Your October 2022 Angel Card Reading

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October is a busy month, like a homecoming, with an abundance of astrological shifts and upgrades that change our entire perspective as we make our way toward the end of the year.

The energies of the Sun in Libra, into Scorpio, represent metamorphosis and pulses of higher consciousness forcing out the old and leading you into the new. Although this is often a scary walk through the dark night of the Soul, spiritual assistance and guidance come in numerous forms.

One of those forms is your angelic spiritual squad, a team of spirit guides assigned to aid you at different times in your life. While you have prominent guardian angels, you also have other angels through the seasons of life. Receiving their guidance is one of the best ways to ensure you are in alignment with your life’s purpose. But you may miss their divine guidance unless you boost your divine connection.

Just like astrology, angels exist to guide us toward our Soul’s divine plan. They remind us of our connection to the Universe by providing clarity, healing, love, manifestation, strength, protection, wisdom, and understanding.

Let’s explore this month’s angel guidance for each zodiac sign to uncover who guides you through October’s astrological shifts.

What Angel Card Does Your Sign Need?


Mikael #42

Aries, this month, angelic assistance comes to you through Mikael, helping arrange your thoughts and life quickly and inviting you toward a hefty dose of confidence and ambition to help you overcome new challenges.

Expect insight and organization, allowing you to structure your life through strategic planning and moving past fear. It’s time to pull out all the stops to achieve your goals and muster up the courage to admit that you need assistance because divine forces are ready to support you.

This angel also provides heart chakra cleansing and activations and can be called on for the following support in October:

  • Better planning and foresight, knowledge of good and evil, protection against accidents, security and safety while traveling, establishes higher power of great spirit, reveals jealousy, envy, or betrayal, and encourages success in external relationships.
  • Connect with this angel from October 19th through October 23rd for physical strength and abundance. For intellectual healing and support, connect from 1:40 PM to 1:59 PM.


Jabamiah/Yabamiah #70

Transformation is your theme this year; Taurus and Jabamiah will assist you this October in transforming negative situations into positive ones for growth, alchemy, healing, and regeneration.

This angel card also suggests that it is time to refocus on projects you’ve neglected and unleash your creative talents. You are entering a period of good fortune toward personal development and are offered full support to work through anger, frustration, or lack of motivation. If you’ve felt drained or exhausted, Jabamiah brings energy, restores, revives, and reestablishes harmony in your life.

This angel also activates the solar plexus and can be called on for the following support in October:

  • Mastering one’s instincts to transform evil into good energies helps one understand the world of spiritual guides and enables one to become a divine healer. Enhances intelligence and creativity, strengthens intuition, and guides one toward excellence.
  • For emotional healing and support, connect with this angel on October 27th. For Intellectual power, connect between 11:00 PM to 11:19 PM.


Aniel #37

Aniel comes this month to help you break old patterns and understand the cycles of life and evolution. In addition, you will face a great deal regarding the law of karma, showing how you attract people representing parts of yourself.

You must be open and ready to commit to cleansing and purifying negative emotions related to sexuality, anger, and confidence. Aniel is just who you need to help you reach mastery when faced with such intensity.

Aniel also encourages you to act with moral strength. Do not become swayed by the ideas or opinions of others. Aniel also activates the throat and heart chakra and should be called on for the following support in October:

  • Enhanced creativity and incredible mental strength help cleanse negative energies, release issues of dependency, and all kinds of additions. It helps one develop independence, encourages spiritual autonomy, brings positive energies into family and professional life, and aids one while working through karma.
  • Connect with this angel between 12:00 PM to 12:19 PM for intellectual clarity and support.


Umabel #61

Umabel stimulates a more profound awareness to help you penetrate the subconscious and unconscious to discover your true motives. So, instead of focusing on fears or problems with family or friendships, focus on directing your destiny toward the path of happiness.

Umabel activates the heart and solar plexus chakra. Call on it for the following this month:

  • To become more ambitious and to learn about your subconscious mind to find new solutions to attract good luck. It increases your capacity to learn and retain material, enables you to discover the unknown through the known, helps bring harmony into friendships, and strengthens bonds.
  • Access intellectual power and support between 8:00 PM to 8:19 PM.


Haziel #9

Leo, commitment, relationships, boundaries, and security are significant themes for you this year, and October suggests there are leftover unresolved issues that you need to handle before moving forward. As a result, Haziel gifts you the ability to forgive and transform negativity into abundance and universal love.

It is time to nurture your inner goodness and move past any feelings of resentment, as it will only create a negative outcome. Instead, focus on sticking to your commitments and the promises you’ve made to yourself.

Consider: Are you ready to stick to your promises and trust you align with your deepest desires? Ask yourself that question and allow the angelic guidance to help you develop good faith, trust, and support.

In addition, Haziel activates the third eye and provides the following support:

  • Creating supportive friendships, reconciliation, forgiveness, protection against hate and negative energies, support during relationship difficulties, and the strength to be less possessive and jealous.
  • Connect with this angel between 2:40 AM TO 2:59 AM for intellectual clarity and power.


Anauel #63

Angelic advice this month urges you to work toward emotional mastery.

Anauel will help you initiate new projects aligned with your purpose and generate new concepts or ideas that usher in great abundance. After a period of difficulties, false starts, and financial issues, Anauel eases any mental stress and enables bravery in the face of adversity.

This angelic guide also activates the solar plexus and provides the following support this month:

  • To initiate and organize new projects, enhance finances and health, and stimulate mental healing. It protects you from negative energies, allowing you to thrive fully. It helps one learn how to manage money better and increase success in relationships.
  • Connect with Anauel between 8:40 PM to 8:59 PM for intellectual healing and power. Emotional power day is October 20th.


Yerathel #27

Libra, the Sun continues to move through your sign at the beginning of the month, providing you with a complete makeover and upgrade. As a result, divine assistance comes to you in the form of Yerathel this month, which brings a new source of inexhaustible energy to reach success in your goals.

Yerathel also activates the sacral chakra, increasing creativity and psychic sensitivity. Therefore, it provides the following support in October:

  • To increase self-confidence and create an optimistic atmosphere. Dissolves confusion, opening the pathway to success. It liberates one from slander and evil intentions, reveals compulsive behaviors and ignorance, and brings harmony to tense environments.
  • For intellectual healing and power, connect with this angel between 8:40 AM to 8:59 AM.


Lelahel #6

Scorpio, October arrives, with the Sun entering your sign on the 23rd. This year has been quite a ride of transformation, the death of your old self, and the rebirth of the true you.

Divine assistance is offered by Lelahel, providing divine light and love that heals everything and opens the road to happiness, fortune, and success. Appreciate all that you have, and do not take things for granted. There are so many things in life that you can easily take for granted; that is why Lelahel encourages gratitude and harmony for everything in life.

Lelahel mirrors the Soul and emanates clear understanding and insight. On top of providing crown and solar plexus chakra activations, this angel offers the following guidance and support this month:

  • It enables one to use their skills wisely to improve situations in all areas of life. It teaches one how to use life’s resources to attract abundance and fortune. It Aids in good health, happiness, growth, and establishing a good reputation.
  • Connect with this angelic guide for intellectual support and power between 1:40 AM to 1:59 AM.

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Asaliah #47

It has been an eventful season for you, Sagittarius. Planetary shifts urge you to re-assess how you handle conflict with others and lack self-assertion in relationships. Then, a New Moon later this month encourages contemplation, rest, and manifestation.

Divine assistance and guidance this month comes in the form of Asaliah, offering increased creativity, truth, and the ability to attain high spiritual levels through meditation and mindfulness.

Asaliah also provides heart and solar plexus activations and can be called on for the following this month:

  • It increases one’s morals, value system, and creative genius. It encourages discernment and reflection, provides a good balance between intuition and logic, helps you develop it daily, and provides access to higher spiritual energies and parallel worlds. It expands mental powers and enhances the capacity to focus on important tasks.
  • For intellectual clarity and strength, connect with this angel between 3:20 PM to 3:39 PM.


#3 Sitael

Libra into Scorpio season always brings your attention to long-term goals, networking, and your relationships. With Pluto direct in your sign, Saturn direct, and a partial Solar eclipse this month, you are sure in for one transformation ride before you eventually hit your Solar Return.

Angelic support guides come to you in the form of Sitael this month, helping you develop strength and courage in the face of adversity. Also, it encourages more spirituality and self-discovery in your life.

In addition, Sitael also activates the throat and crown chakras and can be called on for the following support this month:

  • To become more aware of errors and transform karma. It helps one keep their promises and remain faithful to their word, supports you to overcome all difficulties and adversities, grants the capacity to expand and make everything more fruitful, aids in master building on the inside and the outside, helps you to discover your true inner treasures, and improve social relationships.
  • Access intellectual support and power between 12:40 AM to 12:59 AM.


Mihael #48

Aquarius, October is about you stepping into greater responsibility yet balancing your energy to enjoy more free time. From career to relationships and new investments, you are finally ready to clear the slate, attract peace in your life, and enhance your relationships.

Mihael is your angelic guide this month, helping resolve and reconcile any relationship issues and creating more inner and outer peace. In addition, if you’ve found yourself facing petty quarrels or a lack of communication partnerships, whether intimate or platonic, Mihael provides positive solutions to rocky situations.

Suppose you are feeling a lack of creativity or disconnected from experiencing true pleasure. In that case, this angel activates the sacral and heart chakra and can be called on for the following support in October:

  • Marital peace and harmony, reconciliation, growth, stimulating positive sexuality, strengthening clairvoyance, helping materialize divine intentions, protection, reducing insecurities and feelings of possessiveness, and helping face adversity with faith and trust.
  • For Intellectual power, connect between 3:40 PM to 3:59 PM.


Hahaiah #12

You are in a period of radical self-discovery, Pisces, all about realizing your worth. As a result, October’s energies are productive, yet with Scorpio season and Mars retrograding in Gemini at the end of the month, you’ll crave rest, relaxation, and a break from the fast-paced world.

As a result, Hahaiah provides angelic guidance through mediation, rest, and letting go of negative behaviors or patterns. In addition, you will feel more inspired to take care of your inner world and find peace through internal evaluation.

Hahaiah also activates the throat chakra and can also be called on for the following support this month:

  • To transform destructive attitudes, dissolve aggression, and increase psychic abilities and dreams. Changes behavior to become purer, protecting against lies, betrayal or negative attitudes, and psychic attacks. It enables one to create a well-functioning organization for a healthy life and reveals mysteries through dreams.
  • Connect with this angelic guide for intellectual support and power from 3:40 AM to 3:59 AM.

What Next?

The Universal language of the cosmos enables you to understand the path to your destiny, uncover new solutions to problems, and manage energetic shifts.

It’s important to know that depending on the contents of internal issues and unconscious memories, the angel either manifests purely or is a mirror for our distortions.

Either way, focus on transforming those distortions with the guidance and support of divine assistance. Connect with the energies of this month’s angelic support through incense, prayer, or meditation. Always ensure you open your sacred space by calling forth the energies of pure light and your soul evolution and healing team.

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