This Rare Transit is Bringing Together Two Major Planets – Find Out What it Means For Your Zodiac Sign

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On August 22nd, 2023, we’re going to experience transit (moving) Mars opposite Neptune! This is a significant transit, though it may not seem that way on the surface, thanks to the obscuring energy of Neptune.

It’s been almost two years since Mars and Neptune last opposed (September 1st, 2021). This one is a bit more dramatic, though!

Let’s explore why.

About Mars in Astrology

Mars is the planet of energy and drive. Whatever Mars is doing, it brings energy, enthusiasm, and we have to take action. In your natal chart, Mars shows how you take action and what drives you to do so.

Mars is the natural ruling planet of Aries, the fiercest and most fiery of the zodiac signs, and connects to the 1st house, which is the house of beginnings. Mars wants action and to take the lead.

In transit, Mars brings energy and drive to whatever it’s touching in your natal chart. When making an aspect to another transit planet (like now with Neptune), Mars is lighting a fire under that planet.

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About Neptune in Astrology

Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion, imagination, intuition, and spirituality. In your natal chart, Neptune shows where you can be creative, compassionate, and spiritual but also where you may struggle to see the reality of situations.

Neptune is the natural ruling planet of Pisces, the most flowing of the signs, and connects to the 12th house, which is the house of the hidden. Neptune wants to keep moving, adapting, and flowing, but this can lead to not being very clear.

In transit, Neptune brings this energy to whatever it’s touching in your natal chart. Neptune makes you more intuitive, compassionate, imaginative, and inspired, but it can also bring fog.

The Neptunian fog is notorious, which tends to be strongest under two circumstances with transit Neptune when Neptune is retrograde (appearing to move backward), and Neptune is making a challenging aspect (conjunction, square, or opposition). 

This Mars opposite Neptune transit checks off both!

The Impact of Transit Mars Opposite Neptune

Transit Mars in Virgo opposite transit Neptune in Pisces will surely do one major thing: bring crazy foggy energy! We can really struggle to see things as they actually are, and it’s highly likely that we don’t have all of the information we need anyway.

This makes it important that we don’t jump to action or conclusions right now. We need to wait for the fog to lift so we get a better view of what’s in front of us and can see what we’re missing and need to find.

Energy may be on the low side as well since Neptune likes to drain, and Mars rules energy. It may come in spurts, at the wrong times and moments, and can cause a lot of crankiness.

We need to be mindful of our boundaries now, too, since we may be taken advantage of more easily. If you’re a natural doormat, prepare to be on guard.

All of this is extra strong because the day after the Mars opposite Neptune transit is exact, on August 23rd, Mercury retrograde begins. Mercury retrograde can also be draining, make it difficult to see clearly, and make boundaries flimsy, so combine this retrograde with Mars opposite Neptune, and it’s rough!

Looking backward can be common since retrogrades rule reflection, and Neptune rules the past. This would be a good time to be more introspective about past events, their impact on you, and what you can do better going forward.

On the upside, the Mars opposite Neptune transit is getting some beneficial energy from Pluto in Capricorn. Mars is trine, and Neptune is sextile Pluto when they oppose, so Pluto tries to help out.

With Pluto, this can mean we have an easier time when we’re getting to the heart of matters, using passionate energy productively, or taking matters seriously. Transformations can also be helpful.

The full impact of the Mars opposite Neptune transit is August 19th to 25th, 2023, though it may begin to be felt around now and can linger until Mars exits Virgo on August 27th, 2023.

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Mars Opposite Pluto for the Zodiac Signs


Mars opposite Neptune can make you feel the pull between focusing on the work that needs to be done and the rest you need to get, Aries. With Mars being your ruler, you may be tempted to push yourself too hard to get more done, and while you may succeed, this can drain you even more to the point of total breakdown.

The Mercury retrograde makes it even more important you avoid doing that. Otherwise, you may not only feel drained mentally, emotionally, and physically, but you may also start to see some physical health issues pop up solely from the stress.

Let yourself get time to work on your long-term plans with Pluto, and make sure your plans include time for both work and rest. There is a time for each, and they’re both important.


Mars opposite Neptune can make your interactions with others more difficult, Taurus. You may feel the need for more attention and strive to get it no matter what, but then you may push away quickly, wanting more independence, and aren’t sure what it is you actually want.

The Mercury retrograde can make you push for independence even more, but this can lead you to feel more lonely and abandoned, even if it is your own doing.

Try to open yourself up to new experiences with Pluto. This can help you welcome new people and new commitments into your life, and you can have stronger connections that fulfill you while also giving you the space you need.


Mars opposite Neptune can shake your foundation, Gemini, and this can be your internal foundation, the foundation of your life, or both. You may feel driven to focus on your emotional needs, but this may come at the expense of your external goals.

The Mercury retrograde can add to the problem, making you feel that your needs aren’t being properly met, and you can become quite emotional as a result. A spotlight can be shone on what’s missing.

Taking control and working to transform can help, thanks to Pluto, and you can focus on empowering yourself. This helps you feel more emotionally secure while also building a solid life for yourself externally.


Mars opposite Neptune can make communication difficult for you, Cancer, and you may try to push your ideas and opinions but have a hard time actually being solid and secure with your positions. You may question what you believe right now.

The Mercury retrograde might bring out more misunderstandings, and you can feel like no one is listening to you. It can highlight areas where communication isn’t flowing.

Securing your relationships may bring some help with Pluto, and you may have an easier time in one-on-one interactions. Make sure you’re listening as well.


Mars opposite Neptune can make it hard for you to budge, Leo. You may be stubborn in your positions and unable to see how this may keep you stuck or how to transform the situation to get out.

The Mercury retrograde can make you even more stuck, and this can be frustrating. You may struggle to find your own power and take control of the situation.

Small steps can be the way out, thanks to Pluto, and tackling small tasks, chores, and projects one little bit at a time can get you moving. It may not seem like much at first, but can add up.


Mars opposite Neptune occurs with Mars in your sign, Virgo, and this gives you lots of energy and drive for what you want, but there can be issues when you’re dealing with others, and it can be hard to pinpoint why exactly that is.

The Mercury retrograde in your sign can give more attention to you as you battle lots of little things that pop up, which may cause more of a rift between you and others.

Open up your heart with Pluto and let loose a little with the people you care about. Be affectionate and loving, and give them some attention, which can improve your connections.


Mars opposite Neptune can bring your energy low, Libra, and you may struggle with getting anything done. Others can be draining as well, and you likely just want to detach, unplug, and rest.

The Mercury retrograde makes this stronger, and you may want to push aside anything that is too demanding and leave it for another day when your energy is better.

There might be something at your core, emotionally, that can be addressed and help you restore your energy and get focused on what you can do, thanks to Pluto. Try to focus on your emotional needs and what you can do about them.


Mars opposite Neptune can push you to be more independent, Scorpio, and you may want to do things in your own way. You can venture outside of your comfort zone and embrace the unconventional, but this may challenge your close relationships.

The Mercury retrograde can make you even more rebellious, and you can lash out at anyone you feel is purposefully trying to box you in. However, you may be uncertain as to who is actually doing that.

Clearer communication can help with Pluto, and being open with what’s on your mind, taking control of your short-term plans, and utilizing your ideas can help you figure out how to balance giving attention and being independent.


Mars opposite Neptune can make you feel even more ambitious, Sagittarius, and you can strive to achieve as much as possible. The foundation can be shaky, though, and you may have a hard time understanding why.

The Mercury retrograde can stall your progress with your goals in an effort to get you to strengthen the foundation. Without that, you can remain stalled.

Slowing things down may help, thanks to Pluto, and grounding yourself and being more present can allow you to see where the cracks are and how to fix them.


Mars opposite Neptune can make you want more space to do what you want without any strings, Capricorn, and you crave more freedom. This may mean you ignore what the people around you are saying and miss out on important information.

The Mercury retrograde can close your ears up even more, and you can run without thinking twice. This can lead to running into trouble.

Pluto in your sign can show you need to exercise more self-control, make transformations for the better, and improve intimacy in relationships in order to be more considerate.


Mars opposite Neptune can bring out your passion and intensity, Aquarius. You can feel everything stronger than usual and may lack the focus to ground yourself enough, so you end up going to extremes.

The Mercury retrograde can make passionate energy so strong that it’s difficult to control, and you may be on edge all the time.

Some time alone to deal with old issues, rest, and clear out baggage can help, thanks to Pluto, and this can allow you to figure out where this intensity is coming from and what’s blocking you from grounding.


Mars opposite Neptune brings more attention to the people in your life, Pisces. Neptune in your sign can make it hard for you to see what it is you need, and others end up stealing your focus in the haze.

The Mercury retrograde can bring challenges in relationships, and you feel you have to be more helpful, but you may get walked all over if you’re not mindful of your boundaries.

You likely need to maintain some independence with Pluto in order to avoid others taking advantage of your good nature. Independence can help you stay true to yourself, which can help you cut through some of the fog of Neptune.

Manage the fog as Best as You Can!

We’re all struggling with the foggy energy for the next couple of weeks, so don’t feel like you’re alone in this. We have to be more mindful of how to manage this and make sure we’re being realistic.

Get time to rest, if you can, and take it easy.

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