Your Weekly Numerology Forecast for July 4 – 10, 2022

Are you ready to use the wisdom of numerology to navigate the week ahead?

Then welcome to your weekly numerology forecast!

As we continue through Cancer season, we are given the opportunity to focus on Cancer-related themes, such as the security of our own environment, processing our deepest emotions, and accessing parts of ourselves that show where our vulnerability lies.

These themes can show up in all different areas of our lives—relationships, careers, our hobbies and interests, and even the news that we gravitate to.

So each day, whenever you have a discussion in your relationship or when you go about your daily work routine, it can be very helpful to bear in mind these Cancer themes and see how each action you take, the discussions you have, and the information you absorb tie in with these themes.

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What Transits Can we Expect this Week?

1. Mercury in Cancer

The big news this week is that Mercury is going into Cancer. This is going to bring heightened intuition and a more emotional-based way of communicating.

There’s a lot of emphasis on our emotions this week! Mercury in Cancer can struggle with expressing itself in verbal form. This is a highly intuitive combination that finds it easier to express itself through actions such as a loving glance or a hug, as opposed to speaking or writing its feelings.

Other Mercury signs, such as people with Mercury in Aries and Mercury in Libra, can become especially frustrated during this period. These two Mercuries are all about speed, and they have limited patience for the much more subtle and abstract approach of Mercury in Cancer.

But with Mercury in Cancer, even though we may not be expressing ourselves to the world with the articulacy of Shakespeare, we do have the ability to communicate with ourselves at an even deeper level, which can lead to great transformation and heightened inner wisdom.

That is why this weekly numerology report is going to focus on our individual Past Life number and how this week can help you understand more about your past life(s).

2. Venus in Gemini

Venus also moves into Gemini at the start of this week, and this will bring a flurry of activity, encouraging you to branch out where possible—prepare for lots of socializing and encounters with others!

But many encounters are driven by our feelings and emotions, and the more we understand ourselves at this level, the more we can mix and mingle with people more efficiently.

Disconnection from our feelings and emotions can often result in mindless chatter and also insecurity when communicating with others. We may feel a need to “fill in the gaps” and find ourselves chattering without thinking or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, not chattering at all!

So by understanding ourselves a little more at a deeper level, as Mercury in Cancer provides us with the opportunity to do, we are then able to find a balance between our emotions and our ability to convey them.

What is Your Past Life Number?

Your Past Life number reveals the energies that you experienced in previous lives.

These include:

  • The type of person you were.
  • The role you played in your community.
  • Your achievements and failures.
  • The lessons you carried over into this life.

If you want to know more about your past lives, you can also look to where your South Node is in astrology, as this highlights energy that you have mastered in previous lifetimes.

To know what your Past Life Number is, you have to add your Life Path number with your Heart’s Desire number.

Not sure what your Past Life number is? Use our free Past Life number calculator now!

Your Past Life Number for July 4th – July 11th

Once you have got your Past Life number, keep a note of it and refer back to it as you go through the coming week.

Ready to find out more about how to approach this week using your Past Life number? Read on!

Past Life Number 1

This indicates a life where you struggled with low self-esteem in past lives due to being too much of a people-pleaser or even a “doormat.”

This week, think about the following:

Do you have too much dependence on others for approval, and how is it hindering you from reaching your true potential?

Past Life Number 2

This indicates a life where you were too materialistic in the past. You may have sacrificed spiritual growth in favor of material pleasures.

This week, think about whether the material world is demanding too much of your time and energy.

Do you dedicate enough time to feeding your spiritual self? What spiritual practices can you engage in to create a greater balance between the two?

Past Life Number 3

This indicates a life where you felt unable to express your true self. You may have had to show one face to the world and another face in private.

This week, think about ways you may be compromising your true self in favor of what others want you to be or how they want you to behave. How can you make changes that align with your true self?

Past Life Number 4

This indicates a life where you may not have been given the love and care you deserved in previous lifetimes.

This week, think about whether you are receiving the care and attention that you deserve. Are there elements of your relationships where you feel undervalued or underappreciated?

Past Life Number 5

This indicates you may have been a little selfish in past lives and tended to put your needs before the needs of others.

This week, think about how this ties in with your life. Is there a running theme of this, or is it the total opposite where you find yourself putting others’ needs first so much that you completely neglect your own?

Finding a healthy balance is key.

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Past Life Number 6

This indicates a life where health may have been troubling for you, mentally, emotionally, or physically. There may have been trouble fitting into your surroundings.

This week, think about whether you feel healthy in mind, body, and spirit. What improvements can you make in these areas?

Past Life Number 7

This indicates a life where you may have been very competitive and gone to any lengths to succeed, sometimes to the detriment of others and to yourself.

This week, think about your own competitive nature today. Are you too competitive, or are you not competitive at all? Do you feel work needs to be done in this area of your life?

Past Life Number 8

This indicates a life where you may not have taken responsibility in the past. There may have been a desire to see things how you wanted to see them and not for how they really were.

This week, think about how motivated you are to achieve your goals and the element of responsibility in your life. Do you take on too much, too little, or is it just right?

Past Life Number 9

This indicates a life where you struggled to find beauty in this world and, therefore, you were unable to shine your own light into it.

This week, think about the connection between light and dark in this world.

Do you feel able to shine your life? What aspects of life hold you back from being the brightest version of yourself?

Past Life Numbers 11 & 22

These are Master numbers and indicate lives where you didn’t fully express the skills and talents you had to the world. You may have been too complacent and content to the degree that you did not step outside of your comfort zone.

This week, think about whether you are willing to step outside your comfort zone and what may be holding you back. Remember, it is outside of our comfort zone that we realize our true potential.

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