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On June 17th, 2024, Mercury and Venus will move into Cancer! Just about two and a half hours apart. This brings a quick surge of energy for Cancer, and with the Sun entering just a few days later on June 20th, we’re feeling the push into Cancer season.

That very day when Mercury and Venus enter Cancer will be especially strong, though, since they’ll both be at 0 degrees Cancer. There are 30 degrees in every zodiac sign (360 degrees in the entire zodiac), and some specific degrees are considered more potent. 0 degrees Cancer is one of them.

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Cancer is a Water sign, and the Water signs include Scorpio and Pisces. These signs are the signs of emotion and have a strong tie to what we feel emotionally, as well as to the subtle energies all around us.

Cancer is also a Cardinal sign, along with Aries, Libra, and Capricorn. The Cardinal signs are the leaders of the zodiac, and they lead the way for everyone else and get things started.

Put this together, and Cancer is the emotional leader for us all. Cancer shows us how to feel and what to do with our feelings, and we are motivated to take action based on what it feels.

The natural ruling planet for Cancer is the Moon, the planet of emotion. The energy of the Moon ebbs and flows, much like the tides on Earth, thanks to the pull of the Moon.

Cancer is symbolized by the Crab, who can be a little bit moody. Sometimes, emotion gets the better of Cancer, and it can get kind of crabby about it.

Cancer is at the very bottom of the zodiac, so it’s associated with internal foundations, our roots, and starting from the bottom with something. Cancer energy like this usually prompts us to start from zero and work our way up.

All of this energy is going to get stronger soon, with Mercury and Venus moving into Cancer at about the same time. And it’s extra strong with both of them at 0 degrees Cancer.

0 degrees of any of the Cardinal signs is the 0 degrees Aries Point. This is a highly active position in astrology, and with the Cardinal signs being leaders, we have to take action.

In Cancer, this is tied to what we feel. We have to take our internal emotions and turn them outward, using them as direct motivation to create something tangible that we feel a strong connection to.

We’re also pulling away from Gemini energy as Mercury and Venus move to Cancer (and soon the Sun), so we have to make sure we’ve finished our plans and sorted through our idea; otherwise, we may not move as swiftly with the Cancer energy.

Mercury in Cancer: Mind & Emotions

With Mercury in Cancer, this puts the planet of the mind in the sign of emotions, which means our mind and our emotions are aligned. We can say what we feel, find the right ways to convey our emotions, and have an easier time with emotional expression.

As a result, what we say can have more meaning, and we really do mean what we’re saying. We can also understand what other people say and the emotions of situations.

On the downside, we may lack objectivity at times and need to make sure we’re not getting lost in what we feel. We have to remember that everyone is feeling something.

Mercury enters Cancer on June 17th and stays until July 2nd, 2024, so Mercury is only spending 15 days in this sign. We get about two weeks where our minds and our emotions are in sync.

Venus in Cancer: Emotional Connection

With Venus in Cancer, this puts the planet of relationships and connections in the sign of emotions, which means emotional connection becomes incredibly important in our dealings with others. We can prioritize improving emotional connections with others, but we may want more time with those we feel we already have that with.

We can get more emotional support and be more emotionally understanding. At the same time, we need more support from those in our lives and may work on improving our support system.

Venus enters Cancer on June 17th and stays until July 11th, 2024, which is about three and a half weeks. This period brings greater emotional focus to our connections.

Mercury & Venus in Cancer for the Zodiac Signs


Your emotions can be front and center during this period, Aries. You can say what you mean and mean what you say, and you can get and give emotional support and encouragement. You can be more personal and crave more closeness.

You may also give more attention to home and family matters, help those you consider family, or make plans to improve your living situation.


  • Plan a gathering with those you think of as family
  • Work on home decorating or renovations
  • Look into moving
  • Start a project from the ground up that you connect with emotionally


Your mental energy can surge with Mercury and Venus in Cancer, Taurus, and you may come up with new ideas, work on new plans, and gather new information. The ideas you connect with emotionally can get more of your attention, and you can be a strong communicator.

You can improve both mental and emotional connections with others, and this helps you feel you have strong bonds with those you care about.


  • Put together a few short-term plans and take action quickly
  • Fill up your schedule 
  • Do some journaling or reading
  • Take a quick class


With Mercury and Venus in Cancer, Gemini, you may slow down and take it easy. You can use this energy to determine ways to improve stability and security in your life. You can take your time taking action, but be invested in it once you do.

You may focus on stability and security externally, but you can also deal with this internally and emotionally. Being more emotionally stable and secure can help you work through any blocks and build on what you started with Gemini season.


  • Make time in your plans to chill
  • Splurge on something small
  • Spend time in nature
  • Engage in your senses with essential oils, perfumes, luxurious fabrics, massages, spa days, etc.


Mercury and Venus move into your sign, Cancer, and this is your time to get something started. You’ve likely been in a quiet period, but that starts to shift with Mercury and Venus entering your sign, and you can feel a surge of motivation and drive to take action.

Work on your plans and pick an idea you want to start with immediately. Get help from those you trust, and be willing to take the initiative for what you want.


  • Be physically active
  • Learn something new
  • Meet new people
  • Make a new commitment


With Mercury and Venus entering Cancer, this can be a quiet period for you, Leo. You can take time to yourself to work alone and set yourself up going forward (there’s a lot for you to prepare for this summer!).

Focus on what you can finish, any small projects or plans you can complete, and sort through ideas. Tend to little issues in your relationships and improve your boundaries with others.


  • Work on a project behind the scenes
  • Clean up a messy space and toss/donate/recycle
  • Do volunteer work
  • Go to a concert, learn an instrument, or spend more time in the water


You can be more open to change for the future with Mercury and Venus in Cancer, and this can help set you up for a long time, Virgo. Gemini Season has likely been one focused on progress and discipline, but this Cancer energy opens you up to experimentation and the unconventional.

Think outside the box and utilize your social connections to create new opportunities. Work on plans for change, and be open to meeting new people who help you along the way.


  • Join a group
  • Take up a new cause
  • Spend time with a friend
  • Invent something


Your goals and ambitions can be more important with Mercury and Venus in Cancer, and you can prioritize making progress, Libra. You can focus on your long-term plans and work on doing things the right way and for the right reasons.

You may set a new goal to work on, and any work you do that is smart and right can get you recognition. Open up to the right people in the right places, and hit your stride.


  • Do some hiking/climbing
  • Apply for a raise or promotion
  • Spend time with parents or authority figures
  • Strengthen discipline


It can be an expansive time for you with Mercury and Venus in Cancer, and you can be open to what’s possible, Scorpio. You may want to pursue new experiences, and you can have an optimistic outlook that opens up even more doors for you.

These new experiences can help you connect emotionally and feel emotionally secure. You can also become more gregarious and keep an eye open for adventure.


  • Write or speak out
  • Travel
  • Teach something
  • Sharpen expertise


Passionate energy can be high with Mercury and Venus in Cancer, and you can work on utilizing this energy productively, Sagittarius. You can take things seriously, focus on serious matters, and want to get to the heart of situations.

You can be more passionate in your relationships, more willing to share with loved ones, and want to improve intimate connections. You have less patience for anything superficial and want everything to have depth.


  • Renovate something
  • Do research
  • Get access to a shared resource
  • Invest wisely


The people in your life can get more attention from you with Mercury and Venus in Cancer, and you can focus on spending more time with others, Capricorn. You can enjoy having company and want to improve commitment and engagement.

You can be more willing to compromise and can understand many sides to situations. This can make you more pleasant and agreeable, and you may attract many people to you who are charming, intelligent, and resourceful.


  • Work to improve balance
  • Make one-on-one time for those you haven’t had time for lately
  • Go somewhere trendy
  • Buy or create something beautiful for your home or office


Productivity can be high with Mercury and Venus in Cancer, and you can work to get as much done as possible, Aquarius. You can make lists, get organized, sort through what needs to be done, and stay focused on the details.

You can enjoy getting things done, being useful, and taking a practical approach. This would be a good time to work on a project or idea that you find fun and connect with emotionally.


  • Break down a big project into many small projects
  • Do routine maintenance on your home, car, computer, or phone
  • Get a health checkup
  • Start a new exercise regimen


Everything can be inspiring for you with Mercury and Venus in Cancer, and you can use this energy creatively, Pisces. You can make more time for fun, for play, and for connecting to your heart, and want to remind yourself to be joyful again.

Relationships can seem more enjoyable, and you can be affectionate and romantic. If single, you can be more attractive to new suitors, and if in a relationship, you can reignite sparks between you.


  • Pick up a new hobby
  • Have a mini vacation
  • Get a stuffed animal
  • Donate 

Make use of Mercury & Venus in Cancer

Take action with the Cardinal energy of Cancer, and use your emotions to drive you. This can keep you going no matter what.

Remember that Mercury and Venus overlap in Cancer from June 17th to July 2nd, 2024, and the Sun will also be in Cancer starting June 20th. Thus, all three will be in Cancer from June 20th to July 2nd, 2024!

With almost two weeks to use this energy, there’s plenty of time to get started and build a lasting foundation.

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