Check Out These September 2022 Tarotscopes

This month, Virgo season shifting into Libra season isn’t the only thing to keep an eye on. (Spoiler alert: Mercury retrograde is rearing its head, too).

We’ll see practical, detail-oriented Virgo take up most of the month, with Virgo season kicking off in August and lasting until September 22nd, when diplomatic Libra takes over.

But that’s not all because Mercury (which goes retrograde in Libra on the 9th) will eventually transit into Virgo, too, on the 23rd, and Venus enters Virgo on the 5th. In other words, there’s a lot of Virgo in the air for the majority of the month, even when Virgo season itself ends!

So now you’re caught up on the quick and dirty astro news, but what does it all mean for you? We asked the Tarot, with one card from the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana each, for your sign’s monthly insights!

Remember, you can review all the September 2022 Transits in our free Astrology Calendar!

Your September 2022 Tarotscope


The Chariot (Reversed) & 8 of Cups

Aries may be feeling a bit lost when it comes to your sense of direction this month.

The Chariot reversed points to a lack of centralized willpower — you might be feeling pulled in all sorts of directions, and aren’t sure which way to go or what to do next. Some of you may also be feeling burnt out and confused on the whole.

The 8 of Cups offers a solution: if it’s not clicking, leave it behind. Yes, even if you’ve already invested some time into it. Yes, even if it looks “good on paper.”

It’s time to follow your intuition and heart and not someone else’s standards.


The Fool & 10 of Wands (Reversed)

Taurus is starting a new chapter and leaving the old behind.

By “old,” we mean baggage — the stuff you’ve been carrying around that you don’t actually need anymore. The 10 of Wands reversed hints that this month involves some (very early) spring cleaning and that you no longer have space for some of the responsibilities or relationships laying around now.

The Fool is where you embrace that new chapter. It shows you boldly stepping into a clean slate, unburdened by any ideas of the past or what your trajectory “should” have looked like.

From now on, you write the story, Taurus!


The High Priestess & 10 of Cups (Reversed)

Even when the heart wanes, the intuition sings, Gemini.

This month, the 10 of Cups reversed hints to general dissatisfaction and shows us that you may have been missing out on contentment for a while now. This may not mean that you’re sad, but more so that happiness is lacking, leading to a kind of lethargy in its absence.

The High Priestess reminds you that sometimes going within and searching for intuitive insights can help you understand why you feel this way.

At the very least, it might spotlight some old reminders or lessons you need in order to make a change.

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The Lovers (Reversed) & Ace of Pentacles

Cancer, you may not have all the answers, but you don’t need to.

The Lovers reversed indicates that right now, emotions, relationships, crossroads, and major choices are all kind of up in the air right now, potentially causing a good amount of discomfort (and involving a decent amount of mistakes).

However, the Ace of Pentacles assures us that this doesn’t mean you’re “off track.” Sometimes you don’t need to be the one to make everything perfect, so long as you’re ready to accept opportunities and assistance from others who do know how to help.

Keep your ears and arms open, and be receptive to others’ assistance this month.


The Tower & 7 of Pentacles

Leo is wrestling with change and transformation this month.

The Tower always shakes things up, but the 7 of Pentacles indicates that your approach to this impending chaos is one of patience and observation. You’re surveying the sights and trying to make careful, dutiful plans in the wake of these changes.

This approach is admirable — after all, it’s always good to have at least one levelheaded person in the midst of everything falling apart (and this time, it’s you). However, just remember that sometimes you can only do so much.

Plan and keep organized, but remember to adapt to The Tower’s whims too.


The Hanged Man & 4 of Wands

Virgo has a productive month ahead if you’re willing to put in a bit of elbow grease!

The 4 of Wands shows you what the rewards could look like. This is an especially productive month for building solid foundations, especially in relationships and social situations.

The work you need to put in? That’s in Hanged Man form — focused enlightenment and wisdom, potentially coming from pause and meaningful reflection.

And pausing on work isn’t always Virgo’s forte, but this time it may just be worth the wait!


The Sun (Reversed) & 2 of Cups (Reversed)

Libra is struggling a bit this month, especially in matters of the heart.

The Sun reversed points to dissatisfaction and not quite feeling like yourself. With the 2 of Cups reversed, you may also be feeling disconnected from others and not feeling like others are as committed as you are to your relationships and friendships.

Although this time of friction may be uncomfortable, it’s a good opportunity to hone in on the one relationship that matters most: your relationship with yourself. Don’t force what won’t fit with someone else!

“Me time” is in order this September, especially during those times when you feel especially lonely or out of the loop.


The Empress & 3 of Cups (Reversed)

Scorpio is embracing a bit more of its lone wolf reputation this month.

The 3 of Cups reversed points to potential drama or just in general feeling out of sync with the people around you. As such, The Empress suggests that you’re instead more focused on personal creativity and fostering your own abundance.

Although this is obviously what Scorpio does best and isn’t exactly new to the intensely brooding Scorpion, this doesn’t mean you should lean too far into the extreme version of this.

Embrace your creativity and perhaps a bit of solitude, but don’t completely isolate yourself from the world just because there’s some friction.

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Strength & 3 of Pentacles (Reversed)

In times of disconnect, Sagittarius draws from its internal resources.

And that’s exactly what you’re doing this month. Although the 3 of Pentacles reversed indicates that right now you may have a hard time coordinating, collaborating, and communicating with others (especially in a work context), Strength is here to save the day.

This isn’t about a superhero coming to rescue you, but more so about you tapping into what makes you great — the existing energetic reserves and skills you already know that you have.

In trying times, sometimes this is where Sagittarius shines.


The Devil (Reversed) & King of Swords (Reversed)

Capricorn may be going through a bit of a rough patch this month — but it’s not all bad news.

Last month, the King of Swords was on the table for you as you embraced your intellectual and communicative leadership side. Reversed, coupled with The Devil reversed, you might have to put all of that flow on hold for now.

Ultimately, The Devil reversed signals that you have work to attend to — perhaps thanks to old baggage resurfacing (hello Mercury retrograde). This puts your current prospects and goals on hold temporarily until this is all put to rest for good.

But at the end of the day, it’s better to deal with the past now than have it return at an unsavory time later, Capricorn. Get ahead of the game now, and win later!


The Magician & 2 of Swords (Reversed)

Aquarius is ripping off the blindfold and ready to create some new momentum.

The Magician is a great omen for creative projects, productivity, and embracing the skills you’ve been wanting to show off for a while now. On the other hand, the 2 of Swords reversed shows that you are going to have to exercise a little trust here — in yourself, mostly.

You won’t always know the right answers, nor will you be able to completely avoid making mistakes. But this card advises that you just try anyway, and embrace your true Magician form.

It’s not always about showing up in perfection, but just showing up.


The Hierophant (Reversed) & Knight of Swords (Reversed)

This month, the recipe for success for Pisces is balance.

The Hierophant reversed warns against leaning too far into tradition or playing it too safe. You might have tried and true methods, but this card warns against this becoming too stuffy or restrictive.

On the other hand, the Knight of Swords reversed ensures that you don’t go too far in the other direction. Acting on impulse can be great sometimes, but moving too aggressively just for the sake of movement isn’t ideal either.

Striking a healthy in-between is going to be what grants you success.

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Show Up for September: Your Checklist

Your monthly Tarotscope has given you the overarching insight you need to make the most of September — now what?

First, consider making note of some important themes you gathered from your Tarotscope, especially if it involved energy or events that you aren’t sure what to do with yet. (Hint: it might show up later in the month).

Next, remember that ultimately it’s all about seizing things day-by-day, so you can also check in with a 3-card Tarot reading or your Daily Horoscope to see how things align as they go.

Third, remember that you can return to this Tarotscope at any time! And finally, remember to have fun, and know that the future is always in your hands.

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