Mercury Retrograde in Cancer Love Horoscopes by the Zodiac Sign

​Ooh la la, it’s love horoscopes time! My favorite time of the month!

This month we have some special love horoscopes, because Mercury is retrograde in the Cardinal sign of the Water signs, Cancer. Mercury retrograde is a special time for love. It’s a time when you should expect blasts from the past, soul mate experiences, and signs and synchronicities from a backstroking Mercury to help you in your love game.

Cancer is getting their say in as well, and that means emotions are going to be high. And that also means that leading with love, kindness, and compassion, is the way to rule in love and romance this Summer as Mercury works through this retrograde in Cancer.

Mercury is doing well while retrograde in Cancer. Quick-witted Mercury struggles in some signs, but Cancer is a loving and happy place for the travel and chatty planet. And since Mercury retrograde wants to connect you with soul mates and twin flames, love and romance potential is high.

Let’s have a look at exactly where Mercury retrograde in Cancer is going to touch your zodiac sign.

Here we go!

Aries – Stroke those Domestic Centers

With Mercury retrograde in Cancer, Aries, your domestic center is being stroked. This Mercury retrograde is touching your fourth house of roots and foundations, and you are thinking about your home life, your family life, and your roots. This is an ideal time for you to see changes in where you live or additions to the family. You may focus more on family-centred communication, or you may start having big talks about moving in with someone, moving into a bigger home, or even adding to the family. If these things are on the mind, start talking with someone special about it. The stars are on your side here.

Taurus – Feeling Words Matter

Mercury retrograde in Cancer is occurring in your third house of communication, Taurus. That means now is the time to start talking. It almost doesn’t even matter what you have to say to those special lovers in your life. Say it. Do it. Broach the big talk. Don’t shy away from those texts, emails, and whatever that come out of nowhere from people that you haven’t spoken to in years. Blasts from the past are happening now, and so are big channels of communication in love. Lead with those feelings words, and you are the winner in everyone.

Gemini – Show Them the Money, Honey

Mercury retrograde in Cancer is happening in your second house of earned income, Gemini. So you are going to see a lot of family time crossing boundaries with your financial affairs. There is only one way to deal with that. Show them the money. In this case, investing financially in love pays off, especially when it comes to family matters. Pay the bills, work a little harder, save a little more. Show them the money, honey. If you are single, these tactics may just help you get a little closer with the one you want to love. If you are attached, financial security creates family security that keeps the love flowing.

Cancer – To Thine Own Self Be True

You have Mercury retrograde working your first house of self, Cancer. This means that you may undergo a period or two where you are questioning who you are in a relationship. And that’s okay. Pay attention to those feelings, and communicate them if you are attached. At the same time, you may be a little more interested in expressing who you are to the world. You may feel this whether you are single or attached. And so you should! This is your time to shine! Mercury retrograde happens in your sign every seven years. Look back to your love life seven years ago and see what went well. Then repeat. Lead with who you are, and “I” statements. “I feel like” and “I want this” and “I need this” and, “Look at me!” Then watch some Mercury retrograde love magic happen.

Leo – Downtime Works Wonders

You may be the only zodiac sign that wants some downtime away from everything, love included, Leo. This is unusual for you., but a big change is in the works and you want to be sure that you are doing the right thing. Mercury retrograde in Cancer is working your twelfth house of endings and spirituality, and you are maybe thinking of some closures or some endings. This could be an ending to a current status to elevate yourself and your love to a new status. It could be time to focus more on your spiritual center. When you do, you may find the enlightenment you need to take your love game to the next level. Do this whether you are single or attached.

Virgo – Up Your Social Game

Mercury retrograde is going to do some fun things in the social department for you, Virgo, as it is happening in your eleventh house of groups and friendships. This can take your love game in so many directions. If you are single, you can work out that online profile, start tweaking it, or launch one if you don’t have one! Dating apps will work wonders for you, and you want to pay attention to the messages that come a little slower. This is a slow-moving transit in your social house, so have the patience, friends. And, speaking of friends, this is a time when you can see friends turn into something more important. Or, friends can help you improve your current relationship, or even set you up with a new one! You’ve got to have friends, Virgo, and they are there for you right now no matter what your love game is doing.

Libra – Your Star is Rising

You are probably going to be more focused on your work game than love right now, Libra, with Mercury retrograde working your tenth house of career and public image. This is a destined transit that is going to have your star catapulting to places that you never even expected. This could interfere with your love game. Or, it could help it! Putting yourself out there a little more in the public spotlight could have you noticed in love more. Or you may experience an office romance. At the same time, you may cross paths with a celebrity or even see something happen with a crush that is in the spotlight as well. No matter what you are working on right now, always put your best face and best foot forward. Wrinkles may crop up along the way, it is Mercury retrograde after all. When you smile through them, you are the winner.

Scorpio – Adventure Time!

Mercury retrograde is working in your ninth house of foreign affairs, Scorpio, and you are experiencing some adventurous moments right now. Got the travel bug? Hop on that bus, that train, that plane, or that automobile. If you are single you may well meet someone special while you are on that plane or car, or you may find yourself in an exotic romantic adventure. Attached Scorpio should plan some spontaneous fun as well with your partner, and you will find the giddy energy attached to that is very exciting. At the same time, you want to think big and think far. This transit in this ninth house is ruled by Sagittarius, who has a natural lucky streak. Luck is around the corner. So don’t let Mercury retrograde wrinkles get you down, because they may be happening for a Destined and Fated cause.

Sagittarius – Sharing is Caring

It’s time to get into the stream of consciousness where sharing is caring, Sag. And that is for every aspect of your life right now. When you do, love happens. Mercury retrograde is working in your eighth house of shared resources, and this is also your house of saucy secrets. This is a wonderful time to start opening up with someone special, whether you are single or attached. It’s also a good time to get involved in financial sharing, such as a mortgage, life insurance, or any kind of financial venture with a partner. But also use your sharing words. If you are single and trying to get closer to someone, share a story. Bond with them. Relate with them. If you are trying to dial up a current love connection, take it to the next level and ask them to share their life with you. You just never know what will happen.

Capricorn – Be a Lover, Not a Fighter

Mercury retrograde is working your opposite sign of Cancer, Capricorn, and this is touching on your house of true love. This is both good and bad. But to get to the good, you’ll have to iron out a few wrinkles first. This is an opposition of sorts, so expect to see a lot of things happening at odds with how you want them to happen. That’s okay. Just handle them with kid gloves and by being the bigger person. Be empathetic with your lover, and use love to send clues and signals to someone if you are single. This is one of those pick your battles kind of times in love. Be a lover, not a fighter, and this true love transit for you could be one for the books.

Aquarius – It’s the Little Things

You have Mercury retrograde happening in your sixth house of details and health, Aquarius. This is also a work house for you. You may find love, work, and health to intermingle at this time. You may have a health issue that someone special is supporting you with. You may also have some budding office romance happening right now. But you also have the chance to see a friendship bloom into something even more beautiful than it is right now.

If you are attached, you want to focus on the little things in your communication style with love. Use little feelings words at unique and unexpected times. When your lover is stressed about a work problem, tell them something sexy and saucy like, “You look so pretty when you are charged up over this; sorry, but I just had to say that!” Something little like that breaks the energy barrier that a person is feeling and dials them down to a place where they forget everything but you. Find those little moments and shine, baby, shine. You’re good at this stuff, Aquarius! Because the people that know you know you mean it.

Pisces – Oh, the Possibilities!

This is a fun and exciting time in romance for you, Pisces, and this is true whether you are single or attached. You are one of the zodiac signs that will really enjoy this Mercury retrograde period, and you have some pleasure zones that will enjoy it too. This retrograde is occurring in your fifth house of pleasures and entertainment, which is also your house of true love. Past loves, past lives, soulmates, and did we say past loves? It’s a great time for correcting past mistakes. Make the old new again. Just get excited about love in general. No matter what your relationship status is right now, this is not the time to say no. You will be more retrospective about this than usual. The heart wants what the heart wants, Pisces. Whatever you are questioning right now, the answer is most definitely yes. Go for it.

Concluding Thoughts…

Knowing where Mercury retrograde in Cancer is working in your chart is going to amp up your love game. Now you know. Just remember that this is a slower moving transit, made slow by Mercury retrograde, and made even slower by working in the Cardinal sign of the Water signs, Cancer. So patience, Kemosabe. Love is in the air. Soul mate love. Twin flame love. Past life loves. All kinds of love.

Cancer likes to hide out in the shell a little bit sometimes before they come out and give you that big heart of theirs. So give them time. And let them give you time too. This could really work out when you focus on the area of your chart that Mercury retrograde in Cancer is working. Use this guide, and our Daily Horoscopes, to light that beautiful spark of love.

Where are you hoping to find love this Summer?

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