How the October New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Scorpio will Affect You

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On October 25th, we’ll experience a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, the first in many years! This puts us right in the eclipse season, and it’s time for action.

Solar Eclipses occur with New Moons, which occur when the Sun and Moon align in the zodiac. Solar Eclipses are enthusiastic, energetic, and great for new beginnings, and this can catapult us into a whole new phase in life.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio can jumpstart Scorpio matters, which can include:

  • Anything dealing with money that involves other people (say, paying off loans, dealing with taxes, planning your will, getting a mortgage, getting a scholarship, or merging your finances with a new partner or roommate)
  • Anything that is mutually beneficial (so this is great for new business ventures where you’ll have a partner or are working for someone directly, as well as new financial and business arrangements)
  • Anything that transforms (Pluto is the natural ruling planet for Scorpio, and is the planet of transformation, so anything where you’re breathing fresh life into something stale, boring, old, or half-dead; can be a fantastic time for coming back from failure/defeat)
  • Anything involving sexuality (Scorpio is the sign of sex, so many may meet new partners or explore their sexuality a bit more – spice things up!)
  • Anything that may be a bit dark or taboo (Scorpio is the darkest of the zodiac signs, but doesn’t feel like there’s anything negative about that; this may be a good time to explore subjects like death, rebirth, the occult, and mysticism)
  • Anything that involves “dark” emotions (think rage, hatred, jealousy, envy, revenge, contempt, self-loathing, and beyond emotion, violence; we all deal with at least one of these, and it’s important, to be honest with ourselves, get to the heart of where it comes from, and work to transform this to something positive)

We previously had a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 16th, 2022, but Full Moon Lunar Eclipses are very different in energy. They’re more serious, emotional, and, combined with Scorpio, much darker and more complex.

Some of the themes that came up in our lives around that eclipse may also be of focus now, however, in a much more positive way. We can be more proactive, more willing to put ourselves out there, and more open to solutions.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio gets an extra positive dose of energy thanks to it being conjunct (aligned with) Venus, the pleasant planet. Venus tries to help out and make things a little easier for us.

This also means this eclipse has good energy for relationships, commitment, and partnerships, thanks to Venus. We can grow closer and feel excited by this.

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What Does the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio Energy Mean?

For starters, we go into this eclipse with Saturn having just ended its retrograde on October 23rd in Aquarius. This can help us feel less stifled, less overwhelmed, and better able to pursue opportunities with less baggage.

At the time of the eclipse, Jupiter is retrograde and is at a very sensitive degree called the 0 Degrees Aries Point. This is incredibly high energy for taking action, but it may be a bit frazzled thanks to Jupiter being retrograde.

At the same time, it may also be quite “fated.” We all may feel like many fated events are happening in our lives individually, around us, and in the world at large.

And then, Mars retrograde starts on October 30th in Gemini, five days after the eclipse. Mars is the natural ruling planet of Aries (hence bringing more fate into Jupiter’s orbit) and the traditional ruler of Scorpio. 

With Mars retrograde for the rest of 2022, this may mean a few things for the eclipse:

  1. What we start now with the eclipse may get put on hold, so we’re not making major progress until next year.
  2. We get started, but things don’t go as planned, and we have to make adjustments along the way and be more flexible about how this comes together.
  3. We start now and finish quickly by the time Mars retrograde ends in January 2023.
  4. We focus on second chances, something from the past we want another shot at and pursue now, instead of something brand new.
  5. We don’t start anything new or take any second chances. Instead, we focus on what we’ve already started and make tweaks.

Lots of options! Pick what calls you, and roll with the energy.

Make sure to use the free astrology calendar to keep track of all of this energy!

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio Horoscopes


The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio can help you feel rejuvenated, Aries, and you can focus on what you want to take control with. You can feel more in tune with your personal power and can strengthen yourself at your core.

This may be a time to investigate, research, and focus on resolving old problems that have vexed you. You can feel ready to start anew, which can benefit you in many ways.


The Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse can bring great energy to your relationships, Taurus, and you can meet new people, enter into new partnerships, or make new commitments. You can be more energized with a partner and someone you trust by your side.

You can be more charming than usual and may attract lots of people to you, personally and professionally. They may come with opportunities that excite you.


The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio can be great for any work and projects you want to pursue, Gemini. You can start brand new projects or pick up old ones you never finished or want to do over again.

This can be in your daily life, or it can be professionally. You may get some attention for your ability to get things done, organize, or create structure.


The Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse can help you connect to your heart, Cancer, and you can be more fun-loving and want more time to pursue your hobbies and let loose. You likely have little patience for anything too serious and want to enjoy yourself.

This can be great energy for a vacation, a short getaway, or a romance. You can be more affectionate and generous.


The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio can bring attention to your home and family life, Leo, and you may start new projects at home, work on a move, make changes to your living arrangements, or spend more time with those you think of as family.

You can also work on starting a new project from the ground up, and this can be something that excites you. It may be brand new or something you tried before, but the foundation wasn’t solid enough.


The Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse can stimulate your mind, Virgo, and you can come up with so many exciting new ideas and put together new plans. You can pursue opportunities that allow you to make these ideas a reality.

You can keep yourself pretty busy and may focus on various projects or issues. You can keep a packed schedule and stay flexible.


The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio can help you slow down, Libra, and you may want to take your time with starting new projects or pursuits. You can increase your confidence, and this can help once you do take action.

You may want to work on financial matters, which can help you feel more secure, or work on improving stability somehow.


This New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs in your sign, Scorpio, which makes you the biggest beneficiary of the energy. You can focus on an important new beginning, something that will be a focus for years to come and that has the potential to change your life.

You can be extra enthusiastic and excited, and you can pour this energy into whatever you pursue. You can be passionate and take initiative.


Whatever you embark on with this Scorpio New Moon Lunar Eclipse, you’ll likely do so quietly or behind closed doors and on your own, Sagittarius. You may find you can accomplish so much more by working on your own and quickly tire of the demands of others.

You can do more to set yourself up for years to come and clear out clutter and baggage to free yourself.


The future can be top of mind with this Scorpio New Moon Lunar Eclipse, Capricorn, and you can focus on the future you hope to be living and what you need to do to make that happen. You can start changes that need to be made and can make leaps toward your dreams.

You may benefit from your friends, groups, and any connections you have with others, and may expand your social circle quite a bit.


This can be an amazing time for success with the New Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, Aquarius. You can reach new heights, hit your stride, get recognition, and make important connections, and all of your hard and smart work can pay off even bigger than you imagined.

You can also set new goals for yourself with this eclipse, put together long-term plans, and use disciplined energy.


The New Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio can open you up to new experiences, Pisces, and you can be much more optimistic and open-minded about life. There may be more opportunities and possibilities, which can help you be even more positive.

You can learn through experience and share your wisdom with others. It can be a great time for teaching, writing, speaking, and marketing.

Plan for the Upcoming Lunar Eclipse

A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on November 8th in Taurus, and this is the second Lunar Eclipse in Taurus in this set (the first one was November 19th, 2021). We’ve been feeling the themes of this energy for the last year and focusing on what we think is worth our time, effort, and love; financial matters; what we value; and stability and security.

This eclipse is aligned with Uranus in Taurus, and the Solar Eclipse in Taurus in April 2022 was also aligned with Uranus in Taurus. This can bring big energy, pushing us to embrace the new and focus on the future.

Change continues to be big, and we keep shaking up how we create stability and security, what we value, and what gives us confidence. Keep going, and good luck!

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