What’s the Worst Thing That Could Happen to Your Zodiac Sign in 2022?

Folks, it’s officially bye-bye, 2021! Are you ready to pop champagne and ring in 2022?

Raise your hand if this is you on January 1st (we see you, Capricorns, and Virgos!)

  • Filled out new year planner – check!
  • Vision board created – check!
  • Journaled your affirmations – check!
  • Eagerly awaiting astrology 2022 predictions –?

We got you covered on the last one. Today, we’re adding a twist to the annual predictions and talking about which signs will have the worst 2022. Are you one of the three signs who will have the worst year?

Keep reading to find out & to read your horoscope for 2022!

The Top 3 Signs That Could Have the Worst 2022

Thinking about volatile times ahead can make you sigh and say, “Oh-No!”

But remember that rock bottom shows us a perspective that mountain tops never could. By December 2022, we know that you’ll be lighter, vibe-ing higher, and all set to show your shine to the world, and the cosmic gods just whispered, “You’re welcome” in advance!

So, here’s a run-down of which signs might have the worst 2022 and how to deal with it!

1. Taurus

2022 Theme: Find Yourself

One word to describe your Taurus 2022 horoscope is – “Intensely transformative.” Okay, that’s two words – but you get the point, Taurus!

Uranus continues to camp out in your sign this year, inspiring you to embrace unexpected change and authenticity in your personality.

All of 2022, you’ll be seeing plenty of eclipse energy in your sign. The eclipse cycle along the Taurus-Scorpio axis that began in November 2021 will continue this year. Eclipses herald fated endings in unexpected ways, which is why they are feared so much.

Does your “I-don’t-like-change” Taurean mind want to hide already? But we promise you that by the end of 2022, your new mantra will be: “What-didn’t-kill-me-made-me-stronger.”

So let go and let God, Taurus! You got this!

Don’t forget to Prepare for 2022 Eclipse Season with This Helpful Guide and make the most of the eclipse energy you will experience!

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2. Scorpio

2022 Theme: You & I

Last year you shared the spotlight with Taurus for the fated lunation of November 19th, 2021.

Remember it’s energy? Did it feel like your face got punched?

Well, for 2022, you can expect four times the energy that you felt last year. All four eclipses of 2022 (April 30th, May 16th, October 25th, November 8th) are along the Taurus-Scorpio axis.

Sounds like a bumpy ride, doesn’t it, Scorpio?

Think of lessons from the 2021 winter eclipse season. Are there any residual limiting beliefs keeping you from manifesting the perfect relationship? Work on them with intention, and you’ll be a rockstar in the relationships department by the end of 2022.

In October 2022, your co-ruler Mars will be retrograde in Gemini, your 8th House of Death and Rebirth. Typically, you don’t shy away from alchemical cycles. But watch out, Scorpio—this Martian energy might surprise you in unexpected ways!

The much-dreaded Saturn is stationed in your 4th house—the skies want you to tread with caution in matters of home and family.

On the bright side, Jupiter is showering its blessings on your 5th House of Romance this year. So, despite an otherwise rough ride, expect to be hit by Cupid in 2022.

All you secretly emotional Scorpios can’t wait to get this year started already, huh?

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3. Aquarius

2022 Theme: “Who Am I?”

The tough taskmaster, Saturn entered your sign in 2021 and decided to hang out here for a little bit longer (read: all through 2022).

Your 1st house signifies self-worth, ego, and vitality. Saturn transiting the 1st house can hit hard primarily due to our identity attachment. In 2022, Saturn’s restrictive energy is likely to tear down illusions you might be holding about yourself.

Schedule some extra introspection time from April 2022 onwards per instructions from Pluto, the Lord of the underworld. Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn (your 12th house) invites you to dive into your subconscious and release energy-draining, hidden thought patterns.

Saturn and Pluto together can make 2022 seem like a real drag for your free-spirited Aquarius mind.

But it’s not all doom and gloom!

Saturn is a co-ruler for all you water-bearers alongside Uranus. This means that Aquarians inherently know how to navigate Saturnian energy and the worst of 2022 like-a-boss!

Also, Jupiter’s transit in Pisces will bring opportunities to earn extra income. Who doesn’t like some extra cha-ching, right!

Make sure to read Understanding Saturn: Lord of Karma to make the worst of 2022 slightly more tolerable.

An illustration of the zodiac wheel on a blue background with constellations.

What Can the Other Zodiac Signs Expect this Year?


2022 Theme: Mystics & Money

Expect an internal tug-of-war in 2022, Aries! You’ll find yourself being equally pulled towards material desires and spiritual pursuits. Finding balance with both these realms will help ease the inner confusion.

The north node of the Moon Rahu is changing signs and is entering Taurus, your 2nd House of Wealth Management. Rahu has a never-ending appetite for wealth accumulation.

Meanwhile, Jupiter in your 12th house and the south node Ketu in your 8th house are inviting all Rams to step up their spiritual game.

So what are you waiting for, Aries? Dust off your crystals, tune into your chakras, and have fun in the woo-woo zone this year!

Psst: Your spirit guides won’t mind if you pull Tarot cards between corporate meetings!


2022 Theme: Spiritual Retreat

This year, the north node Rahu moves into Taurus, your 12th house, shining a spotlight on isolation, introspection, subconscious mind, and spirituality.

To keep the balance on the material front, Jupiter is blessing your 10th House of Career and Public image. It’s here to remind you not to get lost in the higher realms.

Easier said than done because Uranus is also hanging out in Taurus, and Saturn is stationed in your 9th house of Aquarius all year long.

Both these planets want you to examine your spiritual compass. Tap into your higher self, Gemini—you just might be surprised by the divine downloads you receive this year. All in all, soul-searching and healing is the name of the game in 2022.

Can we expect a halo around your twin heads by the end of the year?

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2022 Theme: We (vs) Me

The skies want you to put on your diplomat hat this year, Cancer!

Rahu eclipses happening along your 11th-5th house axis this year are inviting you to expand your professional network circles, think about community and the big picture.

Meanwhile, Ketu eclipses are asking you to shrink your couple time with your significant other. Good luck treading the fine line of community versus couple time.

In 2022, three planets marching backward in your 7th House of Partnerships and Legal Contracts will not make the “we” versus “me” game any easier for your conflict-averse, peace-loving Water sign!

Is there good news? There always is!

Jupiter in your 9th house will help you gain a higher perspective to navigate this year’s tricky energy.


2022 Theme: Work Work Work

Leo, your 6th House of Daily Work Routines is receiving a truckload of retrograde action this year. Not to mention, your 10th house Taurus is being blessed by both Uranus and the north node.

The 6th house is also notoriously known for workplace enemies. Watch out for office politics, Leo! Given all the retrograde energy, you’ll want to dot your Is and cross your Ts at work to avoid co-workers going against you.

Mars Retrograde in Gemini, your 11th house has a call-to-action for you—review your LinkedIn profile and unfollow your frenemies!

This points to only one thing, Leo. It’s time to get your hustle on!

Your hard work will pay off by the end of 2022. It’ll be time to flaunt your golden mane and reclaim your royal status, Leo!


2022 Theme: Eat Pray Love

Eat Saturn is in the mood to instill military-level discipline in your 6th House of Health (this includes diet and everyday routines). Don’t throw in the towel yet on 2022, Virgo! Your Mercury-ruled Earth energy, by default, is a fitness freak of the zodiac.

This Saturn transit should be easy breezy for you, Virgo. Just remember to eat right. We already know you started punching in your daily calorie limit into your fav fitness app.

Pray – North node Rahu and Uranus are touring your 9th house. All through 2022, they are bound to shake up the status quo regarding 9th house matters of religion, beliefs, journalism, philosophy, and higher learning.

We can’t wait for you to share your newly acquired insights at the end of the year.

Love – In 2022, Venus, Pluto, and Mercury are taking retrograde action to the next level in your 5th House of Love and Romance. Matters of the heart are up for review.

Fasten your seat belts, Virgo; 2022 retrograde season is going to be a wild ride for your OCD-organized earth sign.

Learn more about the 2022 retrograde guide for all the information you need to understand the planetary transits this year.


2022 Theme: Let’s Play House

In 2022, the balance will be tipping towards transformative energies in your home and family life.

North node eclipses and lightning bolt effect from Uranus in Taurus, your 8th house plus retrograde energy in your 4th house will put your focus on cozying up your haven and hearth.

Do you have a renovation project in mind? New interiors? More time with family? Or maybe you want to have that oh-so-difficult conversation with your family you’ve been putting off?

There’s no better time to usher in new energy for your 4th house, Libra!


2022 Theme: Show Me the Money

Lots of planetary backspins are happening in your 2nd House of Wealth Accumulation, Sagittarius.

Of the three planets (Venus, Mercury, and Pluto) spinning back in your 2nd house, Venus will certainly make you rethink how you value yourself and your material possessions.

These are some questions you’ll be pondering about this year:

  • Are you being fully compensated for your worth at work?
  • What is the relationship you have with money?
  • What do your consumer habits say about you? Are you a miser, spendthrift, or conscious consumer?

What’s more, this year’s eclipses along the 6th-12th house axis will make you question if your monetary worth is aligned with your daily work.

Want more money horoscopes? Get your free daily Money Horoscope now.


2022 Theme: Slow Down

Hold on tight, Capricorn! The cosmic gods have voted your sign to be the “chosen one” for retrograde action this year.

Three planets have decided to march backward in your stability-loving Earth sign.

  • Expect to hear from an ex about unresolved Cupid issues during Venus retrograde (December 19th, 2021 – January 29th, 2022).
  • Chatty Mercury has decided to kick off the year by retrograding in Capricorn and Aquarius. Say hello to communication delays and chaos from January 14th – February 3rd, 2022.
  • Pluto didn’t want to deal with retrograde FOMO and will be bringing his share of retrograde action in Capricorn (From April – October 2022).

Oh! and there’s more! Bonus Mercury retrograde for your structure-seeking sign in December 2022 (the fourth one for this year) Yes! You read that right!

But don’t let all this retrograde energy make your head spin.

Remind yourself that this is the perfect time to:

  1. Reflect on difficult love lessons.
  2. Seek closure and let go of any loose ends from your past love life.
  3. Polish your planner-addict skills. It’s the only way you’ll survive the double whammy of Mercury retrograde.
  4. Use this retrograde heavy year to slow down and step out of hustle mode.

Keep going, keep growing, Caps!


2022 Theme: Hello Abundance!

Do a little happy dance, Pisces! The heavens declared you to be the luckiest of all signs this year. Your co-ruler Jupiter is orbiting your own sign and will be showering you with opportunities to enhance your self-worth, personality, and how you view yourself.

So think big and dare to swim to whatever your heart is set on, dear Pisces!

Also, the north node Rahu will be highlighting all-things-3rd house. A lesser-known fact about the 3rd house is that it stands for risk-taking ability and courage. Rahu is about to explode your courage to exponential levels this year.

Don’t be surprised with your newfound “Everything-is-figure-out-able” attitude.

But if you are the luckiest sign, then what’s the worst of 2022 for you?

Saturn is visiting your 12th house of Aquarius. Expect hidden secrets of your subconscious (both good and bad) to surface. But hey—you are an intuitive, solitude-seeking Water sign and should have no problem swimming deep into new depths of your psyche.

Happy purging, Pisces!

3 Mindset Shifts to Navigate the Worst of 2022

  1. Don’t fear uncertainty.
  2. Focus on the lessons, not the turmoil.
  3. Keep the faith.

The Universe Has Your Back

Let’s face it! Nobody is a fan of cosmic quarrels! But from a higher perspective, rough times are exactly what our soul prescribed. Bet you didn’t want to hear this! But hey, it is what it is!

It’s tempting to focus ONLY on the worst of 2022. In truth, however, no year is doomed in its entirety! The Universe won’t allow that to happen!

There are cosmic high points that happen each month.

Tune into our free 2022 daily horoscopes to stay updated about planetary blessings coming your way!

Learn more about the 2022 retrograde guide for all the information you need to understand the planetary transits this year.

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