Where is Scorpio in Your Birth Chart?

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With the mysterious and captivating Scorpio season cloaking the skies with its presence, you may be wondering just how this enchanting sign can truly leave an impact on your natal chart.

After all, with Scorpio season, its effects will be felt by all. In fact, those effects will be especially prominent wherever it lands in your personal birth chart.

In other words, having your hands on that info is essential at this time of year!

So what does the Scorpion’s bite look like within your chart? Let’s dig a bit deeper to find out its true colors depending on its spot.

About the Scorpio Zodiac Sign

If there’s one fact the veil of mystery surrounding Scorpio can clue us in on, it’s that Scorpio’s reputation of deep, dark, and mysterious seems to hold some water.

And literally: Scorpio dons the deep and emotionally contemplative element of Water itself, known for its vast depths and — yes, vast mysteries, from time to time.

Water on its own isn’t inherently full of the dark and private energy that tends to make up Scorpio’s exterior, however. Scorpio is also ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation, death, and rebirth (just in case the Watery layer of intensity wasn’t enough, of course).

It’s safe to say that Scorpio likes to keep their feelings private, as their emotional world is incredibly potent and personal to how they lead their life. However, once their guard is down, they can be the most loyal and powerful friends, lovers, and allies to have on your side.

The Impact Of Scorpio Season

You’ll be seeing Scorpio’s influence reign for around a month (October 23rd to November 21st).

This is just enough time to experience Scorpio’s transformative themes of rebirth, emotional intensity, intuitive insights, and perhaps even psychic development (if you’re open to it).

Again, put a pin in those themes, as they get highlighted depending on where Scorpio actually falls in your personal birth chart!

Where is Scorpio in Your Birth Chart?

First, check to see where Scorpio lands in the planets of your birth chart, with these placements having a major impact on core pieces of your personality and who you are as a person!

Learn more about the importance of the planets in your chart. Check this out: Why Don’t I Relate to My Sun Sign?

Sun, Moon & Rising in Scorpio

With any of these placements in your chart, you’ll notice the energy of Scorpio come up quite prominently for you wherever you go.

For instance, the Sun, representing the ego and a core piece of the self, places the intense Scorpion’s energy in many places of your life, including what you wish to put forth into the world.

The Moon, governing emotion and your inner world, allows you to connect with Scorpio in the emotional space (which is, in particular, deeply felt with this intense sign).

Finally, with a Scorpio Rising, the traits are projected outwards, making it a noticeable part of who you are to others around you (and equally so, makes the air of mystery one of the most noticeable things about you to the outside eye).

Mercury in Scorpio

If you have a Scorpio Mercury, your Scorpio energy comes through most in how you communicate and share information.

This placement is profoundly honest and deeply intuitive, aware of even the subtle truths that people communicate with, say, their body language and unsaid words.

Your conversations are important to you, and you seek discussion that goes a bit beyond surface-level thinking. The deeper, the better.

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio may seem like an elusive or strange placement to have, thanks to it being in detriment here.

In other words, Scorpio finds itself in the opposite of its home turf when in Venus (the planet of love and beauty).

This is because Scorpio loves others intensely and emotionally but sometimes doesn’t express their intentions in the most conventional way (like keeping others at more than an arm’s length, for instance).

But rest assured, when they do settle in for the long haul (if you can get them there), you’re sure to find a loyal and devoted partner.

Mars in Scorpio

In traditional astrology, this placement is in domicile (AKA, in its home turf).

Mars, the planet of war, ambitions, and will, is a powerhouse either way when it links up with Scorpio. Devoted and driven, Scorpio knows how to go after what they want and keep that intention until the very end.

The drawback is that you’ll have to be cautious not to get too caught up in past events and burned bridges. This placement can be vengeful if scorned and may have a harder time forgetting and forgiving.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Understanding lucky Jupiter – a planet of opportunity, luck, and expansion – is essential to understanding your keys to success.

Jupiter in Scorpio seeks change and expansion constantly, speaking to that transformative element of Scorpio already within its nature. All change has to be meaningful change, and this placement may feel the need to shed their skin often in order to gain access to new paths and opportunities.

This placement intuitively moves them from one long-term course of expansion to the next, seeking something truly aligned with their soul.

Saturn in Scorpio

You may wince at the sight of Saturn in your chart, knowing that this planet rules over some tough cookies like restrictions and karma.

The sheer intensity of this placement cannot be understated; this much is true. Scorpio is already a deeply private placement, and only more so when restrictive Saturn is in play.

However, intensity is not necessarily a bad thing if you can learn how to work with this placement rather than against it. With unmatched resourcefulness and commitment to the task, you’ll also find this placement to create powerful allies and friends.

Uranus in Scorpio

If you were born in the mid-‘70s or early ’80s, you may find this placement in your chart.

And thankfully, too. Uranus in Scorpio is an exalted placement, meaning it finds some power and strength here. This makes sense, as Scorpio wishes to transform and change, and Uranus loves radical rebellion and development throughout the world.

For the few years that Uranus in Scorpio landed in the skies in the mid-’70s, it created quite a few changemakers and “black sheep” in society.

Neptune in Scorpio

With a sprinkle of this transit in the late ’50s and a larger wave arising in the ’60s and very early ’70s, the effects of this placement are already abundantly obvious.

Neptune in Scorpio folks often grew up amidst the rise of interest in occult and spiritual topics. With the dreamy and elusive aspect of Neptune housing psychic and intuitive Scorpio, it’s no wonder that they felt right at home.

Pluto in Scorpio

Seen throughout the ’80s and ’90s, having Pluto in Scorpio likely lands you in the millennial generation.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll remember that Pluto in Scorpio creates a placement of essential dignity, seeing as Scorpio is right at home in transformative Scorpio.

Emotional at heart and holding a deep desire for something more, the millennial generation has grown up amidst changes and transformed their entire lives and keeps it right in their heart.

Chiron in Scorpio

Chiron shows us where we hold some of the deepest wounds.

With Chiron in Scorpio, the wounds are unlikely something you’re unfamiliar with, with the deep feeling Scorpion housed here.

It’s likely that changes and transformations themselves are the cause of many of your wounds and that throughout adolescence, you’ll strive to find a way to regain control.

An illustration of a white house against a blue background.

Where is Scorpio in Your Astrological House?

Even if you have no planets in Scorpio, you can still see where the energy of Scorpio lands in your chart through your astrological houses.

One of your natal houses should fall in Scorpio – depending on the house system, some may have more than one, and some may have none.

Scorpio in the 1st House

If your 1st house is in Scorpio, the qualities of this passionate and powerful sign are projected outwards.

Much of the mystery and devotion you see within this sign is placed on a mask for the outside world here. Even when you’re not trying, your presence may feel intimidating or commanding, with others having a difficult time getting a read on your true intentions and emotions.

Scorpio in the 2nd House

If your 2nd house is in Scorpio, you may notice that money finds your way to you through strange or even secret means.

If not a secret inheritance (and yes, that’s really possible with this placement), Scorpio in 2nd house folks easily access money through other people, which could mean business partnerships.

Scorpio in the 3rd House

If your 3rd house is in Scorpio, you’ll find its qualities highlighted in how you communicate with others.

The 3rd house is the house of communication amongst some other things (like siblings), which places some of Scorpio’s darkness on a seemingly innocuous spot in the chart.

Scorpio’s flair for deep conversations is heightened here, as well as a potential for darker humor and a delight in the more taboo discussion topics.

Scorpio in the 4th House

If your 4th house is in Scorpio, your foundations and sense of home will be structured around Scorpio qualities.

While this means that your home becomes an ultimate sanctuary and safe space, it also means that you originally may have grown up in surroundings that put you at risk very frequently.

Because 4th house Scorpio natives are accustomed to frequent changes in their home life growing up, a secure and safe home in their adulthood becomes all the more important.

Scorpio in the 5th House

If your 5th house is in Scorpio, the qualities of Scorpio can come out in love and with your hobbies.

With a flair for the passionate and perhaps dramatic, you thrive in areas involving occult research or the creative arts, perhaps even being capable of combining the two into one.

Scorpio in the 6th House

If your 6th house is in Scorpio, you assist and help others with the powers of the intuitive Scorpion.

You may do well in fields surrounding health, the sciences, and research — anything that puts your information-gathering abilities to the test. However, the intensity of Scorpio here needs to be managed with balance, as you can easily overwork yourself without noticing from time to time.

Scorpio in the 7th house

If your 7th house is in Scorpio, your connections with others take on a particularly devoted and perhaps overly intense tone.

Relationships are taken seriously with Scorpio in the 7th house, as when you do choose to settle, you’re ready to offer your partner or closest friends the world.

However, the challenge lies in getting there, as it can take a while for 7th-house Scorpio natives to let down their emotional walls.=

Scorpio in the 8th House

With the 8th house in Scorpio, all the powers of the Scorpion are especially heightened, as this is Scorpio’s native house.

Topics like the occult, finances, hidden research, death, and rebirth all get prominently highlighted, with their strengths in full force for anyone with this placement.

At the same time, their difficulty and intensity can equally be highlighted as well, as Scorpio 8th housers must learn to find balance and moderation in devoting themselves to these things.

Scorpio in the 9th House

If your 9th house is in Scorpio, you’ll find its qualities highlighted in travel and philosophy.

This placement is furiously curious, always seeking the next big truth. There’s likely a strong interest here in other cultures, religions, and especially their hidden inner worlds.

Intelligent and easily invested in understanding foreign topics, Scorpio in the 9th house makes for an excellent researcher and student of life.

Scorpio in the 10th House

If your 10th house is in Scorpio, the qualities of the scales take over in your career.

With this placement, you may find that others expect you to have all the answers (or at least go find them). Your intuitive, emotionally intelligent, and curious nature shines through in the public sphere, and you do well when offered the chance to ask questions.

Scorpio in the 11th House

With the worldly 11th house ruling over friendships and community, Scorpio finds a strange home here.

Like other placements that require the vulnerability of Scorpio, having the Scorpion in the 11th house creates a strong tie whenever Scorpio does choose to plant their roots and call a community theirs.

However, these communities must equally possess the honesty and truth that Scorpio is willing to give them in return.

Scorpio in the 12th House

With the 12th house holding illusions, mysteries, and the subconscious, Scorpio being housed here may be the gift that keeps on giving — if you know how to use it properly.

If handled with care and finesse, Scorpio in the 12th house could grant Scorpio the answers and hidden opportunities they so desperately desire. After all, Scorpio loves the taboo, and the 12th house can certainly offer that.

However, the drawback is that it’s all too easy for Scorpio to get submerged here, hiding their emotions and feelings instead. Balance, as always, is required.

Accessing Secret Scorpio Superpowers

If there’s one thing that’s clear, it’s that having Scorpio in your chart can really be a secret superpower.

As it shrouds everything it touches with just a bit of mystery, it equally lends your chart some extra power if you’re willing to look. This Scorpio season, it’s always a good idea to explore where it lands in your chart and allow its potent energy to guide you.

If you’re a Scorpio, follow your daily horoscope — and for everyone else, make use of the astrology calendar to keep track of when Scorpio season starts and ends and where other transits may be impacting this special season.

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