What it Means When the Moon is in Your Rising Sign

Every month, the Moon speeds through all 12 of the zodiac signs and spends about two and a half days each month in each sign. This means the Moon is in your Rising sign for about two and a half days out of every month—but what does that mean for you?

No other planet moves as quickly as the Moon does, so no other planet tours all of the zodiac signs every month. It takes the rest of them at least a year!

This means the Moon will come in contact with every planet, house, and other bodies in your natal chart every month, including your Rising sign (also known as your Ascendant). So when it’s in contact with a part of your chart, it’s making that part of your birth chart more important for you at the moment.

Don’t know your Rising sign? Use the free birth chart calculator to find out!

The Moon in Astrology

The Moon governs emotions, and when moving through the signs, the transit Moon brings emotional focus to whatever it’s in contact with. As a result, our emotions may be more intense depending on the sign the Moon is in, leading us to be focused on different areas of our lives.

This doesn’t last long because the Moon moves so quickly, and you only get two to three days for the Moon to bring emotional attention to a certain part of your birth chart.

Understanding Your Rising Sign

Your Rising sign is the zodiac sign that was on the horizon at the moment you were born and the location you were born at. It usually corresponds to your first house.

The Rising sign is a part of the primal triad in astrology, including the Sun and Moon in a person’s natal chart. They are the foundation for you and your life, with the Sun ruling your true self, your Moon ruling your emotional self, and your Rising ruling your outer self.

How you come across when you first meet people or when you are in new situations is shown in the traits of your Rising sign. Those who know you best are the ones who see your Sun sign, and whenever you react emotionally to something, that’s when your Moon sign kicks in.

Because astrology separates your outer self with the Rising and your inner self with the Sun, this explains how most of us seem so different when first meeting. Unless you have your Sun and Rising in the same zodiac sign, you’re going to seem different at first from how you truly are.

An interesting thing about your Rising sign is that while there is a light/positive and dark/negative energy to every zodiac sign, we usually play up the light/positive of our Rising sign.

We do want to put our best foot forward, after all!

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The Transit Moon in Your Rising Sign

The transit Moon is in your Rising sign for two to three days every month. When the transit Moon is in your Rising sign, you may feel a compelling need to focus on yourself.

What do you want and need most now, and how can you take care of yourself emotionally? What are the most emotional situations you’re dealing with at the moment?

Because the Moon rules emotions, your emotions may be heightened when the Moon is in your Rising sign. You can be more outward with them and open about how you feel with others, even when you’re normally not.

Since your Rising sign connects with your 1st house, you can also focus on new beginnings. The 1st house governs the new, and this may be a time during the month when you’re working on getting something started, a new project, or a journey.

This may be something you work on for the few days the Moon is in your Rising sign, or it may be something you work on for the next month until the Moon is in your sign again.

4 Ways to Use the Moon in Your Rising Sign

1. Manifest New Beginnings

The best way to use the Moon in your Rising sign is to focus on a new beginning. Make plans for starting new projects and ventures beforehand, so you’re all ready to take the initiative when the Moon is in your Rising sign.

2. Connect to Your Emotions

This can be a good time to connect to yourself emotionally and show yourself emotional comfort and support. Since the Moon is ruled by Cancer and Aries rule the 1st house, when these elements connect, you’ll want to aim for things that make you passionate and things that connect you to your emotional inner world.

You may want to carve out time for the things you’re familiar with and let yourself relax emotionally.

3. Focus on Self-Improvement

It can also be a great few days to work on improving yourself. The energy is perfect for charging our desire for change and motion, so take full advantage of the extra boost you get when the Moon is in your Rising sign.

Focus on one thing you can tackle quickly, and get moving with it so you can get some momentum before the Moon changes signs.

4. Take a Step Outside Yourself

Since our Rising sign is what the world sees, this is a perfect opportunity to take a step out of our own shoes and into those who are meeting us. Are we told that we come across as stand-offish? What can we do to give off the first impression that we desire?

Work with these emotions to inspire personal growth and to better your future relationships and career prospects.

Your Rising Sign: New Moons & Full Moons

Every year, you’ll experience one to two New Moons and one to two Full Moons in your Rising sign.

A New Moon is Rising

A New Moon in your Rising sign is an amazing time for a new beginning, and this is something that can last for a year or longer.

Your energy will be higher, you will feel more enthusiastic, and new opportunities that help you make fresh starts and progress are on the table. It can be an exciting time, and you can be ready to go for it.

With a New Moon in your Rising sign, both the Sun and Moon are in your Rising sign, and this brings complete focus on what you want to do for yourself.

A Full Moon Blooms

A Full Moon in your Rising sign can bring out your emotions even stronger than usual. You may be a lot more sensitive and need to take care of yourself emotionally and have good boundaries in place.

If you’ve been doing things right, you can make major progress with a Full Moon in your Rising sign. This can lead to getting attention, and you can push forward more.

Full Moons are associated with endings, so this can also be a time when you see a major ending in your life. For example, you can finish a project or venture that has taken up a lot of your time, let go of a partnership, or drop a bad habit.

With a Full Moon in your Rising sign, the Sun is in your opposite sign, in your Descendant sign, while the Moon is in your Rising sign. There can be a greater need for balance and improved connections with others.

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Pay attention to the Moon!

You don’t have to wait long for the Moon to be in your Rising sign, so take advantage of it every month to kick off something new in your life.

Ensure to keep an eye on your daily horoscope to combine your new knowledge of Moon’s and Rising signs with the current Universal placements affecting you.

There’s a new opportunity around every door to use your birth chart for transformation.

So, be excited, and take the initiative!

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