Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for October 16 – 22, 2023

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Now is the time to get productive and reflective!

Although this week’s beginnings are astrologically quiet, we have a few events of note toward the tail end of it. First, we’ll experience the Full Quarter Moon in Capricorn on the 21st, helping us consider how we’d like to get going (concretely, with real plans and ideas) in any of our new goals.

Closing out the week, Mercury (planet of communication, thought, and translating information between realms) will enter brooding, powerful Scorpio on the 22nd.

How can you use all of this energy? Well, how it will exactly manifest will vary from person to person. That’s why we like to consult the Tarot when it comes to more specific personal advice!

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for October 16 – 22, 2023


7 of Cups

Aries, indecision is in the air… and it’s all you can seem to inhale.

The 7 of Cups brings confusion into your heart and intuition. You’re known for your big ambitions and wild instinct for innovation, but this time, you may have too many ideas all at once.

This week, you’re asked to sit down and actually sift through what you want. 

Here’s a tip: the key is not to fixate on finding the “right” choice or plan but to simply make one and stick with it.


Page of Wands (Reversed)

Taurus, you might find your ambitions and whims to be a little scattered this week.

With the Page of Wands reversed, you have many ideas but lack the resources to properly execute them.

Basically, adventure and big desires are in the air, but you may be more prone to jumping quickly to conclusions or making impulse decisions that will hinder your ability to make progress later.

Rushing to the finish won’t help you win this race. In fact, is there even a “race” at all? Slow down, take some deep breaths, and smell the roses before picking any flowers.


The Sun

Bright, positive, and enthusiastic — these words tend to describe Gemini… and The Sun, too.

You’re a ray of sunshine this week, partially because you believe that to be true about yourself. You’re more in touch with your strengths lately, and the alignment between your identity and the Universe seems to glow more obviously, too.

Of course, you’re always bright and connected to the Universe in some way, whether or not The Sun is on your side.

But this week, you’re absolutely invited to ride out this wave more confidently and show up bravely, boldly, and proudly in accordance with this contagiously exciting energy.


3 of Cups

Cancer may have a nourishing week full of love and harmony if they so choose.

The 3 of Cups is a positive omen for Cancerians seeking to connect more deeply with friends, loved ones, and partners.

More specifically, this week should be about connecting with the whole of your relationships (instead of just one or two).

Consider how you give love to everyone around you and how that cycle of love is flowing right now. Rather than focusing on just one goal or just one person, the 3 of Cups invites you to focus on community.


The Hierophant

Leo may be known for their role as a shining star, but this week, you’re known as a reliable teacher.

Or at least, The Hierophant is asking you to step up to that role.

Although this may mean abiding by the rules and playing by more traditional routines for now (which can be a little less exciting to Leos), this is an opportunity to help others and still show off what you know.

You may find that others are relying on you more heavily this week. For Leos in leadership positions, you’re invited to step very confidently into that role (even more than usual).


The World

Virgo is bringing everything full circle this week.

The World is a powerful, positive omen for Virgos, who have been working on long-term projects and dreams. (We would certainly be shocked to run into a Virgo without big-picture dreams).

This week, the steps to completion, fulfillment, and closing things up with a tight knot are much clearer. Some Virgos may even feel that sense of accomplishment this week, cutting that metaphorical ribbon or closing an old metaphorical door.

What’s needed from you? Once you see those steps, make sure to actually use them.


The Hermit

Libra is sitting in some powerful, authentic, and deep wisdom this week.

The Hermit is always a beacon of insight and grace, and to an extent, Libras are known for that kind of poise (although yours sometimes has more to do with how you say things instead of what is said).

This week, you may be retreating more into your shell, however. This wisdom is not about sharing or speaking but about just knowing and feeling. It may just be for you and not an audience.

Still, you can write down what you feel and intuit; perhaps that outlet will be more valuable than a crowd of faces.


Ace of Pentacles (Reversed)

Scorpio may struggle with planting initial seeds of success.

Specifically, when it comes to career, finances, and skills, the Ace of Pentacles reversed puts roadblocks in your way when it comes to starting something new.

You might have the ideas but not the fuel, or maybe you have the fuel but not the tools. Wherever the roadblock lies, remember that you don’t necessarily need to steamroll over it in order for it to disappear.

With some patience and time, you may find that this Ace of Pentacles reversal will flip right-side-up on its own.


Knight of Pentacles

Sagittarius has been contemplating a lot of serious, stability-related questions for a while.

This week, you’re taking those contemplations and putting them into action. You may not have all the answers just yet, but the Knight of Pentacles makes one thing clear: you’re not interested in just sitting and waiting.

This week may not seem exciting on the surface and will likely contain a lot of repetitive, mundane work and responsibilities.

However, in the grand scheme of things, this is one of those weeks that will contribute to a wider vision of success down the line.


5 of Swords

Unfortunately, Capricorn is just not vibing with the energy of this week.

No matter where it manifests (friends, home, career, or internally), the 5 of Swords always stirs up a storm of conflict. While this conflict is more likely to be social and/or concerning your values and objectives, the truth is that we sense this energy may exist at a wider level for you right now.

This complicates how well you may be able to plan ahead, take productive steps, and see things objectively or clearly.

However, this frustrating energy will soon pass, and it only requires a bit of patience and compassion to get through unscathed.


3 of Wands

Aquarius, look out and beyond. The world is your oyster!

The 3 of Wands indicates that you’ve had some dreams that you’ve already set the intentions. Maybe you were hoping to manifest something specific, or maybe you just have had a feeling that something good is meant to come your way.

Now, you’re waiting on the results, and the Universe is slowly but surely beginning to respond to what you’ve put out into the world.

This is not the “result” of your actions — it is only the beginning. Right now, gifts or messages should look like opportunities where you can advance yourself even further.


6 of Swords

Pisces, it’s never easy to say “hello” to a complete unknown.

However, the 6 of Swords asks you to do exactly that. This card describes how you’re moving away from everything that doesn’t serve you this week… and is headed straight into an unknown void.

That is to say, you know intuitively that cutting out old habits, people, and stagnant energy is a good thing to do. But that doesn’t diminish the discomfort that can still arise as you aren’t sure what the next steps should be.

Even still, making steps forward into the unknown is better than staying still in a familiar state that won’t let you move any further.

Make the Most of Your Tarotscope

Tarotscopes are a powerful tool to have in your spiritual arsenal, especially when it comes to planning your week and manifesting the roadmap of your dreams.

But that’s only true if you know how to really use them. After all, the Tarot is a magical tool for guidance, but it can only go as far as we’re willing to use it.

Here are a few ways you can utilize your Tarotscope more fully:

  • Review it at the beginning and at the end of the week for full reflection
  • Journal some insights that you can connect to specific events and circumstances in your life
  • Consult your own Tarot deck about what else you might have missed from your Tarotscope

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