Grounding Meditation For 2020 Retrograde Season

There are quite a lot of planets retrograde during the summer in 2020 friends, but this doesn’t mean we are destined for hardships!

Retrograde energy helps us heal different areas of life (like our past) so we can move forward. As we work on healing the past, it can put our mind in quite a tizzy because we want things to move forward, but the Universe is telling us to pause. It can also feel confusing, especially when we are healing many areas at once. The bottom line is, it wouldn’t be unusual to feel overwhelmed pretty often during the retrograde season!

One of the best ways to help manage and use this retrograde season is to do a regular grounding meditation.

What is a Grounding Meditation?

A grounding meditation will help calm your thoughts and bring you back into the present moment, giving you a break from heavy thinking. It essentially will bring you back into your body, and out of your mind, so that you can feel a real sense of peace.

It is simple to do and doesn’t take a lot of time, but it can really help you maintain your well being and health since anxiety can be high during this time. This is a perfect solution for managing your stress.

Grounding Meditations Help Everyone During Retrograde Season

It’s true that some in the zodiac, such as the Earth signs (Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus), are naturally more “grounded” than others. This doesn’t mean any of us are immune to retrograde season effects!

We all feel the emotional swings during retrograde season, and have the opportunity to heal.

This retrograde meditation will introduce you to some great rituals to get you through this period of intense energy. You can use this as a Mercury retrograde meditation each time this transit occurs, which happens three to four times per year. You can also use it during the retrograde of any other planet to help integrate the energies.

Combining a specific guided meditation with astrology is a great way to enhance your own energy as well. When we know what energy is available to us and affecting us, we can then set our intention in meditation to best use the energy.

The themes during retrograde season are:

  • Revisiting
  • Reorganizing
  • Resetting
  • Reevaluating
  • Releasing
  • Redirecting

This allows us to see the way we have been operating, the attitudes we’ve been bringing to life, and how they have been helping or hindering us.

A Grounding Meditation For 2020 Retrograde Season

1. Sit Comfortably & Breathe

Sit in a comfortable position either cross-legged on a cushion on the ground or on a chair. Keep your back straight to let energy flow easily and begin to take slow, deep breaths in and out of your nose. Relax more and more as you breathe, letting go of all thoughts, and releasing any tension in your body with each exhale.

2. Focus On Your Feet

Now begin to focus on the bottoms of your feet. As you bring all of your awareness to the surface of the bottoms of your feet, you may start to feel energy tingling here. This is the power of your own mind directing energy. Continue to breathe slowly and deeply as you keep your focus on the bottoms of the feet.

3. Envision Roots

Now, wherever your body connects to the floor or chair, envision roots growing out of you, down into the core of the earth. You are being connected to the energy of the dirt, trees, rocks, and slower living things on the Earth that withstand the cycles of change on the planet.

The trees have seen many seasons come and go without falling over. The rocks have been stable and steady as the things around it changed and moved.

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4. Feel Connected to Nature

Next, in your mind’s eye, feel that you are connected to these stable parts of nature. They are a part of you, and you are a part of them. There is no separation, only the illusion of it. You are also the mountains, the caves, the fields, and the compact dirt beneath the topsoil.

This part of you, these parts of the whole being of the Earth, are there for us to connect to stability and peace all the time. Every time you want to return to a state of peace, think of a tree, a rock, or a mountain that is alive but stable, supporting the world with its steadiness. That peacefulness is also a part of you. Your body has metal, bone, solid material, and steadiness within it as well. The spine is like a tree trunk in your body that is stable and steady while things around you move.

You can focus on your solidness at anytime as well to reconnect to the resonance of “groundedness”. The nature of the tree, the rock, and the mountain is that they are still, just as you are now. Finding stillness will always help you find this same sense of peace.

If you have a favorite crystal, you can carry it with you to connect to that resonance of grounded, unwavering energy at any time.

5. Seal Your Intention

To seal the intention of this meditation, we are going to integrate the retrograde energy into our life right now. We know that the planets are shifting our consciousness to allow us to see the things we need to let go of.

Set your intention now to set aside a time each day to focus on what old perspectives you can release to help you achieve your goals and increase your positive energy. See yourself sitting down each day, and doing this as you go through the retrograde season. See how it helps balance your energy because you have acknowledged and used the energy of the planets.

6. Release

Now to bring yourself back to waking consciousness, take three deep breaths, and look around the space you are in to come back to your day in a more grounded and peaceful state.

Do not rush to get up but move slowly, conscious of your breathing, and remember to take time to sit with your journal to release old perspectives that aren’t as positive as the future waiting for you.

Try Meditating Daily

Feel free to use this meditation daily, and let it continue to help you stay grounded throughout the retrograde season. We will have retrograde energy through the end of the year, but fewer planets will be in retrograde as we enter into the winter months.

Current retrogrades to be aware of:

Mercury will also be going retrograde two more times, with the second retrograde ending on November 3.

The summer solstice ushered in a new change cycle with eclipse season, and you’re really able to do the inner-work on major life goals during the summer/fall, so that by the next eclipse season, the new ideas that are incubating can come to life.

As you’re going through this time, we have great resources for you to get to know yourself on a soul level and adjust to the changing energy. Utilize our free astrology calendar and your free daily horoscope to ride the tides of change to success, and greater levels of happiness!

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