Mercury & Mars Are on the Move: Where Will They Take You This July?

Two of the inner planets are making moves astrologically…at the same time! Are you ready?

Messenger Mercury and Warrior planet Mars shift into new signs only 21 minutes apart on July 5th, 2022. With Mars entering Taurus and Mercury entering Cancer in less than two days, we’re about to experience some transformative energy.

Read on to find out what you can expect for your zodiac sign—We’re going to feel the drive and desire for a whole new focus very soon!

What Does Mercury in Cancer Mean?

Mercury is the planet of the mind and rules communications. Transit Mercury shows how we communicate at the moment, where our head is at, the ideas we’re focusing on, and how our minds are working.

Meanwhile, Cancer is the zodiac sign ruling emotions, so when transit Mercury is in Cancer, this merges our emotions with our thoughts. It can be easier to say what we really mean, to express what we really feel, and to mean what we communicate.

This can be great for communicating about emotional issues, but we do have to be mindful of being subjective. Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment, but don’t let logic cloud your emotions either. Both have their place!

Mercury conjuncts (aligns with) the Sun in Cancer on July 16th, and this can help to focus energy. We can be comfortable with our minds, our words, our feelings, and our needs, and we may see culminations around this time.

Mercury normally moves quickly through the zodiac, but because it retrograded in Taurus and Gemini, it’s taken longer to come to Cancer. This may be a breath of fresh air in many respects, and we may feel like there’s a breakthrough in some way.

Mercury will only be in Cancer until July 19th, so we’ve only got two weeks with this energy and need to maximize it as best as we can.

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What Does Mars in Taurus Mean?

Mars is the planet of energy and drive. Transit Mars shows where our energy is focused, what we’re driven to pursue, and how we take action at the moment.

The zodiac sign of Taurus is a slow sign, grounded and earthy, and likes to take its time. This means transit Mars in Taurus is a time when we take our time with taking action, wanting to be certain first, and willing to wait as long as we have to for the right moment to act.

This transit can be great for grounding yourself, improving your confidence, and bringing stability and security to areas of your life that have been chaotic and unpredictable. Once you get moving with something, you can see it through to the very end.

This energy is not great if you’re already feeling stuck though, as it can add to that. Take deep breaths, and try to find another way through, especially around when Mars conjuncts Uranus on July 31st, as this can be a period for a breakthrough (especially with both conjunct the North Node too – a huge eye-opening push for the future and for finding potential!).

Mars is in Taurus until August 20th, which is when it’ll move into Gemini, to stay for the rest of 2022. This is the last bit of energy before we’re in for the Mars retrograde wonkiness, so this would be a good time to get ready.

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How Mercury in Cancer & Mars in Taurus Impact One Another

Both Mercury in Cancer and Mars in Taurus are actually positioned at a positive angle, called a sextile, which puts them two signs apart. They sextile each other right after entering their respective signs on July 5th, so we feel this right away.

This can be very helpful energy for using energy to pursue ideas and plans, taking a new course of action, and being assertive with what we think. This may be needed since the last time they sextiled (May 23rd), Mercury was retrograde, and they were both at a challenging position, so this sextile may bring some closure, a resolution, or understanding that may have been missing back then.

We also have a 2nd Quarter Moon the day after on July 6th, and this can help us to adjust to the new energy. With it in Libra, we may get help from others or find that we’re focused on restoring balance.

Overall, this energy may be on the slow side, though, since Mercury in Cancer is connected to feelings and Mars in Taurus wants to slow down. It may be a little harder than usual for us to take action when needed, so try to have motivations handy.

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Mercury in Cancer & Mars in Taurus 2022 for the Zodiac Signs


For Aries, Mercury in Cancer can help you connect to what you feel, and you can find the right things to say to fully express yourself openly. You can also give more words of support and encouragement to those you care about.

Mars in Taurus can slow your energy way down as Mars leaves your sign, and you can be more cautious with what you pursue and want to be confident first.


For Taurus, Mercury in Cancer can make it easier for you to communicate, and you can connect to your mind more easily. You may have lots you want to focus on, lots to do and keep yourself busier than usual.

Mars in your sign helps with this, and you can use all of your energy to pursue new beginnings, new projects, and new ventures.


For Gemini, Mercury in Cancer means Mercury leaves your sign, and your mental energy can slow down. This can be welcome, and you can take your time with decisions and with making new plans, needing a break.

Mars in Taurus might drain you physically, or you may find that it’s difficult to be around others without being exhausted by them. Taking time alone can help give you the break you need.


For Cancer, Mercury moves into your sign, and this means you can be more forthcoming, more authentic in your communications, and more open with what’s on your mind. You can work on new plans and get excited by new opportunities.

Mars in Taurus can help push you outside of your comfort zone a little bit, and you can work on changes that need to be made or get help from your social circle to make more progress.


For Leo, Mercury in Cancer can make you quieter in your communications, a better listener, but also more sensitive and mentally drained. You may want to get some time to let your mind rest and recover and get ready for Mercury moving into your sign next.

Mars in Taurus can keep you focused on your goals, and you can make strides with the things you’ve done right and hit new highs, or you may experience setbacks with the things you need to change or don’t really care about.


For Virgo, Mercury in Cancer can help you think outside of the box, and you may get flashes of insight into projects, plans, and people. You can be quick on your feet, and you can bounce ideas off of friends and groups.

Mars in Taurus can help you be more optimistic, think even bigger and brighter, and shoot for the Moon. You can be more willing to take calculated risks, to be bold, and to have an adventure.


For Libra, Mercury in Cancer helps you tweak your long-term plans or put together new ones for your long-term goals. You can be more practical in your approach and understand what needs to be done.

Mars in Taurus can help you make use of the passionate energy available to you, and you can throw yourself into a goal or plan that you really care about. This can help you push through any blocks you may have encountered recently.

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For Scorpio, Mercury in Cancer lets you see the big picture, and you can get out of pessimism and doomsday thinking and focus on the positives. You can be more gregarious and can enjoy yourself, and focus on what you find fun.

Mars in Taurus can bring other people into this, and you can connect with others that help you be more optimistic, and your healthy relationships and connections can open you up to being bold.


For Sagittarius, Mercury in Cancer helps you get to the heart of matters, and you can keep digging until you find what you need. Your focus can be passionate and intense, you can be more assertive in communications, and others can take you more seriously.

Mars in Taurus can help you focus on the work that needs to be done, the little things, and you can dig into the details with greater ease. You can accomplish a lot, and this can be a great work period.


For Capricorn, Mercury in Cancer helps you connect with the people in your life, and you can communicate more freely in one-on-one situations. You may come up with your best ideas when you’re chatting with someone you’re close to.

Mars in Taurus can stir creativity, and you can be more fun-loving and engaging with others. You may want to take time away from the serious or the mundane and make more time for play and to be with those you love.


For Aquarius, Mercury in Cancer can help you focus on the details, the little things, and you can get organized, make lists, and stick to your schedule. You can be more practical and want to feel like you’re getting things done.

Mars in Taurus can help you strengthen your internal foundation, the foundation for your life, or to start something new from the ground up. You can see all of the details for it and work on being smart with your choices.


For Pisces, Mercury in Cancer can help you be more creative, and if you think something is serious or boring, you may have little patience for it. You want to enjoy what you’re focusing on, and this can help you to come up with great new ideas and plans.

Mars in Taurus stimulates your mind in a big way, so you can come up with lots of ideas, take action with ideas you’re excited about, and put plans into motion. Whatever creative ideas you have, you can do what you need to make them happen.

Where Will These Transits Take YOU?

Mercury won’t be in Cancer for long, and once Mars leaves Taurus, it’s done with this sign for two years, so try to connect your heart and mind and improve stability and security now.

Pursue ideas and plans, be smart, and stick with it!

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