Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for August 21 – 27, 2023

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Buckle in — this week is jam-packed with events you won’t want to miss.

Virgo season will begin on August 23rd, the same day that Mercury retrograde in Virgo will also kick off. That’s a whole lot of Virgo energy taking up our time. If you haven’t been feeling organized, this week is the time to get your ducks in a row.

Plus, the bookend to this week is Mars (planet of drive, ambition, and willpower) heading into the peacekeeping sign of Libra on the 27th. The vibe is diplomatic and peace-oriented — we’re interested in maintaining good communication and an energetic flow with people around us right now.

If this all seems like a lot of information at once, don’t fret. The Tarot is here to synthesize some of the most important stuff you need to know on a personal level and set you off on a good foot.

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for August 21 – 27, 2023


9 of Swords (Reversed)

Aries dealt with the Queen of Swords reversed last week, working through any mental blocks and brain fog.

This week, the 9 of Swords reversed still operates somewhat similarly. You’re still feeling the lingering effects of overthinking, odd spots of confusion, and self-doubt.

However, it’s obvious that you’re also making the right steps forward and attempting to seek clarity again. With some more time and continued elbow grease, you’ll be as good as new.

Keep at it, Aries!


Knight of Wands (Reversed)

Taurus is not feeling as motivated as they’d like to be.

With the Knight of Wands reversed you may feel like your sense of ambition, drive, and willpower are disconnected from your long-term goals.

You’d like to dream big and make great strides, but when push comes to shove, you feel more scattered and unmotivated than anything in your actual actions.

Don’t force something if you don’t feel it. Take this as an opportunity to rest.


10 of Swords

Gemini, you’re reckoning with harsh endings and goodbyes.

The 10 of Swords indicates that for many Geminis, right now is an odd limbo period — letting go of the past but also trying monumentally hard to look toward the future (even though that’s not easy in times like these).

For others, the change may not be as tangible or serious. It can feel like a minor disappointment, letting go of a goal or idea, or saying goodbye to an old version of yourself.

No matter what, though, some growing pains are in order. Be kind to yourself in the process.


Temperance (Reversed)

Cancer, some patience, recalibration, and meditation may be in order.

With Temperance reversed those themes seem out of focus. It’s more difficult to find stillness, centeredness, and peace. You may feel antsy and restless, wanting more from yourself and the world around you.

Pause. Breathe. This card, in its reversed position, asks for some silence and intentional pause.

Sometimes, the remedy to this kind of restlessness is not to make more choices, actions, or move from impulse…but actually rest.


3 of Swords

Leo, your heart may ache and feel a little emptier right now.

The 3 of Swords pinpoints loss, heartbreak, and obvious discomfort within the heart and mind.

Even if you aren’t experiencing anything particularly heartwrenching head-on, you may find your mind and heart wandering to more pessimistic outlooks or even reminisce upon upsetting past moments.

It can be easy to brush this off as nothing, but no matter how minor or random this discomfort may seem. It’s important to treat it like any other wound that needs healing and attention.


Page of Wands

Virgo is kicking it into high gear this week.

The Page of Wands embraces adventure, a little whimsy, and creative, eclectic exploration. This week brings forward a more youthful and often more impulsive approach to things.

This makes sense for Virgo as we transition into your season. You may be feeling more in touch with your sense of excitement and optimism as your home turf season brings bountiful opportunities and exciting new horizons.


4 of Cups (Reversed)

Libra is trying to pull itself out of a rut this week.

The 4 of Cups is no fun — literally all boredom, stiffness, and stagnation. Reversed, it seems like you’re recognizing that sitting around and doing nothing is not an option right now.

This may mean saying “yes” to opportunities and ideas that you otherwise may reject and being generally more open-minded.

Changes need to be made, and sometimes those changes don’t look so exciting on the surface. And yet, they can still launch us forward into the future.


The Magician

Scorpio had the uplifting, enlightening Ace of Swords last week.

Your mind was offering many ideas — some answers, even some questions. Either way, the imaginative spirit was high. This week, The Magician asks that you take your brilliant ideas and put them into reality.

That’s right: it’s time to actually act on those great ideas you have bouncing around in your mind. No more jotting down that half-finished concept and forgetting about it a week later.

What will you create this week?


4 of Pentacles

Sagittarius, you may feel a more self-oriented instinct this week.

More specifically, the 4 of Pentacles notes that materially, you’re more conscious of your own time, resources, space, and finances. It may feel like you absolutely need to fortify your own boundaries in this area and work to keep some things in this part of your life very private.

Many Sagittarians may have good reasons for this instinct. On its own, the concept of boundaries is often a good thing.

You just need to be honest about why you may actually be keeping certain things to yourself — privacy and boundaries can still be balanced with generosity, after all.


Wheel of Fortune (Reversed)

Feeling a bit out of sorts, Capricorn?

The Wheel of Fortune reversed hints that you may feel disconnected from the Universe at this time. Lately, it feels like fate isn’t moving in your favor.

Capricorns aren’t a sign that tend to rely too much on others or even the cosmic forces that may be. You work hard for what you want and know that sometimes, the only way to succeed is to make your own success. And often, we very much admire you for this, Capricorn.

However, it’s also worth reflecting upon any distrust or disconnection that you may feel with the world, your communities, or any spiritual forces at hand.


3 of Wands (Reversed)

The future awaits, Aquarius. But are you ready to see it?

Although the 3 of Wands is usually a positive omen for future expansion, travel, and making positive strides forward, the reversal indicates some resistance to that newness.

Do you feel deserving of new, positive opportunities? Aquarius may idealistically dream of a better world for themselves and others, but you’re human just like everyone else — sometimes, humans self-sabotage when we’re close to something good.

Don’t second-guess your ability to create and innovate and expand toward new heights. You’re on the brink of something wonderful, and you don’t want to miss it.


Queen of Pentacles (Reversed)

Pisces, you may feel like you’re not in control over your own home turf.

Lately, home may not even feel like home. The Queen of Pentacles reversed puts your sense of the material in a questionable limbo — you don’t feel in control over your own material resources (home, career, and finances).

For some, this may also refer to anxieties about the trajectory of your material stability and not just tangible difficulties in the here and now.

With Virgo energy very present in our collective atmosphere, these concerns make sense. However, now is not the time to panic but to see where these issues may illuminate areas for improvement moving forward.

Your Curated Resource List for This Week

Trust us: we know that sometimes, the slew of astrological events and energies colliding all at once is a little overwhelming.

Even with a Tarotscope to synthesize some important messages, you may still want to be fully informed and thoroughly planned for what else is to come.

That’s why we’ve collected some resources for you to work with — extra tools in your toolkit!

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