Your Weekly Tarotscope for May 6th – 12th, 2024

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How will you prepare for this week’s New Moon in Taurus?

A Taurus New Moon can ground us to our dreams and long-term plans, identifying areas in our lives where we can improve our sense of stability and security.

This may mean that areas of discomfort and instability are spotlighted first, but this is only to help you identify what needs to change to progress.

Utilizing the power of this New Moon and knowing what “stability” means will change per individual, which is why we’ve checked in with the Tarot to see what insights are important for you to heed this time!

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for May 6 – 12, 2024


Temperance (Reversed)

Aries is struggling to keep their cool this week.

With Temperance reversed it’s not so much that you’re angry, overly emotional, or anything too particular, but you’re getting uncomfortable feelings of imbalance.

It may be hard to pinpoint what exactly is “off” when you have this card reversed.

But patience, self-forgiveness, and granting yourself grace will be helpful remedies in seeing this difficult time through.


King of Cups

Taurus is feeling the vibe of this Taurus New Moon very well!

The King of Cups shows you embracing your emotional prowess and expertise, which are very much in tune with your heart and intuition.

Now is a good time for divination, incorporating the heart into your decision-making, and holding important conversations from a place of love and understanding.

These are just some examples of how you can use this powerful energy to your advantage; ultimately, the call is up to you, Taurus!


The World (Reversed)

Gemini is re-evaluating what the “big picture” should look like for themselves.

The World reversed can make your whole life feel topsy-turvy and out of sorts. Suddenly, it’s easier to focus on everything that doesn’t seem right and to feel disconnected from your larger plans and goals.

However, this time of funkiness and strange vibes will fade out once you closely examine what truths it is here to illuminate — what do you really want, and how does your current path align with those ambitions?


Queen of Wands (Reversed)

Cancer is struggling this week with their ambitions… and perhaps their ego.

The Queen of Wands reversed articulates a struggle with your pride, sense of self, and/or your confidence.

You may have dreams and ambitions you want to carry out but are suddenly unsure of your ability to seize them. Some Cancers may feel the need to overcompensate for this and act out impulsively as a result.

Be mindful of where your impulses and drive are really coming from right now, and try to be gentle with yourself as you carefully work with your self-image this week.


3 of Wands

Adventure and expansion are afoot for Leo!

With the 3 of Wands on your side, it’s time to expand and look outward. What dreams have you put off to the side that you can now take on again? What ideas are you interested in pursuing?

This is also a great card for travel, meeting new people, and embracing the element of surprise.

No matter how it ultimately manifests for you, it sounds to be an exciting week!


6 of Cups (Reversed)

Virgo is getting stuck in memory lane.

The 6 of Cups reversed shows you traversing through nostalgic memories and feelings from the past. To some extent, this reflection can be helpful.

However, it needs to be done with intention and moderation. Right now, Virgos may be prone to getting caught up in old patterns and emotions that aren’t productive for the present or future.

Be mindful of where your mind and heart wander this week — and remember to bring them back to the present if they get lost.


7 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Libra is trying to make productive, practical plans for the future, but it’s harder than it seems.

The 7 of Pentacles reversed shows you putting in effort when it comes to contemplating future stability, making realistic plans of action, and thinking seriously about finances, abundance, and career.

However, the reversal of this card can also make the process feel sluggish and unmoving, and you have to be careful that all that thinking doesn’t turn into procrastinating.

Eventually, you’ll have to get to the actual working portion of it all, too.


Knight of Swords (Reversed)

Scorpio wants to charge ahead with their ideas and ambitions but has to be careful about haphazard movement.

Although the Knight of Swords offers momentum and drive, the reversal of this card warns against moving too quickly or impulsively just for the sake of feeling something.

ItIt’still important to think before you speak, contemplate before you decide, and look ahead before you leap.

Read more: You Pulled The Knight of Swords Tarot Card — Now What?


8 of Wands

Sagittarius is finally on the move, getting some action and groove back into their step!

The 8 of Wands brings momentum, fast-paced communication, and adventure into your week ahead.

As such, this is very much a “blink and you might miss it.”

You have to make intentional time for rest and planning if you have anything serious to get done, or else you may find yourself having no time at all.


3 of Pentacles

Capricorn, as the old saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work.

With the 3 of Pentacles on the table for you, it is essential to collaborate with others this week as much as possible in order to make progress.

This means switching roles as it seems appropriate to do so — teacher, student, sage, mentor, assistant, artist, and so on and so forth. Be adaptable with the skills and ideas yoyou’reutting forward moment-to-moment.

With the right attitude, this can be an excellent week for career advancements and financial gains.


King of Pentacles (Reversed)

Aquarius is getting all their material affairs in order, and it’s not always so fun.

The King of Pentacles reversed spotlights any insecurities you may have with your control over finances, the home, and career.

YoYou’reorced to reckon this week with what you could be improving upon, where you might be slacking, and also where you’re not making the most of your own potential!

This process can be humbling, but it can also be extremely essential for making the eventual progress that you seek, Aquarius.


Queen of Cups

Pisces is in their feelings this week, and it is actually in a good way!

Despite the stereotype that Pisceans get too stuck in their hearts and heads, the Queen of Cups is here to affirm some of your best qualities — your intuition, emotional attunement, and gentle compassion.

YoYou’reorking with these assets this week in a meaningful way, connected more to these skills and facets of yourself that may often go overlooked.

What does your heart tell you, Pisces? It’s time to listen.

Your Guide to the New Moon in Taurus

Your Tarotscope has spoken and provided the insights that will be essential for your individual week ahead.

However, your independent plans of action are still aligned with the greater cosmic forces at hand. Remember to take time to connect with this week’s New Moon and feel out the energy it’s trying to hand your way.

Here are some of our favorite ways to tune in with this potent energy:

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