and reconcile with those we got into fights with and wanted to strangle more than once.

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Mercury in Libra is Normally Nice!

Mercury touring zodiac sign Libra is traditionally quite pleasant because Mercury connects well to the Air signs (and is the natural ruling planet for one of them, Gemini). Mercury is the planet of the mind and likes to keep busy, and the Air signs are the signs of the mind communication, sociability, and connections.

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Libra itself is the sign of relationships and rules the people in our lives, so Mercury in Libra is excellent for engaging and connecting mentally. We can be especially good in one-on-one conversations.

Mercury in Libra helps us:

  • See both sides of the situations
  • Understand people better
  • Be better at negotiating and compromising
  • Makes us mediators and diplomats
  • Our communications are much more pleasant.

That likely wasn’t the case at all during the first round of Mercury in Libra, thanks to the retrograde, but that’s over now!

We likely really WANT to have these conversations and communications and can see how important they are now. Whether we held back too much or let everything on our minds unload, we can balance the communication scales now.

This helps us soothe the wounds that likely came about during Mercury retrograde in our relationships, partnerships, and dealings with others. We’re so pleasant and charming now that we can find a way to smooth things over and let it go.

If you’re in a relationship, Mercury in Libra can be excellent for improving communication with your partner, and you can feel much more open and willing to let conversations flow.

If you’re single, you may find you’re more focused on finding commitment with someone like-minded, and communication can be more important to you.

As a bonus, Mercury gets really annoyed when it’s moving slowly, as it does when retrograde, and zips through Libra in only 2 1/2 weeks, so Mercury is in a much better place and much happier state of being with this quick movement.

Mercury in Libra Horoscopes


Mercury in Libra can bring very helpful energy for your dealings with others, Aries, and you can be more open one-on-one and a better supporter of those you care about. You can be there for them and help them feel better.

This can make you want more time around others, but you may prefer to do it one-on-one rather than with big groups. You likely enjoy the intimacy it brings.


This Mercury in Libra period can give you an eye for the details, Taurus, and you can pay closer attention. This can be great for any work you need to do or projects you need to start, but you may be less open with others.

You likely do more listening instead, so you can be a great sounding board, but may not be open with what you’re thinking unless you’re confident it’ll be received well.


Mercury in Libra can be great for your social energy, Gemini, and you can feel much more comfortable goofing off with others, friends, family, and strangers alike. You can enjoy the attention you get and want more of it.

You may be quite theatrical in your conversations, more gregarious, and people can gravitate to you as the life of the party.


You may not feel quite so social while Mercury is in Libra, Cancer, and prefer to spend time at home or with family. Family functions can be more fun for you, and you can be more engaging.

If you’re going out, you likely want to stick to the places most familiar or be around people you know well. Total unfamiliarity can make you uncomfortable, but you can let loose if you’re comfortable.


Being around others can be more enjoyable for you with Mercury in Libra, Leo, and this may prompt you to opt for more time around other people. You can be much more engaging and open, and others can be with you as well.

You may want to have some variety, so you may opt to spend time with different people or in different places or doing different things.


You may be quiet around others while Mercury is in Libra, Virgo, and you can hold your thoughts until you feel ready to say something. You may avoid anything too social as a result, but when you do participate, you can throw yourself into it.

You may want to be around those who have a calming effect on you, or you may find you have that effect on others.


Mercury is touring your sign, Libra, and this can make you much more open with your thoughts, ideas, and opinions and much more engaging. You can enjoy engaging with others as much as possible and can fill up your schedule.

This can be a welcome change from when Mercury was retrograde in your sign, and you can finally start to feel more like yourself again.


You may be the quiet one standing out of the way at any social functions while Mercury is in Libra, Scorpio, and may prefer to be alone or stay home. You likely want to keep your opinions to yourself and go through your thoughts on your own.

You can be quite charismatic in your communications though, so you may find others enjoy engaging with you. 


You can be open to new people and doing new things with Mercury in Libra, Sagittarius, and this can open you up to new engagements. You can be more comfortable with groups or want more time with your friends.

Any new people you’re around, you may prefer they be unconventional types, unusual in some way, and very interesting to keep your attention.


This may not be a very social period for you, Capricorn, as Mercury in Libra makes you more ambitious and focused on your goals. Where you may be more engaging is in pursuit of those goals, and you can make connections if you feel it will benefit you and help with success.

New connections you make can be less personal because of this and more for the sake of helping you make progress.


Mercury in Libra can open you up to adventures with others, Aquarius, and you may be more gregarious and fun-loving. You can keep an open mind and might sometimes be a bit wild.

You can be a great storyteller during this period, so others may beg you to tell this story and that story.


Mercury in Libra can make your mind and outlook more serious, Pisces, so you’re likely not as interested in anything light, superficial, or being around strangers. Instead, you may prefer to be with the people you’re closest to.

When you’re around them, you can be incredibly engaging and may want to understand more about them and keep asking questions.

Enjoy Mercury in Libra – Before Things Get Wonky!

While Mercury in Libra is nice, one important event is going to occur right after Mercury exits Libra – Mars retrograde in Gemini, one of the signs Mercury rules!

Mercury exits Libra on October 29th, and Mars retrograde begins in Gemini the next day, on October 30th. Mars retrograde in Gemini is likely going to bring out a lot of arguing and hostility, and bad communication can become worse.

We may not want to listen, and we may be quick to fight, even if unprovoked. Our focus may be lacking, we’ve got a lot on our minds, and everything is frustrating us.

This makes the period Mercury is in Libra even more important because if we don’t utilize the pleasant, compromising, diplomatic energy, that’s going to make Mars retrograde much worse.

If we can use this energy now and set ourselves up well, we can go into Mars retrograde a bit more confident and with a little less to fear.

Work on healthy and open lines of communication now!

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