Which Are the Most Futuristic Minded Signs of the Zodiac?

This is a brand-new year, and astrologically speaking, it will be one of the most innovative years in recent history.

On December 21st, we experienced The Great Conjunction, an alignment between Saturn and Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius – the most futuristic sign of the zodiac. And as a result, this year will be full of progressive ideas and cutting-edge technology, helping our global community find new and exciting (even humanitarian) solutions to previous challenges or problems.

And with all this progressive, forward-thinking energy, you may be wondering which signs of the zodiac are the most futuristic, as they may benefit even more from all of these inventive, inspiring vibes swirling around in the atmosphere.

These zodiac signs are the free thinkers of the zodiac, the visionary spirits that help carry our society into the future. They’re able to look beyond the present circumstances and envision a better future, able to imagine and predict changes that are left unseen by others.

Let’s explore the stars to find out which zodiac signs – the most futuristic, progressive signs of all – will help to usher us into a more compassionate, revolutionary time to come!

The Most Futuristic Signs of the Zodiac

While every zodiac sign has the potential to come up with out-of-the-box ideas, the following signs are the most likely to benefit from the astrological energy this year, bringing new ideas and concepts to the forefront of our collective minds.


When you think of futuristic zodiac signs, Aquarius probably comes to mind. That’s because this sign is known as the progressive visionary of the zodiac! Aquarians are natural humanitarians, concerned with figuring out solutions to society’s problems – to benefit all humankind, if possible.

As an Air sign, Aquarius is intellectual and always thinking – in fact, those with prominent Aquarius placements in their birth chart may be accused of spending too much time in their head with their thoughts.

Aquarians are undoubtedly the most futuristic of all the signs, but they can also be rather stubborn or set in their ways. Their rebellious nature may also prevent them from enacting certain ideas or concepts, especially if they feel they won’t be able to carry out their plans exactly how they envisioned them.

Additionally, Aquarius is a zodiac sign so tied to their thoughts and innovative ideas that it is sometimes difficult for this sign to connect to the body’s emotional center. They shy away from public displays of affection, and they often spend so much time in their head that they come across as aloof or detached from others.

But it isn’t that they don’t love you. It’s just that they have a hard time showing it.

Uranus is the ruling planet of this sign, and this planet is all about spontaneity and excitement. Uranus is partially responsible for the forward-thinking mindset of the Aquarian, as it infuses their spirit with energy that sparkles like fireworks in the night sky.


Next on our list is a fellow Air sign, Gemini, whose mindset is similar to that of the Aquarian. Geminis are also intellectual and witty, although they may exert more of their energy towards social endeavors rather than changing the world.

This sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and information. Mercury knows how to spread a message, and fast, as evidenced by the remarkable pace of a Gemini’s speech. If you’ve ever worked with or been friends with a Gemini, you’re likely fully aware that they can be difficult to keep up with!

Geminis have an inherent thirst for knowledge that naturally leads them toward futuristic ideas.

Mercury was also the Roman god of communication and technology, which explains why Geminis are so naturally adept at using new forms of technology and smart devices. Mercury encourages a deep curiosity within this sign that results in progressive thoughts and ideas.

However, while Geminis are naturally innovative, their minds are also split in many directions. At any given moment, a Gemini may be focused on anywhere from 10 to 50 different thoughts at a time. Therefore, this zodiac sign needs to work on its concentration skills to be able to make the most of the dynamic energy at our disposal this year.

If you’re a Gemini looking forward to making 2021 your year, try to include meditation and yoga into your self-care routine to encourage and enhance focus.

january 2021 astrology calendar cta


This Fire sign is ruled by the Sun, the very star that provides our planet with literal and metaphorical light.

In astrology, the Sun is all about self-identity. Still, that fiery passion that is synonymous with the Leo personality also encourages them to come up with bright, sunny ideas about the future. Leos are naturally confident, ambitious individuals who know how to get what they want, which often involves visualization and manifesting a positive future for themselves and others.

This zodiac sign is also naturally magnetic and charming, meaning that any ideas they share with others are likely to be well-received. Therefore, Leos makes an excellent foreman for any group presenting inventive, innovative ideas to executives or higher-ups. A very futuristic minded zodiac sign indeed!

The only pitfall for Leo to avoid is coming across as arrogant when sharing their brilliant ideas and concepts. Remember, humility and kindness are the keys to success of this nature.


Aries is another passionate Fire sign. However, they tend to be slightly more future-minded than Leos, and that’s because Aries is always looking forward to turning over a new leaf. This sign is ruled by ambitious Mars, which means that once they’ve made their minds up to do something, there’s nothing that’s going to stand in their way.

Aries is always looking for new experiences. They’re always in the mood to do something unique and different – which means they’re always thinking about what new and exciting adventure is just around the corner.

If you want to be near a zodiac sign that’s not only futuristic but that also knows how to get you excited about that future, the Aries personality is what you need!

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Sagittarians are second only to Aquarians when it comes to the most futuristic signs of the zodiac. Ruled by benevolent, expansive Jupiter, Sags are always thinking about the next thing to come – sometimes to their detriment. In fact, Sagittarians are often so focused on the future that it’s hard for them to live in the present moment.

This zodiac sign is known as the philosopher of the zodiac, always searching for new concepts that fit their ever-expanding and shifting morals. And as a Fire sign, they feel a certain sense of passion when encountering a new idea that speaks to their spirit.

Symbolized by the archer, Sags aim their bow and arrow at a goal, and they don’t give up until they’ve reached the target – and their manifestation skills are top-notch. And while they may lose focus or get distracted by a new, more exciting goal, they’ll definitely have fun along the way.

If you can narrow your focus and keep your eye on the prize, you can manifest the exact future that you’re dreaming of, Sag.


While this traditional Earth sign would not usually end up on a list of the most futuristic zodiac sign, the stars are on your side this year, Capricorn. Your ruling planet, Saturn, is transitting through Aquarius – the most futuristic zodiac sign of all – through to 2023. That means you get to enjoy a few years of more progressive thinking than you might typically experience.

Take advantage of this celestial blessing by reevaluating your goals and reconsidering your path. Make sure that your current path aligns with your ideals, morals, and spirituality. Let this Aquarian energy fill your spirit with inspiration and innovation!

Where Will the Future Take You?

Each zodiac sign has its own unique strengths that make it a necessary asset in the world of the stars – so even if your sign didn’t make it on this list, don’t fret! While you may not be known for your futuristic ideas, you certainly bring something to the table that will help us move forward and make change happen.

And we will all experience more progressive thinking thanks to Jupiter and Saturn’s ride through the sign of Aquarius. While Jupiter will shift into Pisces on May 13th, we can enjoy almost half a year of clarity, focus, and vision.

What does your ideal future look like?

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