Pluto is Moving Into Capricorn – Here’s EXACTLY What This Means

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The intense and passionate planet, Pluto, is gearing up to exit Aquarius, where it’s been since March, and go back into Capricorn on June 11th, 2023, bringing back the Pluto in Capricorn energy we’ve had for the last decade.

The short tour of Pluto in Aquarius has ushered in some very different energy for us, and this came with some significant astrological events (including an anaretic eclipse and Mercury retrograde). This change may have been welcome, but also challenged the way things have been.

Pluto going back to Capricorn turns our attention back to what we may have thought we were done with. Not yet, says Pluto!

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About Transit Pluto in Astrology

Pluto is technically a dwarf planet and is the slowest moving, taking many years to move through one zodiac sign. In transit, Pluto is the planet of transformation and transforms whatever it touches.

Pluto can force us to transform if we fight it, which is often the case initially, so Pluto has to make it so we have no other choice but to transform. This can be upsetting and chaotic.

When we embrace Pluto, take control, and make changes ourselves, Pluto is much easier to handle and usually isn’t so upsetting. Instead, it’s empowering!

About Capricorn in Astrology

Capricorn is an Earth sign (along with Taurus and Virgo), and these are the signs that are practical, focused, and govern our professional lives. Capricorn itself rules our careers, goals, ambitions, and life path, so it’s important for what we want and where we’re going.

Capricorn is a Cardinal sign (along with Aries, Cancer, and Libra), and these signs are the ones who take action. Capricorn is one of the leaders of the zodiac and doesn’t have to wait for someone else to go for what it wants, yet it goes forth with a practical outlook and plan.

The natural ruling planet for Capricorn is stoic Saturn, which makes Capricorn mature, disciplined, and with little patience for the superficial. Capricorn must be responsible and ethical, and it has to do things the right way and for the right reasons.

Capricorn connects to the 10th house, which is the house of goals and direction. Capricorn governs what we strive for, our ultimate achievements, our responsibilities, and our public image.

Capricorn is traditional and rules politics, governments, corporations, and institutions. Capricorn is the status quo, how things have been, what’s working, and what we stick with.

About Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto first entered Capricorn in 2008, so this is a transit we’ve dealt with for 15 years. Pluto’s movement into Aquarius a few months ago started a whole new Pluto cycle. However, Pluto isn’t done with the Capricorn cycle yet (not until November 2024; you can brush up on the Pluto in Aquarius transit with the article, Pluto is FINALLY Moving into Aquarius).

This means we’re at the end of Pluto’s time in Capricorn, ending this Pluto in the Capricorn cycle, and most of the massive transformations that Pluto brings have already come to pass. 

The height of this was with the Capricorn stellium in 2020 (with Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn along with Pluto), and we’re in a pretty different environment now than from just a few years ago (let alone from when this cycle started 15 years ago).

Pluto in Capricorn has targeted many countries, governments, leaders, and corporations during this time, but it’s also challenged us as individuals and societies to transform what has always been. Just because it’s the way things have been for a long time doesn’t mean it’s right anymore (or that it ever actually was).

The status quo has had to change. We’ve had to build a new foundation for our future (which is ushering in with Pluto in Aquarius, the sign of the future).

Now that we’re nearing the end of this Pluto in Capricorn cycle, this means we’re finalizing the transformations, getting them done, and tying them up. Anything that is left, we can do now so we’re able to move forward as we fully enter a new cycle next year.

Pluto remains in Capricorn for the rest of 2023 once it re-enters. It’ll only be in Capricorn for a couple of months in 2024, so we’re getting our best shot to get things done now, in 2023.

This can be especially strong at the start of Pluto in Capricorn because it’s starting with Pluto retrograde or appearing to move backward. Pluto moves backward from Aquarius to Capricorn and will be retrograde in Capricorn until October 10th, 2023. 

With Pluto retrograde, we can be more in tune with the subconscious and karmic energy, and this can help us connect with what we may not be fully aware of consciously. It can give us insights into what exactly we need to work on finishing or releasing.

If you’re a Capricorn Sun, Moon, or Rising, Pluto in Capricorn has been especially strong for you, and you’ve likely had to undergo the biggest transformations over these years. You may have one last fight in you before it’s over, but by now, you should be a formidable force who can take it.

For everyone else, look to the house in your birth chart transit Pluto at the end of Capricorn falls in (basically where 27 – 29 degrees Capricorn falls). The areas of life ruled by that house can be where you’re wrapping up transformations and ready to move forward.

29 degrees is called the anaretic degree in astrology, and it’s the last degree of a zodiac sign (there are 30 degrees in each sign). It’s supercharged energy, and you may find if you have anything in your natal chart positioned at 29 degrees (no matter the sign), it’s getting highlighted by Pluto in Capricorn since Pluto spends a lot of its time at that degree.

Pay special attention to whatever the body rules in your chart and try to take control of the final transformations.

Pluto in Capricorn Horoscopes for the Zodiac Signs


Pluto in Capricorn has likely brought major transformations with your life goals and the direction you’ve been on, Aries. You’ve been focused on trying to set yourself up long-term, and you’ve likely had to take on more responsibilities and exercise more discipline.

As Pluto in Capricorn is nearing the end, you can take this time to work on finishing some of your goals, reaching the ultimate height, and taking control of your image. You can empower yourself on your path in life and take control of where you’re going and how you’re getting there.

If you’ve avoided responsibility, doing the right thing, being ethical, or being considerate, you may experience one last setback or disappointment, or outright failure, and this can be a learning experience. Pluto wants to ensure you’ve learned to be responsible, moral, and disciplined, so take that lesson.

As you come out of this cycle, you should be positioned in a way that opens up new doors for your future, and you can get inspired and excited by what you can create and just how powerful your future can be.


Pluto in Capricorn has likely brought major transformations with your beliefs, outlook, and ability to experience and expand, Taurus. You’ve had to learn to open yourself up to new possibilities and embrace empowering beliefs.

Now that this cycle is nearing the end, you can finish some of this work and make sure you’re completely open to what’s possible. Keeping yourself open to possibilities can present big opportunities for you very quickly as you enter Pluto in Aquarius, and big success can be had.

Learning through life experiences has likely been something that has been more important to you, and you can be a powerful student this way. You can see the lessons all around you in every situation and take on new knowledge and wisdom.

Any blocks that are left, you may be forced to work on them now. Open yourself up in new ways, and allow yourself to align with what you’re passionate about in healthy ways.


Pluto in Capricorn has likely brought major transformations overall in your life, Gemini, but especially in regard to your own power and control. You’ve likely had to dig deep within yourself, take a hard look at your past, and face inner demons and difficult traumas, all to strengthen yourself.

By now, you should be a force to be reckoned with. You can use this power to your advantage as you move into the next Pluto cycle and can crack open to new opportunities and possibilities through sheer will.

If you’ve avoided confronting the darker side of yourself or your life, you may be forced to by Pluto now, before Pluto moves on. You need to take the time to understand yourself and your past better and work to improve in positive ways.

Get to the core, and shine a light. It may be dark and deep, intense and unrelenting, but there can be great insights and awareness awaiting you.


Pluto in Capricorn has likely brought major transformations in your relationships and dealings with others, Cancer. This may have brought powerful connections to you with powerful people, and you may have had to learn how to have healthy commitments and partnerships.

Pluto in Capricorn has allowed you to create powerful relationships that transform, empower, and strengthen you. The people you connect with most now should be people who make you feel strong.

If you haven’t done the work to achieve this, you may have to now, and there can be chaos in relationships or relationships that are on the brink for one reason or another. You need to get to the core of the issues and figure out what the problem is.

Superficial relationships don’t cut it for you now; you’ve likely weeded that out of your life. Any that remains can be improved. Otherwise, you may walk away at some point.


The transformations with Pluto in Capricorn may have been quieter and smaller for you, Leo. Yet, you may feel that it has tentacles, and the small changes have led to big things.

You can be more in control of your daily life, the work you do, and your productive energy. You may be passionate about what you do on a daily basis, and you can stick to structure and have a keen eye for the details.

If you’re not in control and haven’t worked through issues of stress, perfection, anxiety, and worry, you may have to do that now. You can work through blocks and try to understand where it all comes from.

This may mean some slightly chaotic energy now, but it can lead to a good outcome as you take on more power and control in your life. You can feel ready to strike a better balance as the next Pluto cycle begins.


Your heartfelt connections have likely undergone some massive transformations with Pluto in Capricorn, Virgo, and you may have developed stronger, more passionate love affairs and relationships, felt more empowered by your creativity, and been more invested in your hobbies.

When you’re connected with your heart, you can be powerful and formidable now. You can maximize inspiration and feel in tune with what brings you joy and fulfillment.

If you haven’t worked on issues that have kept you from connecting to your heart, you may be faced with doing so now. There may be a development that forces you to acknowledge love issues and keeps you from feeling joy.

As you connect more with your heart, you can become more passionate about life, and this can inspire you to take more control and work on more transformations.


Powerful emotions have likely developed with Pluto in Capricorn, Libra, and you may feel that you’re more driven by what you feel and more in control of your emotional security and stability. This has helped you take more control overall in your life.

You’ve likely had to strengthen yourself internally and address issues at your core, and this has allowed you to feel more supported, at least by yourself. You likely now have a solid support system, know how to soothe yourself and have a refuge when needed.

If you’re not in control of your emotions and haven’t addressed the core issues, you may find that you’re much more emotional now and need to get to those issues. If you avoid it further, you may feel your internal foundation, and the foundation for your life becomes quite shaky.

Connecting to your emotional self and tending to your emotional needs can be your first steps. This might stir up even more emotions at first, but you can eventually even out.


Creating a strong mind has likely been your focus with Pluto in Capricorn and Scorpio, and you can have a solid connection to your mental abilities, your ideas, and your opinions. You can be a powerful communicator now, and when you speak, others listen and take you seriously.

You can feel more in control of your mental energy and direct it to where it needs to be. Your ideas can be powerful, and you can focus on doing something tangible with them and actually follow through.

If you haven’t formed this connection with your mind and communication yet, you may have to do that now. You can find yourself in situations where you need to think fast, answer authoritatively, or assert your ideas, and any hesitation or insecurity may cause problems.

Being more confident in your ideas, opinions, plans, and ability to express yourself is important, and this can be something you need to address.


These last 15 years of Pluto in Capricorn have likely brought a total tear-down of anything superficial holding up your confidence and security, Sagittarius, and you’ve had to relearn what is worth your time and energy and what makes you worthy.

It’s likely been trying but ultimately has allowed you to grow strong in ways you never imagined and to conquer obstacles that would take down most others. You should have incredible strength and power now.

If you don’t feel you’re there yet, Pluto in Capricorn brings you another chance to achieve that. There can be an issue that pops up, and it may feel like you’re being kicked down again but try to see it as an opportunity instead.

Address any areas of insecurity, and work to ground yourself. If your inner core is solid and secure, this can give you a safe space that serves you for many years to come.


Pluto back in your sign can remind you of your power, Capricorn. Pluto touring your sign for the last 15 years has been an opportunity for you to completely transform yourself and your life, to take control, and to be as passionate and powerful as you can be.

You should be quite formidable by now and can make use of your passion and intensity to your advantage. You can be someone that others are in awe of now, and you can be quite impressive with all you’ve been through and survived.

If you don’t feel that powerful yet, Pluto, back in Capricorn, wants this for you before moving on. You may be faced with situations where you have to assert yourself and where you have to show a strong will.

There may be a failure, a defeat of some kind, and this is meant to help you rise from the ashes. You should strive to emerge stronger, more fearless, and ready to face anything.


The Pluto in the Capricorn cycle may have seemed quiet on the surface for you, Aquarius, but you know that it’s been quite formidable underneath it all. You’ve likely quietly transformed yourself, addressed the past, understood old baggage, and strengthened yourself subconsciously and spiritually.

Your intuition is likely much stronger now, and your inner guide can help you as you move forward. You can be someone that has stayed behind the scenes, but this has prepared you for stepping out into the spotlight as Pluto moves to your sign.

If you haven’t felt you’ve dealt with old issues and strengthened yourself quietly, you may have to do that now. The past may come back to bite you, and you have to finally deal with it for good and release it in a major way.

Stop being your own worst enemy, and start being your best ally. This helps set you up to find all of your power with Pluto in your sign.


Your connection to your future may have transformed over the last 15 years, Pisces, and you can feel more passionate about your hopes and dreams. You can understand what it will take to achieve what you dream of, and you can feel more in control.

There have likely been many major changes during these years, which may have allowed you to be more independent and true to yourself. You’ve likely found a way to be unconventional and take control outside of your comfort zone but still feel like yourself.

If you don’t feel you have a solid connection to your dreams and future or aren’t independent enough, Pluto back in Capricorn might make it, so you have to address this. You may start off questioning your future and need to develop more certainty.

Work to be true to who you are and to be confident in your quirks. You may need to push yourself way outside of where you’re comfortable, but this can lead to growth.

Good Luck With Your Final Transformations!

Chapters are ending; perhaps entire books are finishing in our lives. And we can feel ready for this as it’s a long time in the making, but it can still be a little scary as we move into the unknown.

If we make sure we’ve done what we need to before moving forward, this can help make our future more secure. Finishing up the transformations that we’ve started over the last 15 years sets us up for building a better future.

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