Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for March 6 – 12, 2023

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Full Moons, major transits, and just getting through March — oh my! It looks like our plates are quite full this week.

Yes, we have a Full Moon in practical, down-to-earth Virgo this week on the 7th, which should be something to look forward to if you’re ready to get down to business and set your intentions with some thoughtfulness and planning.

On the very same day, you’ll also want to look out for Saturn, planet of restrictions (but also responsibility), moving into Pisces, calling for major introspection and intuitive self-reflection.

These two events alone can shake things up quite a bit, so we’ll have to get some guidance and expertise from the Tarot to see how it’ll pan out for us on a more personal level, of course!

Weekly Tarotscope for March 6 – 12, 2023


6 of Wands (Reversed)

Aries may not get the praise or recognition they seek this week.

It may feel like you’re a bit disconnected from others around you right now, not feeling seen for your efforts or full-on being ignored.

With the 6 of Wands reversed on the table, it’s important that you don’t take it personally and try to be your own biggest cheerleader.

Sometimes people get caught up in their own business too much to recognize others fully — don’t let it reflect upon your radiant ram self.


King of Wands

Taurus now is a time for showing up boldly and loudly in whatever it is that you do.

The King of Wands blesses the realm of confidence, showing up in style and taking the driver’s seat. If you’ve been needing a boost of courage, this week may very well provide that.

You’ll still need to seize it on your own, of course!

Whether it’s speaking up about something you’ve been wanting to say or just taking up more space in the crowd, this week is all about you.


The Sun (Reversed)

Gemini isn’t quite feeling themselves the way that they should.

The Sun reversed can feel like a damper on your spirits, indicating that you’re feeling disconnected not just from your joy and optimism but feeling disconnected from yourself on the whole.

While this isn’t all gloom and doom, it can still feel a bit funky and “off” amid things.

Validate your feelings, even if nothing in particular catalyzed this strange turn of events, and remember that this, too, shall pass.


Knight of Wands

Cancer, are you ready to charge forward with bravery and optimism?

The Knight of Wands asks for your participation this week, noting that it may be a really great time for travel, adventure, or stepping up to the plate more boldly in general.

However, you’ll need to take the place of the Knight here — it won’t just move on its own.

Listen to your instincts and impulses this week. It may be an excellent time for momentum and change created by your own hand.


The Emperor

Leo is called to a position of leadership and authority this week.

If you want something, you may have to make it yourself. The Emperor asks you to forge your own foundation, be your own leader, and call the shots.

This can be quite productive, but you’ll have to trust you can do it all yourself.

There’s only room for just one Emperor-like figure. Do you want to listen to someone else’s authority or be your own?


King of Swords (Reversed)

Virgo, you may want to hit the brakes this week and avoid getting caught in your head.

The King of Swords reversed points to getting easily frustrated, getting caught in miscommunications, and overthinking things that should be fairly simple.

It may feel like you have to solve everything all at once or have that conversation immediately, but this week it may be best if you put down the problem-solving and come back to the heart and intuition.

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Page of Pentacles (Reversed)

Libra, feeling a bit burnt out?

The Page of Pentacles reversed shows you doing your best regarding your skills, finances, and career and pursuing new things in those areas.

However, you’ve likely hit a wall of some kind this week. It may feel like your engine is empty even if you’ve just begun, the timing is off, or something isn’t panning out the way you planned.

It’s not the end of the world — but you may want to remember that rest is a part of any good plan too.


10 of Wands (Reversed)

Scorpio must acknowledge that not everything has to be carried out by hand.

The 10 of Wands reversed asks you to remove some baggage and burdens this week.

Have you been trying to do it all by yourself again? The cards acknowledge the beauty in your can-do attitude but kindly suggest that you may have bitten off more than you can chew right now.

Take a few deep breaths and remember that there’s no shame in asking for help, Scorpio.


2 of Cups (Reversed)

Sagittarius, this may not be the week for grand confessions of love.

The 2 of Cups reversed puts a halt to love, romance, and the exchange of affections for now. This week won’t be as productive in advancing commitments or fortifying your relationships with others, romantic or otherwise.

However, that just means that you may find more success with some solid “me time.”

How will you fortify your connection with yourself?


6 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Capricorn, it’s important that you watch what you’re able to give this week.

The 6 of Pentacles reversed hints that you may feel tempted to give away your time and energy to others right now but may find that the exchange is ultimately not as satisfactory as you thought.

While you don’t have to close your doors to everyone, it’s ideal for spending extra time contemplating signing off on commitments, business deals, and contracts right now.

They won’t all be a match made in heaven.


9 of Cups

Aquarius, you have a whirlwind of abundance on the table.

With the 9 of Cups, this specific kind of abundance comes from your own truest intentions and desires. Think about something you’ve been wanting that’s close to your heart — a desire that is really true to who you are authentically.

And then, this week, watch for synchronicities, little opportunities that may bring you there, and signs and symbols that show you that you’re on the right path.

It’s not just on the way — it’s here. So keep your eyes peeled to look for the path forward, leading you to that boon.


6 of Cups

Pisces, this week is all about traveling through… your own memories.

You tend to be known for your more contemplative, emotional side anyway. But the 6 of Cups is here to highlight your unconscious mind and its wisdom even more.

It’s not just about traveling down memory lane for fun. This week, it’s likely that the past may hold some keys for your present — solutions and lessons from times already passed that contain nuggets of wisdom for the future.

Don’t get stuck back there, but be open to listening to voices from long ago.

Getting Busy With Your Next Steps

The planets and stars aren’t the only things getting busy this week. You can make your own plan of action too!

That’s right — the Tarot and astrology are magnificent tools that help us decipher how the movements of the Universe are flowing and what it might mean for us on a broad scale.

However, when it comes to the little details, it’s up to us to decide what and how we want to do with that information. You don’t have to just throw your hands up and surrender complete control. With the information you have now, a thoughtful, intentional plan can make all the difference.

So, what will your first step be toward success?

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