Here’s How a Full Moon Affects You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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There are some astrological events that we all pay attention to, and one of them is Full Moons. This is something so common that even people who don’t practice astrology still follow the Full Moons!

Some of us are more sensitive to Full Moons than others, though, and their impact can differ in many ways. How does your sign measure up against Full Moons?

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What is a Full Moon?

We experience a Full Moon when the transit (moving) Sun and Moon are in exact opposite positions in the zodiac, an aspect called an opposition. The Sun and Moon are luminaries and a part of the Primal Triad (along with your Rising sign), so they are the building blocks for who we are.

The Sun shines a light, bringing attention and focus in transit. The Sun also rules our true selves, who we really are, without the mask. The Sun is deeply personal. 

The Moon brings emotional focus in transit. The Moon rules our emotions, how we express what we feel, and what exactly it is that we’re feeling.

Oppositions are considered challenging aspects, putting the two planets or bodies in opposition to each other. There is a bit of a war with the two fighting for attention and power. So, Full Moons pit the Sun and Moon against each other.

This means we’re more sensitive overall with Full Moons. Emotions are extremely heightened with the Moon; we take everything personally with the Sun. Everything impacts us in a stronger way with Full Moons.

Your natal Moon sign can become amplified under Full Moons since this is how you naturally express what you’re feeling. However, we are impacted by the sign of the Full Moon itself, which can alter some of our interactions and emotional reactions.

We have roughly one Full Moon per month as they occur about every four weeks, so we end up with 12 – 13 Full Moons each year. They occur in the zodiac sign the Moon is in, which is directly opposite to the sign the Sun is in at that moment.

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When is a Full Moon Strong For You?

The strongest Full Moons are usually Full Moons that occur in your own Sun sign, Moon sign, or Rising sign. As mentioned, this trio is the Primal Triad, the basic building blocks for yourself astrologically, so Full Moons in these signs are deeply personal and hard to escape.

The closer the Full Moon is to actually conjuncting these positions (so aligning with them), the stronger it can be, and you can be extra sensitive, easily triggered, and need to be gentle with yourself.

Outside of that, Full Moons can be strong when they occur in the same sign as any of your natal planets, and they’ll be strong specifically for that planet and whatever it rules. You can be extra attentive to whatever it rules and may experience developments.

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General Impact of a Full Moon by Zodiac Sign


You’re an active sign, Aries, so under Full Moons, you may feel the surge of emotions that drives you to take action in some way. You don’t have to sit around and let things happen to you. You want to make them happen of your own free will.

These emotions can sometimes trigger frustration and aggravation, and your buttons can be pushed easily, so it’s usually important for you to have a healthy outlet for frustration around Full Moons to avoid snapping.


You’re a grounded sign, Taurus, so you may try to ground the emotional energy that surges under Full Moons. You don’t want to feel controlled by it; you want to get lost in it or make things messy so you can work on grounding it as best as possible.

Sometimes, you may become stubborn about this, so you must ensure you don’t do that. Grounding yourself is good, but sometimes you just need to feel.


You’re an intellectual sign, Gemini, so under Full Moons, you can take a logical, analytical approach to the surge in emotions. You may come up with ideas, put together plans, and make use of information and knowledge, which can help you get out of any jams the Full Moon might get you into.

This can be an excuse to avoid feeling anything, though, so you do need to be mindful of allowing yourself to roll with the emotions sometimes.


The Moon is your natural ruling planet, Cancer, and you’re a sign that rules emotion, so your sign that is impacted the strongest by Full Moons. You likely feel all of them in a strong way, even if they’re actually doing anything to your natal chart.

The Moon guides you, and you can plot out your life based on the movement of the Moon. This can mean you get batted around sometimes by the Moon, so being proactive can be helpful.

Your emotions are heightened, but you’re a pro when it comes to emotions, so use your expertise to your advantage. There is power in your feelings, and you can use Full Moons to realize your potential.


The Sun is your natural ruling planet, Leo, so it’s easy for you to feel Full Moons are a bit of a personal attack on you. But really, they’re trying to get you to step out of your ego and desires and focus on your needs and foundation.

As you feel more supported and internally secure, you can feel more confident and better able to move through any challenging emotions that get stirred by the Full Moon.


YouYou’repractical Earth sign and ruled by intellectual Mercury, so you try to take a logical approach to Full Moons, Virgo. You may try to avoid the emotions that are triggered. However, because you are an anxious sign, you stress out very easily with Full Moons.

You may think that avoiding emotions is the way to avoid stress when, really, you should try to embrace some of what you are feeling and understand it better. This can help you feel less stressed by Full Moons.


You’re the sign of The Scales, and therefore, re your rule balance, so the emotions triggered by Full Moons can make you feel out of balance, Libra. This can make you more insecure, indecisive, and surrounded by chaos.

You’re a pleasant sign that doesn’t cause disruption, but emotions happen, and you have to learn to be more flexible. As the sign of relationships, a strong support system and people to rely on can be of help.


You’re an intense Water sign, Scorpio, and the Water signs are the signs of emotion, so they tend to feel Full Moons stronger than the others. Full Moons can trigger intense emotions for you, and this can stir up anything you hold deep inside.

Your emotions are your power, and you can wield them to create major transformations in your life. Use Full Moons to your advantage, and you can empower yourself in big ways.


You’re an optimistic Fire sign, Sagittarius and your sign is the one that tries to see the bright side in everything, including Full Moons. Even if they trigger challenging developments, you can work to see the opportunities that come from them.

This does mean you sometimes avoid the emotions that come with Full Moons, so you do need to recognize that it’s okay to feel bad.


You’re super practical Earth sign, Capricorn, and your sign rules discipline and maturity, so you may try to take a practical approach to Full Moons and not let emotions get the better of you. This does mean you don’t get thrown by them as much as other signs. However, you may cut yourself off from emotion.

Sometimes, Full Moons try to get you to get in touch with your feelings, especially if you’ve been ignoring them. Emotions don’t automatically have to mean messy.


YouYou’resuper intellectual Air sign, Aquarius, and you take a wide view of life. This makes you the most objective sign, but it can also make you emotionally distant or aloof, and you may try to avoid the emotions that come with Full Moons and over-analyze them.

Let yourself get in tune with the emotions triggered by Full Moons sometimes. This can give you information and wisdom that you won’t get simply from your mind.


You’re super sensitive Water sign, Pisces, and the Water signs are the most sensitive to Full Moons since you govern emotion. You’re highly compassionate, empathetic, and intuitive, which can get triggered in a big way with each Full Moon.

You must be gentle with yourself with Full Moons and ensure you’re firm with healthy boundaries since you will be more vulnerable. 

Do’s & Don’ts During a Full Moon


  • Listen to what you are feeling
  • Exercise patience and understanding with yourself and others
  • Take time for extra rest
  • Pay attention to the subtle messages you receive
  • Journal or find a way to reflect
  • Meditate or practice deep breathing


  • Work yourself too hard
  • Avoid what youyou’reeling
  • Ignore your needs
  • Push against the tide (roll with it instead)

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