These Are the Transits You Need to be Aware of for the Second Half of 2022

The second half of 2022 is nearly here (holy cow this year is flying by!), and we’ve got some huge astrology to cover for the second half, so buckle up!

Let’s review the most important transits for the second half of this year—think of it as your general 2022 horoscope for July through December!

Is There a Most Important Transit for the Second Half of 2022?

If I had to pick one, it would probably be Mars retrograde in Gemini.

Mars retrogrades October 30th for the rest of 2022, and Mars retrograde occurs every 2 – 2 ½ years or so, so it doesn’t happen all of the time (the last time was in Aries from September to November 2020, so we didn’t have one in 2021).

This one is especially important because it comes at challenging angles to both Jupiter who freshly re-enters Pisces and to Neptune in Pisces. It digs up a lot of issues, a lot of subconscious junk, a lot of karma, and spiritual baggage. This can be heavy.

If you want one positive, it can be a time for a lot of Twin Flame connections since Jupiter and Neptune are in spiritual Pisces, Neptune is the natural ruling planet for Pisces, Gemini is governed by the Twins, and retrogrades can bring karmic energy. There can be greater awakening and enlightenment in this area of life.

The fact that they are at odds with Mars in Gemini may mean that this is a time to remove blocks to unite with your Twin Flame. With new Twin Flames, it may show that you have blocks initially and union comes a bit later.

But everything else? Eh, we’ll have to be extra diligent!

Honestly, there’s a lot going on in this second half, and it’ll be important to plan ahead so you’re not caught in the planetary web of drama. Let’s get to it!

The Most Important Transits for the Second Half of 2022 by Month

Now let’s go into the most important transit for each month of the second half of 2022, so July through December, along with for the zodiac signs.

Time to jump in!

July: Uranus Conjunct North Node

The Lunar Nodes are the points in the Moon’s orbit where the Moon crosses the ecliptic, and there are two that exactly oppose one another, the North Node and the South Node.

The Lunar Nodes are spiritual/karmic in nature.

The North Node represents:

  • Our potential
  • Our purpose
  • Our future
  • What we need to grow into

Uranus, meanwhile, is the planet of change, the unexpected, and also the future, so Uranus aligning with the North Node means we have massive energy in July for focusing on the future!

At this time, we can be quite caught up in:

  • What we want it to look like
  • What we’re dreaming of
  • Most importantly, what changes we need to make now in order to bring us closer to the future we want

The problem? The North Node is unfamiliar, therefore uncomfortable, so we may be hesitant about actually making the changes we need to make. We may be scared because it’s so unknown, and we second guess too much.

It’s important for us to move forward anyway. And, even if we try to refuse, we may end up having no choice as the planets put us in situations that force us to anyway!

This has the potential to set us on the path that brings us to an amazing future, but we have to take action and we have to do what’s right. It’s a challenge, but it’s worth it.

Uranus is conjunct the True North Node on July 31st, and conjuncts the Mean North Node on July 26th, both times at 18 degrees of Taurus (the True position is the exact position while the Mean position is the averaged-out position since it’s a little wobbly).

August: Uranus Retrograde

Uranus retrograde begins on August 24th, 2022, and this means the planet of change is now moving backward through Taurus for the rest of the year. Uranus retrograde is traditionally a time when changes slow down, and we can become frustrated because we’re unable to pursue the change that we’d like to.

Frustrations run especially high thanks to Uranus retrograde in Taurus, and we may be extra stubborn and stuck. We have to learn to work with, not against, whatever we have to.

This can be an opportunity to get a breather and not feel so wrapped up in the whirling energy of Uranus, especially coming out of the conjunction with the North Node. Uranus energy can be so strong coming out of July that we could actually use the pause button on change to get our bearings.

We also now have all five of the slower planets (six, if you include Chiron) retrograde when Uranus turns retrograde, so we’re dealing with greater subconscious and karmic energy now, especially when it comes to long-term matters or how we connect with others.

September: Mercury Retrograde

On September 9th, Mercury retrograde begins in Libra, and goes back to Virgo on September 23rd for the rest of the retrograde (to October 2nd). This is the last time Mercury will retrograde in Libra for a while, and the last time in an Air sign for a while.

This can wrap up the retrograde impact on Air, so we’re wrapping up having to revise, redo, rethink, and revisit our connections, how we connect personally and at large, and social matters.

Mercury is moving to Earth signs, and we’re more focused on the practical, the mundane, and work.

Mercury retrograde in Libra brings one last chance to deal with issues in relationships, with partners, and to make them better, or to reconnect with people from the past. Mercury retrograde in Virgo starts focusing on issues around stress, work, our health, and in our daily lives.

The retrograde does end with Mercury trine, which is a beneficial aspect, Pluto in Capricorn, so this can bring opportunity to find more personal power, take control, transform, and find what we need to find for solutions.

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October: Mars Retrograde + Jupiter Re-enters Pisces

Mars retrograde begins on October 30th, occurring entirely in Gemini, while Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces on October 28th, two days before. Oh my, the energy is going to be wonky!

Traditionally, Mars retrograde is a time when we’re really frustrated, have short tempers, and see more outbursts and violence. In Gemini, this is mostly going to impact us in communication, so it’s going to be a lot of arguments about little things that don’t really matter, but yikes do we think they matter quite a lot in the moment!

We need to have better patience, so watch what we say and how we say, and to use this period as an opportunity to become better listeners and open up lines of communication. That is the best thing we could all do.

Then we have Jupiter retrograde coming back to Pisces. While Jupiter is happy in Pisces since it’s the traditional ruling planet for this sign, it’s not going to be initially for two reasons.

1. The first is that it’s square (a challenging aspect) Mars retrograde in Gemini for much of the time.

Jupiter is the expansive planet, so it might expand on the issues that we experience with Mars retrograde. With Jupiter in foggy Pisces, it might also bring more foggy energy (Neptune will also add to that). It’s important we don’t allow ourselves to fall deeper in the hole.

2. The second is that it’s going to be anaretic, touring 29 degrees Pisces October 28th to November 13th while retrograde, and back again December 4th through 20th. The anaretic degree is the very last degree of any zodiac sign (there are 30 degrees in every sign) and is crisis energy with the transit (moving) planets like this.

This adds to Jupiter pouring fuel on the fire, and we may see some major developments in the world that are Pisces-ruled (so watch for events involving water, the arts, medicine).

Our compassion and empathy may be lacking too, and that just makes things worse.

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November: Mars Square Neptune

Mars is retrograde going into November and will square Neptune in Pisces on November 19th, 2022, but it’s essentially square Neptune all month. Squares are challenging aspects with the two planets at odds and not seeing eye-to-eye, so this is tricky.

Neptune likes to obscure our vision, making it difficult to see the reality that’s right in front of us.

Meanwhile, Mars retrograde is making us frustrated, aggravated, and easily annoyed, with lots of buttons easily pushed. This means we may be getting riled up about things that aren’t real, or the part that we’re riled up about isn’t the actual problem.

The root of the problem is likely obscured, difficult to make out easily, and we have to work on being more grounded and seeing through the foggy energy. But the foggy energy may seem better than the alternative, even if only subconsciously, and we can stick with it even when it’s hurting us.

We have to be more realistic, so we need to be honest with ourselves about what is making us lie to ourselves. Look within, as the answer is usually going to be found there, and not at whatever is getting your attention externally.

December: Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

The year will end with Mercury turning retrograde on December 29th (lasting until January 18th, 2023), and this occurs entirely in Capricorn. We got a little taste of Mercury retrograde in Capricorn earlier in the year (January 25th to February 3rd, 2022).

Capricorn rules our goals and ambitions, so Mercury retrograde in Capricorn tends to make us question the goals we have, the path we’re on in life, and we can experience setbacks, delays, or make back impressions.

We can get kicked down when we already felt pretty down to begin with.

What this is good for is picking back up old goals and giving second chances to old ambitions in healthy ways. There can be a great chance for it now, and you can see what went wrong before and how to do it differently this time.

This does come with Mars and Uranus still retrograde, and they all end their retrogrades together in January: January 12th for Mars, January 18th for Mercury, and January 22nd for Uranus.

How we go into 2023 may change very quickly once we’re in late January, so try to make your plans flexible.

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A celebrating person holds up sparklers in the sky where there are fireworks behind them.

The Most Important Transits for the Second Half of 2022 for the Zodiac Signs

Aries: Mars Retrograde

I almost feel bad, Aries! You have such lovely energy from June through early July with Mars and Jupiter in your sign, but you get a kick in the pants when Mars, your natural ruling planet, retrogrades starting October 30th for the rest of 2022 (until January 12th, 2023).

It’s never a fun ride when your ruler is retrograde, and you can feel it in a big way. This one occurs in Gemini, which targets your ability to communicate, which likely means, get ready for fights!

Mars retrograde naturally provokes us, makes us more hostile and easily irritated, and that goes doubly so for you. This one really makes communication hard, and you’re likely reading into everything too much, or interpreting things as you want to without being open.

You need to look at what is causing this frustration for you in the first place, because 99 times out of 100, it’s not going to be whatever it is you’re yelling about. Dig below the surface, and be honest with yourself about what you need to work on.

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Taurus: Uranus Conjunct North Node in Taurus

Uranus conjunct North Node is an important aspect for all of us, but especially for you, Taurus! Uranus has been in your sign for a few years, stoking the flames of the future for you, and prompting massive changes in your life and/or personality.

With this transit, you may feel extra pushed toward your future, your potential, and your purpose. This may be the scariest feeling of all for you, given how much your sign craves stability, but it’s pushing you toward what will give you ultimate fulfillment. Don’t fight that!

Gemini: Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Mars retrograde is the big thing and unfortunately, it does occur in your sign, Gemini! Get ready for the wonky energy, the highs and lows, and the constant irritation.

So what can you do while Mars retrogrades in your sign?

1. First, make sure you have healthy outlets for any intense emotions, especially anger. Get that lined up before the retrograde even starts so you’re not scrambling in the middle of it and can avoid getting yourself in trouble by running your mouth.

2. Second, retrogrades are always amazing energy for second chances, and that is never more so the case than when they occur in your sign.

Think about a second chance you’d like to create, you’d like to pursue, something you want a do-over with, or something you want to pick back up and finish once and for all.

3. Third, Gemini, you’re the sign of the mind, and there is always a way out through the mind. Make sure you’re using up your mental energy by having a variety of projects to focus on, spending time with many different people, and filling up your schedule.

4. Finally, retrogrades in your zodiac sign can be extremely exhausting, sometimes physically but it’s often emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Plan for breaks, and don’t feel bad about having to take them.

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Cancer: Black Moon Lilith in Cancer

I didn’t even get to bring this up yet, but Black Moon Lilith is in your sign, Cancer, for the rest of 2022. Black Moon Lilith is a position of inner power, helping us to speak up and take a stand for what we believe is right.

Black Moon Lilith in your sign kicks this energy up in a big way, and you don’t want to hold back on anything. This is your time to defend yourself, and that can be important since your sign likes to let people walk all over you. Lilith says, not now little Crab!

Use the energy to develop better confidence in yourself, your abilities, and your opinions. This is something that can benefit you for a long time to come and in many ways.

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Leo: Leo New Moon

A New Moon occurs in your sign, Leo, on July 28th, and this is a five-star event that happens every year for each of us. New Moons in your sign are excellent for new beginnings, new journeys, new projects, new ventures, and new chapters in life.

You can feel extra enthusiastic, extra excited, and extra willing to take the initiative and make what you want happen. You can create opportunities, you can take advantage of existing ones, and you can push for more progress.

The New Moon is at a nice angle to Jupiter as it’s turning retrograde on the same day, so you get some Jupiter help. Make use of big ideas, let your awesome personality shine, and embrace new experiences.

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Virgo: Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Mercury, your ruler, retrogrades in your sign, Virgo, from September 23rd to October 2nd, the first time in about 5 years. Since Mercury is your ruler, you generally feel off when Mercury retrogrades anyway, but when it’s also in your sign, you’re extra stressed, extra overwhelmed, and have way too much to deal with.

Stress is the main concern for you, so that is something you need to be mindful of. Work on having healthy outlets for your stress, and when you find you’re getting extra anxious, try to help yourself right away.

Avoid taking on too much, like Virgo loves to do, and make room for taking care of yourself. Also try to avoid perfectionism, as this can be a trap you fall into.

As always with retrogrades, this can be a great time for a second chance, so try to choose something that excites you, get you moving, inspires you, and give it another shot.

Libra: Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Mercury has been retrograding in your sign for the last three years, Libra, and this is the last one for a few years. Mercury is retrograde in your sign from September 9th to 23rd, and you can use this time to wrap things up, finally being done with the little issues that kept popping up in the last few years, and moving on.

This retrograde may feel extra draining for you in general though, so do try to go easy on yourself. If you feel out of balance, work on that, and try to avoid chaotic people if you can.

This is your last chance for the second chance energy that comes with retrogrades in your sign though, so if you’ve been holding off with that, this is it.

Scorpio: Scorpio Solar Eclipse

A Solar Eclipse occurs in your sign, Scorpio, on October 25th, and this can be awesome energy. You had a Lunar Eclipse in your sign earlier in the year, and hopefully, you used that to clear out unnecessary baggage and make room for the new that can come with the Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipses occur with New Moons, so they’re when the Sun and Moon come together in the same location in the zodiac. New Moons are times of new beginnings, new journeys, and new opportunities, and that’s increased tenfold with a Solar Eclipse.

You can get started on something big now, something that will not only be a focus now but for years to come. It’s a whole new chapter in your life right now, and this can be exciting for you.

Mars does retrograde right after this eclipse, so there may be a delay when it comes to getting things going initially. Put in the effort, and it can pay off eventually.

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Sagittarius: Sagittarius Mashup of Mid-November

So this isn’t one specific transit, but in mid-November, three planets enter Sagittarius: Venus (November 16th), Mercury (November 17th), and the Sun (November 22nd). On November 23rd, a New Moon occurs in Sagittarius, and your ruler, Jupiter, ends its retrograde.

All of this combined is awesome energy for you!

You get a big burst in the middle of the month, and you can focus on what you’re excited about, get help from others, come up with ideas and plans, pursue opportunities, and feel like you’re on the right path.

Mars is retrograde during this time in the sign opposing yours, so you likely need to make sure you’re being balanced in your approach to anything at this time.

Capricorn: Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

Mercury retrograde begins just as the year is ending on December 29th, and this lasts until January 18th and is entirely in your sign, Capricorn. You got a glimpse of what to expect with this energy earlier in the year when Mercury was retrograde in your sign from January 25th to February 3rd.

You may feel like you’ve got a lot on your plate, and this can make you feel out of sorts with everything. Try to give yourself a break and not worry so much, and embrace an inward focus to reflect and understand.

Mercury retrograde in your sign is great for a second chance, so consider what you’d like to take another shot at. You can have great energy for that now and can make use of the passions you have for it and a greater will to make things happen.

Aquarius: Saturn Direct Square Uranus

The planet Saturn, your traditional ruler, ends its retrograde in your sign, Aquarius, on October 23rd square (a challenging aspect) your modern ruler, Uranus in Taurus.

Saturn square Uranus plagued us all in 2021 and prompted some massive professional changes for many, and it’s one that urges us to make major changes to the status quo.

It’s back in effect again around Saturn direct, and for you, this aspect may have been quite challenging for you in 2021. You may have had to take a hard look at yourself, at what you’re doing, at your choices, and at your direction, and had to become more realistic.

This time, you’ve hopefully learned quite a bit and made a lot of the changes that need to be made already, and you can be more comfortable with the energy now. You can make final changes and tie up loose ends.

If you hadn’t done any of it yet, you may find you’re making a huge push as quickly as possible to make it happen at this point. It may be a bit impulsive and haphazard, but it can feel like you’re finally on the right road.

Pisces: Jupiter Back to Pisces

Jupiter comes back to your sign, Pisces, on October 28th until December 20th, and this is the last time you have Jupiter in Pisces until 2033. It’s a little more complicated than it was earlier in the year since Mars is retrograde this time though.

Nevertheless, you can still work to pursue those new opportunities, new ventures, and get things off of the ground. You just have to keep Mars in mind and make sure you’re not pushing yourself too far, being impulsive, or letting frustrations get the better of you.

Considering Mars retrograde, this may be the time to focus on opportunities for second chances, do-overs, and revisiting or reconnecting. Try again and see what you can do now.

Have a Great Second Half of 2022!

So that’s your general 2022 horoscope layout for what to focus on from July through December 2022. Admittedly, the energy of the second half isn’t quite as positive as the first half, and we’re ending the year on some rocky shores. Navigate wisely!

Remember you can use the free astrology calendar to keep track of the astrology every month and don’t forget your horoscope for more guidance.

Good luck!

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